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George's Tall and Short Tale
by mayotta

This is a simple Mind control Transformation story. I am using it as way to learn Twine 2.0 with SugarCube 2.0.
In Active Development. Hoping to make an update at least once a week.

Plot basics in the Plot tab. I have only the events of the first day so far so please bear with me as I develop the game.


Please post to the Discussion Thread, it Makes it easier to work on your comments.

Discussion Thread

Some random info about my process.

About version numbers I use a N.N.N.N scheme. where Major version, Minor Breaking version, Minor Non Breaking Version, and Bug fix are used. Any change where the first 2 digits change will mean past saves won't work but changes to the last 2 digits will let the past saves work. New content will mostly fall in the N.N.X.N where X is the update with new content. Adding new Stats to track would be a N.X.N.N where X is the update with the new stat breaking previous saves.

The Graphics will be photo and gif(loops) Mostly with a bit of Drawing showing areas like the layout of a house or of the neighborhood. I am still working on the graphics for the people so I may use something today and it will change tomorrow please bear with me.


Changelog: (fixed spelling problems and two bad links) Added images, added game start segment, connected intro that somehow was missed before. Fixed a link bug



You are a bit of a pushover in your family and something is happening, your sister seems to be working hard to taunt and tease you while your Mom seems to be slowly working to remove your inhabitions, what does all this mean and what is happening to you? Why do you constantly feel on edge, You need someone to talk to luckily your Big bro Berry will be home in 2 weeks and you can ask him then.

Sometimes it just feels like your family stepped right out of a Leave it to Beaver episode or something.


"Mom" - Works out of the house as a Counselor. A very strong woman who everyone in the family just seems to obey without thinking about it. There is a small guest house out back where she sees her clients. Mom seems to have a way about her making everything she suggests seem reasonable, when sometimes in hindsight it may not be. She enjoys laying out in the yard by the pool in very skimpy bikinis sunning herself in the summer and the same in the winter after the cover is pulled over the pool and deck.

"Dad" - Works at a Firm downtown as a Architect. The quintessential overworked father who is almost never home. Dad is firm but lets your Mom really handle everything in the house.

Berry - Older Brother doesn't live at home anymore. Always sort of a push over. He is in his lat year of college. His old room is now the upstairs sitting room that has a fold out bed for when he visits.

Ashley - Older Sister still lives at home. Very tough and bossy. Extremely pretty. Graduated High School last year and taking the year off. She seems to take delight in teasing you by wearing slightly revealing clothing when you are around.

George(you) - The youngest of three you have been well cared for by your folks and a bit babied in some ways. Where your brother had to get a job and work for many things, much of the same was just given to you. In some ways you realize you are a bit spoiled but you also think you have a pretty level head on your shoulders. Your easy going attitude and relaxed demeanor seems to get you through most issues. Both your Mom and Sister have pushed you about for their own ends for as long as you can remember, though you keep telling yourself you will stand up to your sister you just never seem to be able to carry through with it.

Additional characters will appear as I expand the game

A basic walkthrough will be provided when there is more content.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tranzet

Version reviewed: on 01/19/2017

I'm really liking this game and hope for the best ^^. Thank you for your hard work and the upload. Looking forward to up dates. ^.~

Review by mayotta

Version reviewed: on 01/08/2017

Hello and thank you for Reviewing my work here both positive and negative reviews are welcome. I do ask that you post them in the Discussion thread, as it it easier for me to reply and address any issues you have there.




Review by agnostic

Version reviewed: on 01/07/2017

You probably should have waited until you had a lot more content to release this. But you have a great idea for a game so far. Keep at it!

Review by madmel

Version reviewed: on 01/06/2017

There isn't much to do at this point and as others have pointed out the writing need work, but if you look really closely at what is there i can see a lot of potential for this game.

This is really just a proof of consept piece so far and most of the content is in the menu tabs at the moment. Clearly the woman of this house like to be watch and like to dominate, will the Pc be dominated or will he resist

Better description are needed, I didn't even realise that I had seen the mother when I'd looked out the window the !st time.

I love corruption gameplay so i look forward to more content to play with

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: on 01/06/2017

There should be an Intro Description before ye just launch straight into the game with the available actions (it makes it feel rushed if ye don't do that & nobody will want to play it that way)

Inventory should be empty if ye have nothing (like at the start of the game, NOT have placeholders like thing 1, stuff, item1, item2) or atleast have group names & a dash after name then the space after the dash will have the names of the inventory items ye get as ye get them,

Ye should use FULL DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS for actions & such like the "Play with myself action": "Closing your eyes, you play with yourself and have a good time."  This is way too simple & makes the player bored because it feels like a 2nd Grade kid wrote this.  The same goes for most of the actions in your game: use computer- schoolwork, Watch Porn, Chat with friends (ye wrote "Sighs no one online now."  When the word Sighs refers to an action the character does & is not like the other words which are descriptive words of the situation.  Also it would be better if it said: "There is no one online now.", as that would atleast be telling it correctly), I could write about just about EVERY ACTION needing more deatailed descriptions, but i figure ye get my point,

Though it is nice that ye thought to use pictures, ye should consider adding more than just 5 of them & ye should have them from the current year that is portayed by the setting of the game (if ye have pictures that look like they were done in the 1930's then people will think that is what the era of your game will be about..),

This game should be labeled as Concept because it barely has anything to it & it needs tons of work done to it, because it seems like ye rushed everything about it & just wanted to upload something (which if i had to rate it right now, i would give it a 5 out of 100, & even that is generous).  Ye should seriously consider putting a good amount of time & effort into creating something (atleast something more than just a crappy rushed intro) before even considering uploading it.

Ye shouldn't be telling others that their spelling needs work when yours does as well:  ye spelled the word grammer (when it should be spelled as grammar).

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