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Hump Day
by BakaG

You are an ordinary woman going about her daily life until something has a problem with that. One night and a vivid dream later and you find that you are packing a little something extra. For the next five days you will have to decide your fate. Do you resist temptation, or succumb? Embrace your gift, or reject it? What fate will you choose?

Disclaimer: Content may include F/F, F/M, Futanari, Shemale, BDSM, Femdom, Rape, Mind Control, Incest, Impregnation, Lactation. If any of these offend you then you might consider not playing this game. It will be possible to avoid certain themes but it may not always be obvious what is going to happen next.

Current Status: Alpha v0.2.0.7
Release Schedule:
10th of Every Month!

Girl has dream. Dream gives girl a dick. Dick freaks girl out. Girl deals with it.

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Review by aerial_ace

Version reviewed: on 02/05/2017

A very well written piece of work, one of the most enjoyable reads ive had in a while, and equally disappointing when i hit the end of the content.


Really hope you keep up this amasing work

Review by sourimp

Version reviewed: on 10/18/2016

Beautifully written and very hot. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

Review by Klotidlak

Version reviewed: on 09/13/2016

Very verbose. I like the general idea of woman getting a penis and how she deals with it.

Review by Necrosphere

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 08/27/2016

Love it. Please, for all our sakes, continue! Superb writing. Went through an entire box of tissues.

Review by Mugg

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 08/20/2016

Man. It started out pretty sick, and most of the plotlines definitely sound interesting, but holy balls was the sex awkward most of the time. You, my friend, are a poetic writer. I can see that very clearly, and it's awesome. It works really, really well in the intro and the more story based portions of the game, but ho-boy... pudenda's, and deposing anxious anticipation, and sliding the skin to-and-fro amidst others ended up creating some pretty awkward literary moments. I mean, some portions - particularly in the Chloe path - were pretty solid most of the time, even if it was still a little more wordy and clinical than I felt it needed to be. But whew, poetry and sex are a delicate combination, what can I say? You should, of course, do what you feel comfortable with, but I feel you could tone back the Shakespearean complexity a notch or two :)


Now, in terms of mechanics, I found myself sorely wishing there were more options to control the pace or activity while fucking. As it is, it's essentially pick a character and press continue, and accept whatever comes your way. Also, I understand giving each character a set personality, but I would really enjoy the ability to.. maybe pick from 3 different general personalities types ( in an artful, immersive way, of course. Like you're so good at.) For instance, I physically like Alexis, but wish she had a more dominant, confident personality like Chloe. You might also wish she was even more subby and far less angry, and defensive. Or maybe, you wish she was just eager to get past all the mysticism and rules and take the chance to make love with this weird doppelganger as equals while time lasts. I realize both of these things could become fairly time-consuming, but it would add a lot to player satisfaction (imo). It would add a layer of letting the player shape the mind of the character. I.e. do they like anal or vaginal? Blowjob vs footjob? Do you deepthroat, or do you chicken out and use your hands? Do you like it slow, sensuous, and loving.. or fast, hard, and rough? It would give the player some measure of defining boundaries and preferences for themselves and/or their chosen avatar beyond the set path. Maybe you already have these things planned, but this CYOA has a lot of potential so I thought I'd throw in my two cents, just in case! I always loved these things as a kid, and I still love 'em as an adult =D

Also, if you would be so kind: make the foreskin optional lol. I know it only comes up once, but still. -_-



K cool. Cheers! Much love.

 - Mugg

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