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hypnosis breast expansion Competetive chemical induced change bimbo


The protagonist enters a reality t.v show in the hope of aquiring ..."Fame and fortune".

But it goes quite badly wrong.


Currently only the intro is complete..

Added additional content - 03/02/15

1 new housemate.

Polished some text.

Help/hint system - clearer progression.

2 "hidden" optional events.


Update 04/2/15

Updated pictures, to now use 3  images, to reflect changes.

Added 2 Optional hypnosis events.

Cleaned up some text and reduced plot-holes.

You can now talk to girls regardless of their location...Unless you are "Spying".



Update 05/2/15

Very minor bugfix - No new content.

Talking to Sarah before you grow boobs, no longer reduces actions by 2.

Name no-longer resets/upgrades to wrong level upon completion of intro.


 Update 5/7/15

Game now continues after tf.

Too many changes to list.

In game time limit for demo, as some of the later content is not yet in place.


 Update 012/07/15

Fixed a few bugs, Incuding the infamous Amy clothing bug.

Emma now gives you a random face..

Ability to buy back starting-girl face in the shop.

Reduced overall vote generation, But you now receve Votes every day for the different stages of roomates hypno.

Added 5 more days. to a total of 35.

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Review by werewolfwill

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 12/26/2016

The game is decent although missing a save function which is important.. It is "beatable " in the sense that you can disqualify all the other girls but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference since you can still run into them and they can inexplicably set up traps for you despite being out of the game which is annoying. This makes the demo a seem more like "survive 35 days" than defeat your opponents. But regardless it's a decent time killer.

Review by sanjafeth

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 12/01/2016

This game surprised me. The visuals are simple, and the writing could use an edit, but the concept and the gameplay execution are excellent! The combination is a game that has me eagerly awaiting the next update. 

Review by djunk101

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 09/08/2016

I enjoy this game and have played it multiple times. It's fun and interesting, but I have two major complaints.

1. The limited number of days. I understand that there are a limted number of events, but since there is some randomness to them it can be annoying when you reach the end and haven't finished what you wanted because of the RNG. I hope this gets changed at some point.

2. There is no way to save. This ties back into the first thing, but because there is no way to save and you can't go back, you just have to accept it if the RNG screws you over.

Other than that, it's a great game.

Review by fredinator

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 09/06/2016

This game is great and needs definetly more content. Please continue this

Review by jareth1984

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 07/27/2016

Man, really good game...
Only one thing tho.
There is a way to win?

I have disqualified 3/4 girls and Hypnotized the last one (Sarah) 2 times, only need 1 more right?
I found the hoven and the soap thing but really cannot figure out what the 3rd thing is.
Pretty sure is in the living room but even with all the items nothing happens.
Help a bro out!! XD

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