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Lilith's Throne
by Innoxia

Hello, I wanted to share a game I've been working on for a little while now, so here it is!

Lilith's throne is a text-based erotic RPG, in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex! Some main features include:

  • Several explorable tile-based maps.
  • Turn-based sex, which gives you a lot of control over how a sex scene plays out.
  • Randomised, persistent NPCs, who can be fully transformed!
  • Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)
  • Fully transformable bodies, allowing you to turn yourself into all sorts of different races!
  • A lot (currently 132 items) of clothing for you to customise your character with.
  • Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.
  • Lots of sex! ^^
  • Weekly releases! (I update TFGS every fortnight, but my public github and Patreon builds are updated every week.)


I have lots of future plans for the game as well, including: 

  • NPC romance and slavery mechanics.
  • Four more major areas (desert, jungle, fields, and sea).
  • At least 20 more races, almost all of which you'll be able to transform into.


Thanks for playing!



I make posts on here three times a week.


Lilith's Throne Discord

I'm very active on here, and it's a good place for asking questions, reporting bugs, or just chatting with other players! ^^



If you'd like to support the game's development, you can do so through here! ^^



If you're on windows and the downloaded jar doesn't work, you can find an .exe download on my blog.


Being attacked












Optimised save files. In the ones I tested, file size was reduced by over 50%, and load times saw a similar decrease.
Added support for masturbation sex scenes.

Added: Panty masturbation scene in Lilaya's room, with a couple of follow-on sex scenes.

You now need at least three spells in a spell school to unlock the related special ability.
Spell books are now consumed on use, and added to Lilaya's library. (This was to prevent buying a spell book, learning the spell, and then selling it, making it significantly cheaper than intended to buy & learn all spells.)
Made default bottled arcane essence slightly cheaper than the racially enchanted ones.

Added: Strap-on, and support in the engine for correctly treating a strap-on as an artificial penis during sex. (BDSM set, no femininity requirements, penis slot.)
Added: Toeless striped stockings. (Feminine, calves slot.)
Added: Tube top. (Feminine, chest slot.)
Added more tags for clothing, including ones for plug support. Added plug modifier to nipple tape crosses (prevents cum from leaking out).
Added fertility and virility to available clothing attribute enchantments.

Fixed typos in air elemental upgrades. (rfpnj)

Added '+10 spell points' to debug menu.
Improved some of the demon/slime transformation menu options. Added options for internal testicles, horn size, tongue length, wing size, and horn colour.
Added more options for horn pattern and colour.
Improved item, weapon, and clothing pages in the encyclopedia, and added preview images for items.
You can now re-read race books, but you only receive the damage/resistance boost the first time. This should now allow new characters to gain these bonuses, even if races have been unlocked by a different playthrough.
The 'vacuum' spell can no longer strip a person's piercings.
NPCs will only re-dress themselves once a day.
Vicky will now buy spell books and scrolls.
Tidied up Lilaya's lab dialogue flow a little.
Added a chance to overhear Rose saying some things to Lilaya when you enter the lab.
Added indication in slavery overview for approximate hourly income of milking jobs.

Fixed annoying bug where when inspecting NPCs, it would show a different, incorrect NPC's name/inventory on the right of the screen. (This should definitely be completely fixed this time. x_x)
Fixed Arcane elemental spell cost being extremely low.
Fixed dresses and kimonos that were parts of sets still blocking the leg slot.
Fixed the broken encyclopedia item view.
Throat wetness should now correctly save/load.
Typos, parsing, and incorrect clothing displacement fixes.
Fixed slime sclera and pupil recolouring not working.
Resetting spell schools now refunds the correct amount of upgrade points.
Fixed arcane storm timer (from Arcane spell school's unique ability) not working correctly.
Fixed Water spell chool's unique ability (liquid TFs are free) not working correctly.
Being defeated in combat while your allies are still fighting will now correctly only give you the option to watch.
Fixed bug where there would sometimes be gaps in actions during sex.
Fixed some incorrect skin colouring on Rose.
Improved NPC removal method, which should help to reduce save file size and save/load times. This will be further improved for 0.2.5.
(Hopefully) fixed a cause of the bug where the game would stop being able to save.



