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Version: 0.0.5

Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning

Colors of a New Dawn: The Beginning


It's an RPG game, made with RPG MAKER MV and a story that evolves around a young girl who lives in a village with her family.
It uses a time system, which is controlled mostly by the events. There are 7 days in the week and 4 periods of time during
the day, which specifies and controls few of the time-dependant events, NPC appearances, etc.

Content planned for the future upgrades:

M/F - F/F - Corruption of the Protagonist - Submission - Exhibitionism and many more.
My plans are set for this game to be an open-world RPG, full of events, activities and renders to accompany everything.

Current version: v0.0.5 (03/6)


    • Added 2 more game days (Saturday-Sunday).
    • Added many new renders.
    • Added animation videos (early stage of design).
    • Added choices that lead into different paths for the new and the upcoming content.
    • Added new outfit.
    • Added hide text-box function (right mouse click while the dialogue window is open). The hot-key for this will be changed in the future.
    • Added another hot-key, which is W and will serve these functions (for now):
      Map feature: Display the current map that the player is located with useful information.
      Remove panties: Well, no further explanation is needed in that. I'm working on implementing this new feature on one of the upcoming releases and further explanation will be given then.
    • Added skip option for the shower.
    • Added new location (Forest) and events in it.
      It will also become available as a location for Alice to visit during her free time in the future.
    • New NPC introduction, with a role to play later as the game progresses.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs and grammar/spelling mistakes (work in progress).

That's all for now, I hope you'll like the current content and any kind of feedback is much, much appreciated :-)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Naga

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 09/09/2017

Very good game.

Review by beccara

Version reviewed: 0.0.5 on 06/05/2017



absolutely lovely.


The Setting, the individuality compared to other games.

Keep up the wonderful work.



Review by onur

Version reviewed: 0.0.4f on 05/26/2017

Game is amazing. You can feel the hours of work in the game. I am really curious of the final product.

Review by dd93

Version reviewed: 0.0.4f on 05/06/2017

This is my favorite kind of game, all about mental transformation and corruption.  The game creator does a pretty good job of setting things up, but the game is in its early stages.  I'm very much hoping for more in the future, as the story is great and the art is good.

One thing I would suggest is allowing for quicker clicking through the shower scenes, as it's the same animation and it really wastes time. There is more of this kind of thing in the early part of the game, things just take forever to get to the next plot point, almost for its own sake.

That said, keep it up!

Review by DudeWIthoutAName

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 05/05/2017

@Aldious I'm pretty, pretty sure that I haven't implemented anything that calls for an Elf.png!
There's currently a bug at the park where it doesn't let you save your game, but only at this location, so please try to avoid saving there!
If you're having problems saving anywhere else, send me a message at the forums and I'll send you a file for the saves folder and it will be fixed! Thanks for your feedback!

@Akkarin1 The character's mentality is meant to be naive up to a level of stupidity, yeah, but if you think that it breaks the immersion I'll definitely try to revise it.
As for the grammar and spelling, well, since I'm not a native english speaker it's bound to happen and it's something that I'm constantly fixing, sorry for that!
I'm glad that you liked the art and the general design though! Thanks for your feedback!

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