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Version: 0.6.A


PervAdventures 0.6.A is out !



Perv Adventures will be updated once every 3 days  until it reaches version 1.0.A.

PervAdventures is a 2d isometric game where the character has to do quest and talk to people arround him.
During dialogs, HD 1920x1080 images will be displayed on screen.
The main character is called Peter, he just completed 20 years old and  he is in last year at the university.
There is 3 video sequence in game so far.

The game Storyline feature:

The game Sexual contents exploits:
- Incest MS/BS
- Lesbian
- Domination
- Other sure to come!

You have to make choice during dialogs so be sure to save your game regulary to avoid skipping interesting scenes!

2d Isometric Combat Gameplay is planned to the29/03/2017 if the game is successfull enought.

Download the latest public version from  here .

Access the Game Documentation here.

Access my Patreon Page Here.






If you want to improve my game please read this !!





-Peter (Player)


-Sandra(Big Sister)

-Seiko(Sandra Best Friend)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by holyrainz

Version reviewed: 0.6.A on 03/19/2017

What does this game have anything to do with TG. :) ?

Review by Kyraga

Version reviewed: 0.6.A on 03/18/2017

I did not find any preg content in this game whatsoever.

Overall the game is short and is a waste of player's time.

Review by Gromelon

Version reviewed: 0.6.A on 03/18/2017

I strongly dislike the amount of patreon demo versions that squeeze their way into TFGS database on the wings of "corruption" or whatever other tag creators can squeeze onto their game and that usually have little to nothing in common with what this site is about. This one does not even bother to be truthful about it, judging by how tags and description differ. Post it with a Patreon link, move on to post elsewhere - seems like a standard practice for self-promotion these days.

Review by DavinaDoubleD

Version reviewed: 0.5.A on 03/13/2017

So another game without a discussion thread. I want to like this because it's different. Moving around works it's just a little difficult, maybe it's my crappy computer I don't know. 


Im wondering why this is here though because all I see is incest and no transformation at all. I mean is there going to be a transformation involved? If so then I can see liking this even more, but if this ends up just being and incest/mind control thing then maybe not.

Review by StG.

Version reviewed: 0.5.A on 03/13/2017

Mon cher Renard,

Le concept a l'air prometteur MAIS:

- Le mouvement est erratique surtout quand on utilise la souris pour se déplacer.

- le jeu "plante" quand on utilise la souris pour se déplacer, surtout quand une scène se lance (exemple: se rendre à la cuisine).

- le design demande plus de corrections quant à l'alignement des élements (portes, etc...).

- la vue est parfois bloquée par des élements de décor.

J'ai adbiqué au bout de 10mins, le fait de fermer puis de relancer le jeu car j'avais employé la souris et le clavier pour me déplacer.

Cependant, je vais suivre l'évolution de ton jeu car je sens qu'il a plus que du potentiel.


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