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Fantasy Slave Trainer

Fantasy Slave Trainer is a game that emulates the slave trade of a fantasy world. The player gets to play as a brothel owner (only one available at the moment), slave breeder or a slave trainer. Slaves all have their own personalities and characteristic so the player must keep that in mind while they're interacting with slaves.

Development blog here.

If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs please use the discussion thread to notify me about them!

[Minor Update] Fantasy Slave Trainer – Hyperpregnancy/Multipregnancy + Aging

I’ve added two new types of pregnancies; hyperpregnancy and multipregnancy. Both of them cost money per pregnancy, though the amount you should be able to make by selling slaves from those pregnancies will more than take care of the costs.

Multipregnancies cost 10k per pregnancy. A slave can be impregnated up to 6 times during their pregnancy period but each slave after the first will have lower stats due to having less nutrition and time to grow in the womb. Multipregnancies give a good quantity of slaves but not good quality.

Hyperpregnancies cost 20k per pregnancy. A slave will carry a baby for twice the normal pregnancy period but the offspring will gain a bonus to stat points. Slave parents who already have the highest base mod stats will gain a much higher chance of having their offspring have max stats as well.

Slaves now age with pregnancies. Female young adults will become adults after 5 pregnancies and will become mature after 10 more. Male young adults will become adults after father 10 children and will become mature after father 20 more children. Mature slaves cannot have offspring.


  • hyperpregnancy added
  • multipregnancy added
  • normal pregnancy added
  • aging added
  • income doubled (now 4x the amount it was from and below)
  • slave guild requests reward increased by 5x
  • gender signs color coded
  • slaveshops shows gender sign

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Version [Public]

When Will The Next Version Go Public?

Version will go public when the next major update is released.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by raska42

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 02/10/2018

Well, first thing is it's pretty obvious that the creator loves huge boobs. It's rare (impossible?) to find a slave with below a D cup (I'm assuming that this isn't a glitch). I did 5-6 restarts to try to get one of the randomly generated starting options to have a smaller size, and no luck. Major turnoff for those who find E to H cups gross. As for the actual game, didn't even give it a shot. Sorry, but you may want to awknowlage that this game ignores the smaller sizes somewhere, it's a fairly singnificant detail.

Review by imhereforporn

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 01/30/2018

How to get the "Slut" trait?

Is there anything to increase ass size?

Review by ripclaw52

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 12/11/2017

I've quite enjoyed the game, but having a cheat option would be nice.

Public builds are held back from the Patron ones, so if you implement a cheat system please include the public build.

Review by Shinchan

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 10/11/2017

I've been playing this again and it's really good. This patreon update looks amazing, I'll put up something more detailed after I try out the recent version.

Review by Legionnas

Version reviewed: [Patreon] on 09/23/2017

very interesting game to play. although with all these patreon updates going on since's release makes you wonder when the next public update will be.

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