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Devil's Nectar

Devil's Nectar is an interactive story.  You play a young fellow who is innocently enjoying some time in his favourite coffee shop. Shortly thereafter, an idle fantasy becomes far too real.

"At the corner of Oak and Fort sits an ornate red brick building. For more than a hundred years it served as a hotel for travellers carrying and selling hats, caps, and furs. Since then it was a women's garment boutique, a post office, and a bank. Today the ground floor is home to the Devil's Nectar, an artisanal coffee shop. Directly above is an artist's loft. On the upper floor is a yoga studio where you've been a member for years. 

Much of your waking hours is spent within the coffee shop. Its ceiling is fashioned with bronze and aluminum plates, almost unheard of these days. The original set of iron pillars stand proud. Crown mouldings were sanded down to their original state and then freshly stained to a dark hue. The floor is a mosaic of reds and greys. A large communal table sits along a far wall, opposite the front entrance, and is surrounded by chairs of repurposed wood. Natural light pours in from the south and west.

You are seated by the window. A tiny cup of espresso sits on a delicate plate inlaid with a golden pentacle. Your fingers fly across the notebook computer, tapping at a furious pace. A shadow crosses the keyboard. Looking up, a familiar face comes into view."

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Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 06/09/2017

The story is ok clear and easy to read

the pictures  fit in to the story perfectly

Its a good work (i prefer games but that just me)

Review by -Mongo-

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/20/2017

This is an interesting game and I actually look forward to seeing how it develops.  The writing is actually rather good although, kind of quirky.  Firstly I don't mind that time is skipped through without much fanfare but whole days seem to pass between pages, if not paragraphs.  At one moment you've freshlt transformed, got some new clothes and next thing you know apparently it's been days. It takes a little getting used to and you just have to accept that the events being written are the only thing to worry about, and time is as fluid as it needs to be to serve that.  Kind of like walking into a party, grabbing and drink and then suddenly everyone has gone hom already.

Another criticism about the writing is that there's just a peculiar sense of detail.  The author spends a lot of detail on the intricacies of Chai's workout routine, yet spends hardly any time on the existential experience of suddenly being a woman.  The most we get are a few descriptions of being aware of more people looking at her.  Like no sense of vulnerability or even any commentay on how different it feels walking around in women's clothing.  In fact Chai appears to just go shopping and pops out wearing girly outfits, potentially strutting out in a skirt which seems like a lot of confidence or the complete absense of internal dialogue on this topic. 

The game itself runs smoothly, looks good and the few pictures are well executed.

I don't want my thoughts on the writing to seem too harsh.  I think these complaints stand out because the writer is obviously very capable. There's plenty of stories here where you think "well this is just as good as we can expect..." no matter how lacking it feels and this is not one of those stories.  The writer obviously enjoys the craft and is very engaging, crafting a very visually engaging world with ease.

Which leads me to a little praise, I'm happy to see a story where the protagonist is independantly successful rather than some average-at-best shmuck. 

I'm curious to see where this goes and look forward to future updates.  I think we all say this more often lately (and I'm glad for it) but; this could easily be one of the top games/stories on this site if it's completed and polished. 

Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/17/2017

Beach Angels were good and this one is excellent.

Review by brandonkmax

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/17/2017

I do like the story. It has a good start to it. I would love to see where you take it. Dont give up on it like a lot of other games/stories that are on this site. 

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