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Release 6 Version 4.6b
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Version: Release 6 Version 4.6b

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Version: Release 6 Version 2.6b

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Version: Release 6 Version 2.4

Version: Release 6 Version 2.3

Trap Quest
by aika

Trap Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawl virtual reality TF game.


For frequent updates on development and the latest download links, go to the (Warning: NSFW) blog.

Check out the wiki pages:


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



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Review by Saname

Version reviewed: Release 6 Version 4.0b on 06/23/2015

I'll make this short and sweet. This game was fun. I had a blast with it. However it's hard to get past the first area because you want to see bad things happen to your charecter so badly hahaha. Good game, I suggest you play it. It's worth the trouble of going to the links to get the system.

Review by Anthonygallo

Version reviewed: Release 6 Version 3.5 on 06/08/2015

I got turned into a woman, impregnated, double penetrated by a monster and a guard until a third guard came and relieved my extreme thirst with his urine.

5/5 would play again

Review by Narlavor

Version reviewed: Release 6 Version 2.6b on 04/05/2015

I quite liked it but if your hands get bound by the wooden horse, you basically can't do anything except get more feminine trough the pink dust, and get fucked.

Review by Baylith

Version reviewed: Release 6 Version 2.6b on 03/24/2015

defintely a great game. and makes me think of infectious survival, and I honestly think this game is very well designed.

I would like cute neko style animal TFs too. lke cat girl, cow girl, etc. anything that fits into your game would be awesome. I mean you already have the cow bell thing from milking too much, why not take that to the next step and make her a full fuzzy cow girl?

Review by CappyAnon

Version reviewed: Release 6 Version 2.6 on 03/24/2015

From the beginning I've found this project exciting, and the monetization and patreon advances all only fed my expectations, which have all been thoroughly fulfilled by this excellent, if perhaps niche genre of game erotica. While times have been hard for you during development (Aika, I mean ofc) and you got pushed into monetization a little forcefully by your circumstances, I think it would be fantastic if you reached above and beyond your 2k mark and could really switch profession. I've always loved Roguelikes and I think even in it's current state it competes pretty damn competently against other roguelikes developed purely for gameplay above anything else with no mind for story or erotica, and considering most erotic games I think that's somewhat of an accomplishment.

My favourite game on TFGamesSite, with Bimbo Mall Battle coming second, though I admit it's probably due to taste that I choose these games over others that may admittedly be thought of as superior by others, but isn't that always the way it is? My personal opinion is that Trap Quest is pretty damn great, and with the introduction of drawn art being produced and the potential of the future having more development time allocated and monster modding from the community on the horizon? Things are already pretty great, and they seem like they can only get better, keep up the good work. 9.3/10

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