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Twine demons succubus

Version: 0.4.3

The Succubus Incident, a Mage's Tale
by zarock

You are a member of a reckless guild of research mages specializing in mutation magic and demonology. When the inquisition comes for you, you and several other members of the guild turn into succubi and flee to hell. The majority of the game is going to take place in hell. There are two significant branches: one being the battle succubus branch and the other being the normal succubus branch. The game is probably about 60% complete at the moment.

As far as my succubi go, they are a bit unusual on purpose. The battle succubi essentially have abandoned what it means to be succubi (despite being born and usually raised as normal succubi), and decided to act like a bunch of warriors instead (which makes them more or less outcast by the rest of succubus society). The normal succubi will seduce any mortals they find (and will otherwise act like the succubi you are familiar with while in the mortal world), but considering that they are not governed by emotions themselves, they realize that it would be a waste of time for them to try to seduce their fellow succubi (they probably seduce battle demons, but that is not shown in-game), and they will likely be insulted if you try to make an emotional appeal. I consider the key parts of a succubus to be: 1. Having intercourse with them as a mortal is generally a bad idea (in this case draining the life force of the victim), 2. The succubus has some way to make the mortal want to have intercourse with them anyways (in this case being able to make themselves stunningly beautiful), and 3. The succubus benefits in some way from having intercourse with a mortal (in this case they gain valuable life force, which they rely upon to survive).

Known bug: looking at yourself while reading the passage about battle demons will result in an endless loop of return links.


0.3.0: Original version posted

0.3.1: Color-coded dialog lines from significant characters, to increase readability

0.3.2: Added next mission for the normal succubus branch, and other associated content.

0.3.3: Added the next fight for the battle succubus branch, along with a few tweaks

0.4.0: Added the part in which the main character gets summoned, and finished the content for the mortal world except for a tiny new branch in which you decide to remain in the mortal world as a demon (with this new branch currently just being started). First semi-happy alternative endings added.

0.4.1: Finished up the tiny branch where you decide to remain in the mortal world as a demon, thus completing the last of the content for the mortal world.

0.4.2: Fixed minor typos, a CSS error and a few bug fixes.

0.4.3: Added the final fight scene for the battle succubus path (this time fighting against demon lords), as well as a couple of unrelated tweaks (edited one of the brothel passages, fixed some spacing, fixed a CSS mistake, etc.)

You are a member of a reckless group of research mages specializing in mutation magic and demonology. When the inquisition comes for you, you and several other members of the guild turn into succubi and flee to hell.

You: A research mage known for discretion and dealing with curses, currently stuck translating ancient fae scrolls

The guildmaster: A somewhat reckless researcher who founded the academy to be able to conduct experiments without interference

Archmage Throst: A renowned demonologist the guild is sheltering from the inquisition

Ithrenda: The leader of a succubus circle and the mother of two daughters: Iltara and Iltratha.

When the inquisition comes, ask to be turned into a succubus.

Battle succubus path:

In general for the battle succubus path, you will want claw-like fingernails and short hair.

Talk to the group of succubii practicing fighting techniques. After you sharpen your fingernails for the first time, keep them sharp. When a darkhound attacks you, stab it in the throat. When you encounter a battle demon, quickly step to the left and then choke it to death (though slashing at its back will work too if you make your fingernails claw-like).

When you fight the battle succubus, deflect her arm with your left arm while starting a strike towards her neck with your right arm. Then close in, feint for the eyes and slash at her chest. Then bend your knees deeply and catch their leg. Finish her off by quickly circling her to get behind her. This is not the only way to win the fight, but it is one of them.

When you go hunting for imps with the new group, charge in a direction and try to break free.

When you are summoned, in order to return to hell you can simply follow the same directions as with the normal route.

In order to get the alterative decent ending in which you remain in the mortal world as a demon, kill the mage, then escape the guildhall, then enter the tavern and accept the offer. Then present your tools to the victim and then begin torturing them (there are other ways to successfully extract the information, but that is one of them).

If you decide to return to hell, you will quickly find yourself fighting a group of demon lords. In order to defeat the demon lords, you must have claw-like fingernails and shoulder-length hair. Take out the first demon lord by begining to charge, rolling to avoid the fireballs, kicking the legs out from under the demon lord and try to claw his throat out. Then you will find yourself facing a second demon lord. In order to defeat the new demon lord, roll under his fireballs, and remove his privates, then wait for him to bleed out. Your fellow succubi will take care of the rest.

Normal succubus path:

Talk to the circle of succubi sharing information. To convince the other succubii to join as allies, one approach would be to tell the first group that you rely on research for power, and then assure them that you are not powerless, just not quite powerful enough to stand up alone (there are many ways to convince them to be allies, and it is currently not vital that you succeed at that). When you speak with the Ascendant Circle, one approach would be to claim that you want the black circle destroyed and tell them to check it out for themselves, but as before, there are multiple ways to succeed.

In order to gain access to the alternative endings, you must learn about portal magic from the succubi circle before being summoned. Then you must reveal who you are to the mage, either initially or beletadly. If you ask about portal magic but decline to reveal who you are, you end up in a chess match instead. The results of this chess match depend purely on how attractive you are, but they do not impact the rest of the game.

After you are summoned, never outright refuse to swear a vow or attack the mage. You can always try to swear a less restrictive vow, but these will not cause any serious difference. Your ability to get away with such alterations is based on your attractiveness. Your attractiveness is determined based on which transformations you have chosen. The men you will meet are into women with short fingernails, long black hair, and breasts that are average-sized for a succubus (which is intentionally very close to what you start out as, Archmage Throst knows what succubi should look like).

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.4.3 on 07/21/2017

Not a lot of choices to make, but very well written.  Enjoyed it and was sad when I got to the end.  Hope you'll continue it and also add a save button which is a little more useful than creating book marks.  However, when I made a decision that I felt might be a bad one, the back arrow allowed me to adjust course.

Review by Denkkar

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 06/21/2017

Interesting story thus far. The racial change having a marked impact on behavior is well described. Sadly, so far everything takes place in hell where's there's battle and cunning but no lusty succubii action. I hope a summoning happens in the next update.

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 06/17/2017

zaroc,  ye would do well to add a changelog to the description each time ye update so that we players can find out what's been updated in the game.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 06/16/2017

Hi i think you are a bit confused about succubus (its a dream and lust daemon)

And not at all fem daemon are named succubus. (not by long shot)

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