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Version: 1.05

Version: 1.04

SIssy University

SIssy University is a game where the player visits a strange university for a week.

Each day he choose several subjects and activities. Most of these activities bring the player further along the path to feminization.

State of the game:

  • Most recognizeable may be a lot of spelling misstakes. I'm no native english speaker and appreciate any reported spelling error.
  • Content is complete, all pathes are playable. Certainly content can be expanded upon and i will continue to do so in the next weeks.
  • Change Log is in the first post of the discussion thread.

I'm looking forward to feedback.

Game created with Twine 2 / Sugarcube. 

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Review by xavia91

Version reviewed: 1.05 on 08/02/2017

you don't really have much choice, you select 4 classes and a evening activity and are forced through them without any decission or anything. There is basically no character development, just here suck some cock,"I d rather not", bitchslap -> suck of everyone and not even some thoughts about it?

Review by jmr1415

Version reviewed: 1.04 on 05/04/2017

Not a bad game, though there are still some problems with game over senarios popping up a little too often. Really though the one big strike against it is that it is too similar to an older game: Trap Hotel. 


Yes Sissy University is clearly its own thing, but I can't help comparing the two titles because of the structural and tonal likeness and, I'm sorry to say, the older game is currently the superior product. 

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 04/25/2017


Still recommended. One bug now found, but not game breaking if you have been saving at the start of every day. No other changes of note seen.



A simple but enjoyable multiple choice game to play while it lasts. Multiple bad ends are scattered through the game if you choose the same options too many times and don't pick up on the subtle warnings that you are near to one, with the final "good" ending just being a summary of all of the TF changes to date in the game.

Writing is acceptable and the author knows that it needs to be grammar/spelling checked, so I can let it pass and wait as this is a work in progress. No pictures included in this simple game, but it does not come off as a great loss to the interactivity.

I would be interested to see this further developed into a longer story.

Recommended, but beware it is short.

Review by LentFiller

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 04/21/2017

There just isn't much here. The game takes about 5 minutes to finish. 

"Show, don't tell" when writing fiction. 

"You drink a drink and you grow breasts. Click next." —This is only a little less direct than the text in this game.

Review by Three Beers Down

Version reviewed: 1.01 on 04/20/2017

A fine game!

I tend to enjoy games with many choices and gradual TFs, which this delivers in. Trying for different combinations adds replay value.

As the author mentions, there are spelling errors. And the writing is just okay. But a solid proof of concept and enjoyable.

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