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Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game.  It's a game as much about changing your character and those you meet as it is about exploration and adventure. You play as personalized character bent on making his or her fortune among the stars, starting out with only the ship left behind by a deceased father.  From there, you plunder the mysteries of the universe... particularly if they're curvy, well hung, or both.  It's about discovering the exotic and the erotic.

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Review by Conniewad

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.02 on 12/09/2016

If you liked Corruption of Champions you'll love this. It's still being produced and tons of content being added monthly. I don't pay for the patreon but if you do then it's updated weekly. Great visuals and the writing is corrected and improved constantly. 

Review by LynxF

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.7.02 on 12/04/2016

If you liked Corruption of Champions you won't like this. Less content, blander graphics, less excitement. It does have email spam though and more log reports about how your character is recovering from actions that never actually took place.

I you didn't like Corruption fo Champions, you certainly won't like this.

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.6.78 on 09/11/2016

I want to like this game given that I had a lot of fun with Corruption of Champions.  But this game just suffers from far too much feature bloat and it seems like it just gets worse with every update.

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.6.52 on 05/08/2016

This game is big, not file size but what you can do. like COC play at your own risk, he he he.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: See site for Latest 0.6.38 on 03/05/2016

I dont know about the dev's buisness practices or any of that mess, buecause i dont "follow" the game that closely. I replay it every few months for a couple hours when i get bord and that's that far as im conserned.

It's a high quality game, i think we can all agree on that. The fetishes cater mostly to the furry crowd, and nearly every transformation is volentary once you learn that the food you dont really need to eat is the catalyst. The descriptions of the transformations are brief and your character (or anyone else for that matter) doesnt seem to care about them at all. If Forced Gender Change is your thing, this is not the game for you, but then neither was CoC...

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