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Version: 0.0.1

Old Soul

A tragic accident leads you to be reborn in another world in a new life. Old Soul manly revolves around male to female transformation and being thrown in a world of canine people. There is adult content, though the earlier part of the game explores your transformation as you grow up in the new world. The game is still being worked on and is not yet finished.

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Review by Smut_Peddler

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 03/26/2017

There's not much there past the growing up montage, but what's there shows potential.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 03/17/2017

I like this game.  I can't wait for more to come.



Review by Twenty7

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 03/16/2017

I personally love the story even with the grammatical errors I was able to ignore then and enjoy the game can't wait for more content.

Review by Tinman

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 03/15/2017

The writing doesn't pull me in, but it's not a bad story so far.  I have to agree with LufiaLunar that the lack of a back button or save feature is maddening.  And that there's currently too little control for this to feel like anything other than a story.  I would like to see more focus on the MC's gender change.  Even if the MC is more comfortable in their body after being born into it, it's still a little weird that they literally never think about it until getting the sex talk (minus one scene about gender stereotypes).  As is you get one brief conversation about being sexually confused which is literally solved the next day and nothing else really focuses on it.  Not even when you realize that you're a maturing girl that's been running around naked for 12 years.

There is one big typo that should probably be fixed sooner rather than later.  If you choose to go to the party with Winter Rose the following party and sex scenes constantly call her "Snow Rose" before switching back to Winter at the river scene.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 03/15/2017

not bad, felt more like a novel then a game though. The male to Female transformation is very abrupt with no complications. As an Old soul i thought you would have more control in regards to what happens. The game is very linear as the branching pathways converge again. Since you are female their really isnt much to go on. Your character has no problem changing genders which is weird, this could be expanded on.

no back button to explore the other routes. if you want to explore all options you need to start from the begining. which is very tedious. I have found a few typos and spelling errors, nothing to bad. Ex: Ear instead of Hear.

A save function would be great if you dont want to do a back button. Choices to actually show that you have more knowledge then what seems to be a nomadic tribe in the medieval ages.

For a Game dedicated to a furry content, its pretty good as the descriptions are well done. nothing to over the top.

I would say you can explore all the content so far in about 45 minutes to an hour. A nice simple read.

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