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Version: 0.18b

Version: 0.18a

Version: 0.17a

Version: 0.16c

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The Things We Do for Love

Hey, guys! I have always wanted to create games but was unsure where to get started. This is my first game that I have created with Twine. I am not an expert at it by any means but decided that the only way to learn would be by putting a game out there and ask for feedback.

This game is based on the lives of Tyler and Nicole, a married couple, trying to reignite the spark in their sex lives. You control Tyler's actions. Nicole is a freak of nature and loves sex. From time to time, she will ask the MC to cater to a certain kind of fetish. If the fetish is not really your thing, the MC has the option to refuse with only a small penalty to the love stat.

I am open to suggestions at all points during the development of the game and will be grateful to give you, the audience, a measure of control in the story and its contents. If you feel you would enjoy Nicole and Tyler performing certain sex acts do not hesitate to PM me and suggest it. However, I find that rape fantasies, urination on partner and incest roleplay to be major turnoffs. So, please excuse me if I do not include these. 
It contains a little more content than most authors present as proof of concept. Do tell me if I should pursue this or ditch this project. Post any positive or negative feedback here: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9106

UPDATE: 19th July, Version 0.18a

Firstly I realized that I owe it to people who are following the game, regular updates. However, it is not always possible for me to write incessantly. I have a day job and most of my efforts are expended on that. Also, as anyone familiar with the writing process will tell you it is very common to postpone work. I have been guilty of that, though partially. Another point, I’d like to make is writing erotic content is much tougher than I thought. It requires me to be ‘in the mood’. There is a fine line between ‘horny to fuck’ and ‘not horny’. That is the space in which I have to operate.  And it is not always easy to find. So, please take some time before proclaiming that a game is dead.


Secondly, I HAVE been working on the game. My main concern nowadays was how little the user was involved in the game. It was very passive process. So, I decided that I would read the code of Free Cities to see what I could add. I have been building that. But since I do not have a background in computer programming, it is taking me extremely long. Presently, the game contains little that is essentially ‘game-like’ and I doubt my writing is good enough for you to re-read old parts. I want to introduce some unpredictability and choice into the story. Also, most of the ideas of scenes that I have can only be implemented during a specific part of the day (read: night). It is becoming incredibly boring for me to write ‘you were busy in office’ during the office hours every time. I’d have the player do some things during that time that would involve them and enhance the game-play experience. I consider Free-Cities to be the gold-standard of what Twine games should be since it not only contains the sex but a game-play mechanic that makes you come back to it again and again despite how little changes in terms of content. The other thing I want to change is the love stat only changes with sex or saying yes or no to sex. Sex is not the only indicator of a healthy marriage and I would love to incorporate such elements which are. It is not possible in the present form and hence my desire to change.


Thirdly, this update contains very little new content. It has two sex scenes and no buildup to the story whatsoever. I hope it keeps you entertained for some time, while I figure out how best to implement the sports agency and fine tune its elements. If it takes me very long I’ll put out another update similar to this. But I think it is high time I started making this a game rather than a novel. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts on this.


UPDATE: July 21st

There was a bug that did not allow the evil sorcerer scene to be played before. This update should fix it. Please report any bugs you find via PM or on the discussion thread. Keep the discussion thread alive. Your views are essential to the development of the game.



This is a story of Tyler, an ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency and his relationship with his wife. The spark has extinguished in their marriage due to a succession of events. You play as Tyler trying to salvage your marriage while exploring your wife Nicole's fantasies and fetishes.

Tyler: The player. An ex-basketball player who now runs a successful sports agency.

Nicoe: Your attractive wife. She works as a a lingerie model. Right now she is filling in for your secretary who is away on maternity leave.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by v1d30g4m3r

Version reviewed: 0.18b on 07/21/2017

one of my favs because got the perfec relacion of Sex, TF and Love

keep working

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 0.17a on 07/17/2017

I'm loving this game... but now it seems the updates have stopped completely. =/

Review by Ephrian

Version reviewed: 0.17a on 06/25/2017

Hiya, very great game indeed, hope you'll keep on working on it, i cant wait to play further along them.

Review by Belgaesh

Version reviewed: 0.16c on 06/01/2017

I really liked it, has a really good chemistry between Tyler and Nicole. Hope to see more of It.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 0.14a on 05/09/2017

Love love love. I love the interactivity and the evolution of what the characters like as the story unfolds. With so many options, I'm guessing this will be a huge adventure on your part. I suggest you continue it till the end of times if inspiriation keeps flowing as you have done so far.

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