Filled in more of the placeholder text in Submission.
Added more content for Submission Enforcer Post, including a new Enforcer NPC, 'Claire'. When entering a Submission Enforcer Post for the first time, Claire's dialogue will trigger. (There will be a quest related to this added for the next release.)

'Dairy Cow' job now correctly supports 8 slaves per milking room.
Made some minor improvements to slavery UI.
Milking room now milks a slave of their milk, cum, and girlcum at the same time.
Added options to enable/disable milk, cum, and girlcum milking.
Moved pregnancy job settings (Promiscuity pills, no pills, or Vixen's Virility pills) from the 'Stocks' and 'Prostitute' jobs, and moved them into a standard permission.
Added options in milking room to set automatic selling, as well as options to drink or sell any stored fluids.
Balanced fluid values.
Added three new upgrades to the milking room.
Added self-milking options to milking rooms.

You can now set a custom name for any potions or clothing that you create.
Added: Saving and loading of enchantment effects. (Built upon framework created by Master of Puppets.)

Added testing for Nnxx's character 'Lumi' in the debug menu. Once she's finished, she will be added a random encounter in Dominion's alleys, but for now, she's only accessible through the debug menu.
Fixed typos in Telepathic Communication description. (Mach565)
Companion's damage scaling (on higher difficulty settings) is now treated the same as the player's. (Darkon47)
Added rings for masculine characters in character creation. (rfpnj)
Huge amount of punctuation fixes. (WoefulWombat)
Even more punctuation fixes. (WoefulWombat)
Added framework for saving and loading enchantment effects. (Master of Puppets)
Fixed bug with intoxication percentages not displaying correctly. (Pimvgd)
Fixed prologue typo. (Mach565)
Fixed cause of strange characters being displayed in some svgs. (Pimvgd)
Fixed bug where impregnation chance was using the wrong partner's fertility stat. (Itpatch)

Ankle spreader bar now blocks escape in combat (if you are unable to fly).
Wrist restraints now block flight from arm-wings (such as harpy or bat wings).
NPCs now gain or lose affection towards you after sex, depending on if they were in the resisting pace or not.
Slimes can no longer fly.

Fixed bug where NPCs would have a random colour for their lips/nipples/anus. This resets NPC colours for those parts only if they're not your slave, so your slave's colours won't be reset by this.
Typo and parsing fixes.
Fixed issue with parsing some characters in text fields.
Fixed spell page showing special ability was unlocked, even when it wasn't.
Fixed bug where some icons would show random letters on some systems.
Fixed (yet another) cause of slavery stats getting stuck on the right-hand section of the screen.
Fixed broken colours in rainbow set status effect icon.
Fixed bug where fetish screen would sometimes become unresponsive.
NPCs should no longer spawn in with fetish or transforming fetishes if you have them set to 0% in your content options.
Fixed milking room upgrade being blocked when you had companions in your party.
Fixed slave multiple-partner sex breaking if you had companions in your party.
Fixed bug where slaves could start spitroast even if they weren't attracted to you.
Crotchless chaps no longer conceal the anus slot.
Fixed yet more bugs related to slavery targets being broken between scenes.
Fixed 'Dairy Cow' slave job having some settings from prostitute.
Fixed bug where fluids would sometimes load in their modifiers twice (potentially causing issues with removal of fluid modifiers).
Fixed slimes being able to TF penis type to 'artificial'.



Added a small encounter for Mother's Day on Dominion's boulevard tiles. There's a 10% chance for it to fire, and it requires the game's date to be the second week of May. (I thought that the second Sunday of May was too narrow a time period.)

