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Inform 7
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Release 7 Version 3.4
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Version: Release 7 Version 3.4

Version: Release 7 Version 3.3

Version: Release 7 Version 3.2

Version: Release 7 Version 3.1

Version: Release 7 Version 3.0

Version: Release 7 Version 2.9

Version: Release 7 Version 2.8

Version: Release 7 Version 2.5

Version: Release 7 Version 2.4

Version: Release 7 Version 2.3

Version: Release 7 Version 2.2

Version: Release 7 Version 2.1

Version: Release 7 Version 2.0

Version: Release 7 Version 1.2

Version: Release 7 Version 1.1

Version: Release 7 Version 1.0

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Version: Release 6 Version 4.0

Version: Release 6 Version 3.5

Version: Release 6 Version 3.4

Version: Release 6 Version 3.3

Version: Release 6 Version 3.2

Version: Release 6 Version 3.1

Version: Release 6 Version 3.0

Version: Release 6 Version 2.8

Version: Release 6 Version 2.6b

Version: Release 6 Version 2.6

Version: Release 6 Version 2.5

Version: Release 6 Version 2.4

Version: Release 6 Version 2.3

Trap Quest
by aika

Trap Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawl virtual reality TF game.


For frequent updates on development and the latest download links, go to the (Warning: NSFW) blog.

Check out the wiki pages:


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



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Review by Bumbly24

Version reviewed: Release 7 Version 3.3 on 05/21/2016

This game is so~ good.

At first I was discouraged when I saw the engine used, but Aika managed to execute the concept really well.

I can whole heartedly reccomend giving this a shot. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Release 7 Version 2.5 on 03/20/2016

Inform 7 engine is an engine only chosen by the advanced author. You need a real good mind and a good among of writing to put together a game but once you did it, it is going to work for a long long time with relatively little cost for new contents. It all started from Arena; it got big when BMB (Bimbo Mall Battle - StableMilk) stormed the transformation game database at the top of the list; after that it was Trap Quest. These were the trio. Many years later we had the Curse of Krigas.

Amount these four, Arena is the grandfather so it is kind of old and rusty but it is still okay as a sandbox game, at least it is not bugged and you can play until you lose. BMB was good and it was sad to see the author losing interest in it. The Curse of Krigas was promising until it stopped development.

Trap Quest is the only "alive" project. Even better with the way it is implemented, the author is adding new content frequently. So this one is a must check out.

If there is anything stopping people from doing it, it would be the unfamiliar to the Inform Engine. The installation and how the game works. Even with that it is still getting nearly 400 likes, so lets say this game worth your time for the small trouble.

If you really need help with the game commands and installation of the Inform player, you can get help in the forum, this game has an active thread. I wrote a beginner guides for Inform 7 when The Curse of Krigas launched, only a page or two but I think it is good enough to kick start anyone. You can find it in the Game Engine Help section of the forum.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: Release 7 Version 2.2 on 02/18/2016

Fun, Addictive, and an increditable concept. It is also insanely difficult...I've been playing for months and not only have i not won the game even once... but i've yet to down a single "boss"

It's a game that will tantalize you and keep you coming back for more and more, all the while frustraiting you to no end.

Review by renonymous

Version reviewed: Release 7 Version 1.2 on 01/07/2016

In my opinion, the best erotic games engage their players by developing two elements in equal strides: immersive gameplay and pornographic storytelling. Focusing too much on the former makes for a (sometimes awkwardly) vulgar video game, while too much of latter makes for barely interactive erotica; both can be very enjoyable. Trap Quest falls in the former category, but does so gracefully.

By combining the old school curses and roguelike consequences of text-based RPGs with perversions of body modifications, sissification, and bimboism, Trap Quest presents a clever and nostalgic game from the confines of the engines available to coders at home. Its many interacting mechanics, npcs, items, and events make the game highly replayable, as any thoughtful roguelike should be. Unfortunately, many of the mechanics that make its gameplay engaging also make it a boner-killer.

Trap Quest is for a sex-negative philosophy what the allegory of the cave was for the Platonic forms. No matter what gender your character begins as, how long (s)he’s exposed to the perversions of the world, or how much you wish you could affect your character’s juvenile concepts of sexuality, the rules are fixed by the game--by which, I mean, the VR game your character is playing. (Receiving) sex, masturbating, and even wearing some of the most innocent clothing will permanently wear down your character’s mind until you begin to lose control of their actions, and then lose the game.

The mechanics of Soreness, Fatigue, Humiliation, Sex Addiction, and Cum Addiction encourage you to avoid most of the game’s sexual content. (Un)fortunately, this isn’t a conflicting decision as the “sex scenes” aren’t much more expansive than “You do(n’t) resist, and it has almost no effect! / [Baddie] continues fucking you!”

There are many things I wish I could change in Trap Quest. That said, I’ve spent several hours replaying this goddamned game and love it in spite of its many frustrations.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: Release 7 Version 1.0 on 12/26/2015

nice festive touch!!

...and finally the hotel is open and available!!

the game is growing, better and better with each update.

Keep going!!

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