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Version: 0.1

Queen of Rogues
by fp13


Today I'm creating text based adult game - Queen of Rogues. It's game, where you can play for the girl, which be leader of robbers band.
Have a adventures in Rogue's life, you can a influence on her preferences - be more angry or not, more corrupt or shy.
I want create story, where sex it's not a main target, but, it's interesting part of it. When your actions influence on your gameplay and changed events with according with them.

Game fetish:
All sort of sex (fm, ff, fmm, etc)
Fem dom/sub
Social fall
And little kind of romantics

Future plans:
Draw a more art for every events
Complete skills and characteristics (strength, intellect, charisma based)
Wearing system
And more adult and non adult events!:)

20.03 - First version, for testing UI and mechanics, but for fun I add some quests and events(and art for them)

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Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/23/2017

It's a good start!

Stable game basics.(exempt that book reading is bugged)

Ok graphics

A good start for a game project

1 wish is a bit bigger text at the botom.

Language has to be fixed (minor problem+some dialoge needs conversion to english )

Thats all keep up the good work!:)

Not mutch like here because it lacks tf content.

Review by Somnium

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/20/2017

It has to be said that some effort has been put into this. However at the moment it's not worth your time - the english is quite bad and the story progression is confusing.


@The author - if you're passionate about this project, there are several things that you need to do. First, ask or hire someone to fix the language. Second, flesh out the story progression and make it clear and simple. As it is right now, you're thrown into the map with no clear idea. Try to streamline. Last but not least, work on the presentation - what is your pitch, what are you offering? How is this different/better from other games, etc. (tip: sex is not a fetish)

Review by AllTheNamesAreTaken

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/20/2017

Best of luck with your game, but the poor english was enough to drive me away from even trying it out.

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