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Version: 0.1.55

Version: 0.1.54

by Dinas

This is Predicaments, a story about a young effeminate man who gets himself caught in a number of scenarios that do not end well for him (or do they?). Right now in the alpha phase it's heavily m/m with a focus of domination and some sissificatiion. There is a little m/f and depending on development f/f content. There will be some legitimate tf in at least one storyline. Hopefully soon. The content can get a bit dark however. With more content having been added, there's more diversity available but it is still much as it was at the start. Again, some of the content can be very dark, so play at your own risk. Apologies if anyone is offended by it.

Additionally, yes there's likely a ton of typos. Right now I'm just trying to make content, but I can be a poor typist. Hopefully an edit session will happen sooner rather than later. Also, as always, feel free to pop into the discussion thread and give me your thoughts.


12k more words, but not a lot of new content. This is for keen eyes only.



More content. Bits here and there. Some more prep work for a couple of lines and some passages with resolution added to others. At least one line fleshed out for brad at home (not complete), pizza line ends in one area, and a bunch of filler elsewhere. Happy hunting.


Content added all over. Still a ton of deadends and place holders, but I can't even begin to explain a lot of it. There's a bunch of new content with Brad as well as some transformation route stuff. Explore and enjoy. (180k words)


You are a guy having a hard time making it through life without running into compromising problems.

Coming soon.

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Review by Tanith

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 05/28/2017

This game started pretty light on content, but recent updates have improved that quite a bit. I'm looking forward to the continuation and completion of the various story arcs, especially "The Course". Also a fan of the Cindy line.

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: on 05/16/2017

Really loving the game.  I like the format though I wish you had used SugarCube for saves.  The writing is great - nice mix of detail and flow.  Please don't abandon this - could be an amazing project!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: on 05/12/2017

Writting is good. However there is a big problem... the CYOA lets you wander around quite freely without a system... and I am already seeing quite a few different directions where the game could head.

Just like many excellent stories in the TFgamesite in the past, there is hardly possible for the author to oversee so many different directions to the end... unless the author goes for the 10-million-short-endings approach, which is not fun.

I really wish this story unfolds, so please find a way to do so.

Review by Sakuraba

Version reviewed: on 05/03/2017

Quality writing. There's plenty of dead-ends, but it's early in development. Absolutely still worth a look just now. Keep it up!

Review by Shinentai

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 04/25/2017

There isn't much content there yet, but what there is, is promising. Some good situations and they're all pretty well written so far. Looking forward to more of this.

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