Fixed body-part modifiers being incorrectly loaded in from old save files. (Pimvgd)
Increased parser performance. (Pimvgd) Innoxia's note: This massively increased rendering performance in all screens for me (most notably in the inventory screen).
Refactored code to remove unnecessary ListValue objects. (Pimvgd)
Fixed penis size alteration buttons incorrectly showing 'cm' when disabled. (Pimvgd)
Added hasWeaponEquipped method to handle possible future issues with enchanting weapons. (Pimvgd)
Fixed softlock caused by opening options menu during examining alexandria in intro. (Pimvgd)

Improved inventory UI to stop that annoying stuttering/resizing caused by the scrollbar appearing and disappearing.

All 'Submit' actions in the game are no longer completely locked out by not having the Submissive fetish, and instead have an associated corruption bypass cost.
Having a special flavour for milk, cum, or girlcum now increases its value.
Vicky now stocks 12 TF potions every day, instead of 6.
Slightly improved item ordering in inventory.
Added secondary colour to 'sport shorts', for the string tie. Replaced Lumi's shorts with sport shorts.
NPCs can now dress themselves once per hour instead of once per day.
Most demons and imps should now spawn in having already lost their penile virginity.
Added 'deflowering' fetish experience gain from taking virginities.
Added description of the rooms in Angel's Kiss having small bathrooms.
You can now drink fluids in the milking room if the total quantity is less than 100ml.
Enchanting effects are no longer cleared if there's another item of the same type in your inventory. (So if you want to craft lots of potions, you can now keep on clicking 'Craft', without needing to reload the effects every time.)

Fixed several body covering colours not being saved or loaded correctly. (Some body colours might be reset as part of this fix, but they should now correctly save from now on.)
Fixed cause of a game import error (related to SlaveryUtil).
Fixed cause of possible game crash when clicking on weapons in inventory.
Fixed bug where milking room was milking cum instead of girlcum.
Milk regeneration enchantments are now correctly affected by the Water School perk (i.e. it's free).
Fixed a malfunction in the milking machines, where, even if they were powerful enough to do it, they wouldn't extract any stored milk from a slave's breasts past their milk regeneration rate. (e.g. If a slave had 500ml of milk in their breasts, and they regenerated 100ml an hour, and the machine was capable of milking 250ml an hour, the machine would only be milking 100ml an hour, instead of 250/250/200/100/etc.)
Fixed Vicky's potions having strange names.
Fixed Vicky's inventory resetting every time you loaded the game.
Fixed attackers in arcane storms using prostitute dialogue.
Fixed TF menu penis size showing 'cm' instead of 'inches'.
Pressing enter in the enchanting screen's rename box will no longer make the screen go blank.
Fixed another(!!!!!) cause of the NPC-stuck-on-screen bug.
Fixed companions being treated as librarians when entering Lilaya's library.
Fixed custom names for clothing not persisting between saves.
Fixed elusive bug where slave rooms would sometimes randomly reset their upgrades.
Fixed debug menu being available in the prologue (as it would end up breaking everything if used).
Typo fixes.
Fixed bug where equipped condoms couldn't be clicked on.
Spell actions should no longer be duplicated in combat. (Caused by unlocking a spell and also having a weapon that grants that spell.)
Fixed bug where a random NPC's inventory would be shown on the bottom-right during masturbation scenes. (I think this was also causing a bug where masturbation scenes could break and show no actions.)
Fixed Pix losing affection towards you at the end of her sex scene.
Fixed enchantment save/load confirmations not working properly.
Fixed bug where characters without genitalia would get stuck in Lilaya's panty masturbation scene at 100 lust.
Fixed horn TF options appearing twice in the transformation options for slimes.
Fixed offhand attacks applying the damage type of your main weapon.
Fixed bug where only one of a slaves' milk/cum/girlcum would be milked.
Fixed sex AI bug where NPCs with oral fetishes would stop/start oral actions.
Fixed modded clothing colours not being able to use custom colour lists.
Fixed bugs in Arthur's and Amber's descriptions.
Fluids will no longer show in the milking room if there's 0ml of them.
Fixed bug where the 'pet' in Amber's walkies fucking scene would sometimes generate with fetishes that would cause the scene to never progress.
Fixed bug where characters couldn't be imported as slaves if they had been exported with companions in their party.
Fixed bug where trying to delete an exported character with confirmations on would send you to the save/load screen.



