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Version: 011

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Boxgirl Venture

Set in an alternate world near future.
Schools are forced to find a workplace for every student to stop the increase of unemployment.
Some students still can't get employed and have to redo a school year, a bad solution.
A new government project that tries to solve that have launched, they call it Boxgirl. You are one of the first to go through with the project.

While there is a game loop after the intro, most of the content available is in the intro. The game loop itself is in a very prototype stage.

A large update, so i might have missed some bugs.

Release 011
- Added a basic reputation system
- Added choices to intro
- You can upgrade the box and you separately
- Added meaningfull physical state descriptions
- Added hunger system
- Added comfort management
- Added starvation Bad end
- Added Bad end for not taking care of your body
- Added a warning system for low needs
- Added beer and wine
- Added throat damage
- Added choices to scenes
- Defiant and submissive variants of filler customers
- No more repeat scenes the same day
- Probably something else as well

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Review by Eliseleclaire

Version reviewed: 011 on 05/23/2017

Very, very cool and sexy concept for a game, I'm not in very far but the writing is very decent and the gameplay itself seems very fun! I love good upgrade systems, and the level of detail in the more advanced character creator really lets you go wild. Kudos! Hope to see more updates in the future!

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 011 on 05/19/2017

Ok a bit of review


the game improwing=>slowly in a wrong way (rememmber you make a porn game and broke the 1 hand law!!!)

as of now stats are for bad end calkulator nothing else ): 5 min until becomes boring


Review by ada Krane

Version reviewed: 010 on 05/17/2017

This game is first of all novel and fairly well written. I really love the writer's twisted sense of authority and control. It also hits a fetish that is often overlooked on this site: objectification. (Beyond turning someone into a statue, for whatever reason). It also has the ability to explore darkly into the psyche of both the objectified character and those who would objectify him. Another great narrative feature of this game is that expository devices aren't necessary after the initial setup. The game instead relies on the player's lack of authorship to instill a sense of vulnerability and eventually accept that the only real control you have is how you react to your situation. 

As of yet the game is fairly unplayable. Currently there appears about 20-30k words of content most of which prefaces the core loop of the game (pass time->work->upgrade->). As a previous reviewer mentioned the game felt repetitive. There was a mention of "choices" being the antidote but I think that the fatal flaw may be contained within the core loop using twine/text as a medium.

Conventional logic is that twine and other textual bassed games are for telling stories. Free Cities and Aika's Trap Quest have subverted that by making the stories secondary to the underlying sytems. And that's what Boxgirl seems to be trying to do also. The difference is that in Trap Quest and Free Cities, content is player requested or anticipated. It's often short and non-descriptive, evocative without being explicit.

Boxgirl gives you a full-on scene of no less than 500 words per action, and there are probably 5-10 of them, and they repeat daily, and there's nothing to do but click "next" in order to progress the day. Oh, and it scrolls, so click, scroll, click, scroll and this game becomes the most tiring clicker ever made. 

I can't help but wonder if this game would do much better if the scenes were shorter with a bit of description and a line of dialog or two and there were say, 100 of them instead of 10. And perhaps they were random so even if you got the same one, it wouldn't be perfectly the same every time. 

And there are some smaller niggles. Some things not implemented that should be. Some minor spelling errors. A sort of obtuse economy and other things that will surely be worked out if the developer continues this project.

But I'll say something right now: Box Girl has a lot of potential and I surely wouldn't be writing about it otherwise. With such great imagination and understanding of the core sexual experience I hope to see this game refined into something really original and exciting.

Review by terock

Version reviewed: 010 on 05/16/2017

After spending some time playing Boxgirl Venture I'm really looking forward to see how the game develops. The concept is interesting and imaginative with some well written prose, making the text based game lovely to read.

What few complaints I have about the game can largely be summed up as early version issues, such as, lack of choices in certain areas, a couple of interface issues that need solving (ability to skip through a week and options to buy multiple upgrades) as well as lack of content issues that many early release games have.

Overall very enjoyable and looking forward to seeing more releases :)


Review by Fallenthe

Version reviewed: 010 on 05/16/2017

Really liked this game so far! But as "LufiaLunar" already said, there is alot of things that would improve the game quite a bit! (also refferring to LufiaLunar suggestions)


Reallyyyy looking forward to comming updates.



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