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Version: .3.75.01

Version: .3.5.0

Version: .3.25

Version: .3

Monsters of the Forest
by aaaac

Formerly A TF Forest Adventure

You are an adventurer who was guarding a caravan. Then your party was captured by monstergirls. You need to decide if you should rescue your friends or escape. As you pursue your goal you find yourself changing. How much are you willing to change to accomplish your goal?

The game focues on transformation into a monstergirl, you control the degree of transformation and how transformed you are changes how the story plays out.

This is my first twine game so I would appreciate feedback on how to make it better.



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You play as an adventurer whose party has been captured. Your first meaningful choice is whether to try and to escape or if you should attempt a desperate rescue.

You: I assume you know yourself; (the author apologizes but this games assumes you are a male)

Alonso: the leader of your group

Frederick: the thief

Anton: the mage

Cohen: a senior adventurer who watches over your group



Ant-girls: A mysterious silent people, they don't talk but you might be able to work with them.

Spider-girls: Fierce hunters, they will relentless track anything that enters their patch.

Hit the blue words

Also this game is mostly an interactive short story, so there is more reading than gameplay.

If the game is ever complete there will be five larger paths with deviation within them. Right now it only has one.


.3.75.01: started ant 3, polish

.3.5.11: added a status screen

.3.5.1: finished ant 2, polish

.3.5.09: finished ant 2 mushrooms ending, made progress on ant 2 sisters, polish

.3.5.08: fixed missing variable, worked on ant 2 mushroom endings, finished take ant-girl ending, progress on ant 2 sisters route

.3.5.07: finished ant 2 mushroom route except endings, finished ant 2 human route endings,

.3.5.06: finished ant 2 human route except for an ending, worked on ant 2 mushroom route and sex scene,

.3.5.05: worked on ant 2 human path, polish

.3.5.04: worked on ant 2 paths, polish

.3.5.03: linked ant 2 to bad end, introduced ant 2 sisters route

.3.5.02: polish

.3.5.01: ant 2 sex scene

.3.5.0: finished ant 1 path,

3.25: finished ant 0 path and endings, finished bad ends, introduced all other planned paths, more polish than between russia and germany in 1938,

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Fallout2287

Version reviewed: .3.5.05 on 07/21/2017

this game is great! <3 i love how you do those insect girl TF's so i hope you keep up the good work and continue doing those Tf's well.

Review by =+QWERTYU+=

Version reviewed: .3.5.03 on 06/15/2017

A Really fun game, decent plot, enjoyable to fap. My only qualms with this is that the grammar requires some work, and more, alot more polish to the game.

Review by Megaduck

Version reviewed: .3.0.07 on 04/06/2017

A short but entertaining game.  I enjoyed the sense of humor and the small jokes sprinkled through the game.

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: .3.0.04 on 03/26/2017

A short but fairly engaging TF/TG short story. I can't call it interactive, because at this stage there's really only one way to go. Still, updates have been frequent, so this isn't shaping up to be another game uploaded before it has any content and abandoned forever. What's there is interesting and slow TFs can be somewhat hard to come by, so I appreciate that aspect.


Some quibbles though. It desperately needs a better title. Not only is the current one incredibly generic but due to the lax grammar and phrasing I almost didn't download it because I figured the rest of the story would be just as poirly written. I was quite happily mistaken, however. Still, a better title would draw more people in. "Into the Spiders Web"? Something like that. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: .3.0.03 on 03/25/2017

Writing is okay. Story is okay. The only drawback at this point is that it is too short. 5 minutes and I hit my first placeholder.

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