Fixed bug with conditional statements cutting off text. (Itpatch)

Fixed bug where Lilaya would act as though you'd just creampied her for as long as she had a creampie effect was.
Fixed Rental Mommy even continuously firing until you hired her at least once.



Important: This game requires the *latest* version of Java to be installed on your computer! (Due to the engine using the most recent release of JavaFX.)

Important: I've only tested the game on a computer running Windows 7, and I can't guarantee that it'll work on other systems.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: on 05/18/2018 - This just keeps getting better and better as time goes on. I'm really hoping there's going to be a part where you can become enslaved and try to escape it. - I must say, no game tempts me to support the patreon quite like this one does. The amount of work and polish you put into this game is flooring, and you have somehow avoided the TFGS curse of quitting early in project. I have no advice because you clearly know what you're doing, and every time I see an update to this I always have to read the changelog. Keep up the good work.

Review by Kelpsie

Version reviewed: on 05/15/2018

The last time I played this game, I considered it good. Unfortunately though, as someone who doesn't get any particular enjoyment out of furry stuff it didn't really have too much for me. That was a long time ago however, and the content has been fleshed out a lot since then. It's still a bit short if you're not into all the content it has to offer (I mostly only play these games for the female PC submissive content), but I did still get a few hours and a quality fap out of the deal. Definitely recommended, especially if you have a wider range of preferences than I do. There's slaving, pregnancy, dominant sides to most encounters, and a buttload of anthro/slime/demon transformation that I didn't get into.

Review by FrozenWave

Version reviewed: on 05/14/2018

Personally, this is my favorite game on this website.

Ever since I discovered my love for reading, text-based games have been a great addition to my life. text-based porn games were a very obvious next step. Even though it's nowhere near done at this stage, it's already my favourite by far.

And trust me, I've played a lot of these.

Recently, I've wasted hours upon hours creating the perfect body when I completely slimed my PC, converted dozens of street walkers to a more respectable position inside a brothel, where my PC also works by the way, met multiple sons and daughters of my PC, even though they had been born only a few days before, completly charmed a shy, cute, adorable cat-girl, fought, dominated and submitted to full-fledged succubi, and made a big burly police officer into a big busty police bimbo pet.

I've never been happier!

Seriously though, play this game! You will not be disappointed.

Review by lolman21

Version reviewed: 0.2.4 on 04/30/2018

This game is really good but at some point it would be easy to max out everystats with a LOT OF arcana essence to perma upgrade some stat by 1 by enchanting the right consumable for the base stat in question.

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: on 04/15/2018

This game is going to be something amazing. Already, it's got a clean, non-crowded, accessible UI, a good story , great lore, and good sex scenes. It might not have much right now, but it comparatively has a huge amount of stuff for the first alpha version of the game. There's already 4 different TFs and a bad end (not anymore!). I can't wait until this thing sees completion and I an play it all the way through.


Updated version 0.1.75


The game now has two more maps and an extra transformation. The rate at which this game is progressing, combined with the author's great writing and coding abilities, are putting it on the fast track to becoming a great standard in such games, among the ranks of CoC and TiTS.


Updated version


It's back- and it's driving you batty! That's right, folks, we got us some bat TF's up in here. I personally love bats, and you really don't find them much aywhere else. That aside, let's take a look at what else is new.


An entire new map, plus about ten new NPCs, twice the number of forms you can take as before, complete crafting overhaul, a skill tree... this game has done everything correctly. The author is active, good at what they do, innovative enough to update the things and yet smart enough to know where to stop. The game has progressed so much already- with over 10 forms, an almost endless amount of scenes and fights, an insanely customizable UI, and just good writing. This is all heightened by the fact that what's in the game now is barely a fifth, IF THAT of what the final product is supposed to be. The game is so good I've considered offering my writing skills just because I want to help it grow even more. I absolutely cannot wait to see where this goes and what more it'll get. 11/10.

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