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Release 9 Version 2.0
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Version: Release 9 Version 2.0

Version: Release 9 Version 1.4

Version: Release 9 Version 1.3

Version: Release 9 Version 1.2

Version: Release 9 Version 1.1

Version: Release 9 Version 1.0

Version: Release 8 Version 3.1

Version: Release 8 Version 3.0

Version: Release 8 Version 2.0

Version: Release 8 Version 1.2

Version: Release 8 Version 1.1

Version: Release 8 Version 1.0

Version: Release 7 Version 5.2

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Version: Release 6 Version 2.5

Version: Release 6 Version 2.4

Version: Release 6 Version 2.3

Trap Quest
by aika

Trap Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawl virtual reality TF game.


In response to the reviews complaining "I can't do X even though I want to" or "The game is railroading me towards Y", this is not a sandbox game for you to become the dominant and take control of the miniverse, this is a roguelike where if you're very lucky you might survive with most of your mental faculties intact.  For more details, read the FAQ.  If you want a nice forgiving sandbox game where you can become the dominant, or where there's no meaningful downside to always choosing the slutty option, please feel free to play pretty much every other well fleshed out game in this genre of random encounters and transformation, including but not limited to Corruption of Champions and Bimbo Mall Battle.


For frequent updates on development and the latest download links, go to the (Warning: NSFW) blog.

Check out the wiki: http://trapquest.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



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Review by Nytheq

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 2.0 on 01/19/2017

Great game and THANKS for the update!

First @Silver: try another engine - there are several. Some can even be downloaded right next to the maindownload.

Story is held to a minimum and scenedescriptions is pretty much maxed out. A lot of different pictures and easily played several times without getting boring.

Also lots of paths to take and no need to grind. The only negative thing i can think of is that it takes a bit until understanding how the game works. 

Overall its a fun game and absolutely woth the time.


PS: I know lots of arguements and no examples but that's easily solved - play it :)

Review by Silver1

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 1.3 on 12/11/2016

  The game is good, but i really have problems with the engine, wish it was more simple.

Review by sanjafeth

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 1.1 on 12/01/2016

This game is a masterpiece in progress. You can play it for months and still find some new combination of factors to make for great fun! I did try very hard to 'beat' the main 'boss' for a while but got lost in the crazy fun that losing entails. I absolutely love the use of pictures, and that items transform while being worn. If I could suggest any improvements (suggestions, not criticism) I would suggest that, if possible, find and use pictures that indicate more subtle changes (i.e. when a piece of clothing changes), if you could find a series of pictures, for example of the same skirt but at different lengths, or more revealing, it would add to the fun.

Keep up the awesome work!


Review by scott8509

Version reviewed: Release 8 Version 3.1 on 10/25/2016

Amazing game, I keep coming back every week to check for updates. In the end, you'll always lose (win) but isn't that the point?

Review by solomon03

Version reviewed: Release 8 Version 3.1 on 10/23/2016

In my opinion, this is one of the best TF games out there if you lean towards the subby side - even playing your best, you're likely to be forced into some hot transformation situations. It has tons of replay value, and feels like a differenet game as you run into different items and monsters. It's also highly customizable, allowing you to avoid running intoo anything you don't like/aren't comfortable with. Combine that with multiple image sets, good writing, and consistant updates: this game is a classic.

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