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Version: 0.4.0(j)

Version: 0.3.5(d)

Version: 0.3.0

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Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.0

The eWardrobe

The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who's spending the summer at his aunt's cottage in a new town. Danny didn't bring any clothing him, and his aunt's eWardrobe thinks he's Sasha, his "partygirl" cousin. 

The eWardrobe is currently in its alpha stage, with a few deep storylines and choices that are both cosmetic and plot-changing. 

It is free to download, but please do not play unless you're old enough to use erotic entertainment. The next version is available on my Patreon.


There are currently only a few images in the game. They will not display if you are only using the HTML file.


Update on 01/21/2018:

Bug fixes.


Updated on 01/19/2018:

See changelog.


Forum thread on the game: https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9787

The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who's spending the summer at his aunt's cottage in a new town. Danny didn't bring any clothing him, and his aunt's eWardrobe thinks he's Sasha, his "partygirl" cousin. 

Updated on 01/19/2018:

~32,000 words + ~145,000 = ~177,000 words
820 passages +176 passages = 996 passages


Update on 010/20/2017:

~30,000 words + ~115,000 = ~145,000 words
625 passages + 195 passages = 820 passages


Update on 09/15/2017: 


~30,000 words + ~85,000 = ~115,000 words
185 passages + 440 passages = 625 passages


Update on 08/15/2017:

~36,000 words + ~49,000 = ~85,000 words

160 passages + 280 passages = 440 passages


Update on 07/11/17:

~20,700 words + ~16,000 = over 36,000 words
90 passages + 70 = 160 passages

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Narcissa

Version reviewed: 0.4.0(j) on 01/23/2018

Excellent game with brilliant writing. I love that it doesn't so much force you into anything outside of the stuff required for the scenario. A major point of annoyance with me with alot of games is that you are forced to change how you think just because how you look is altered. Not so with this! It has a ton of content already too. Can't wait for more. I do kind of wish there was a kinkier more S&M direction to go with, maybe with a lovely domme, but thats just me wishing a game I already love included more loved things. Overall the game is brilliant. 

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.4.0(g) on 01/20/2018


Now that the game development has progressed enough, here's my review on the current version. I found the writing to be well done and solid, with good characterization provided about all of the secondary characters to date on this release. We get a chance to learn more about their habits and motivations, but at the same time depending on how you play it does have a future influence in how your options are either expended or limited as the game progresses (e.g. romantic options of course, but also maintaining your mental state and personal identity) and I found this quite interesting.

Transformation options in the game are quite sensible given the main story theme, but this also means that they are naturally limiting. I took a look at the game code to try to get a better grip on where the progression was going with this, but other than with the typical "girlishness" cross-dressing shifts and the obvious breast expansion (which interestingly caps at 62 days of pill usage, but again that fits the story even if that isn't your personal kink taste that it stops there) it seemed limited. The mental influence seems to be the strongest part of the adult themes within this game.

Leading directly on from that though is the game engine of your choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) story and the code did reveal very well how things are tracked both with your choices and involvement in the day-to-day activities of your avatar. There were some subtle queues I saw that I did not even consider as being recorded for game path range, but it was engaging to know that just so much as something that could be considered as flirting would count.

As it stands right now I do recommend this game. I enjoyed going through the CYOA and seeing how my avatar would develop and be affected internally and externally by my choices to "keep my secret at almost any cost but without compromising my core male identity."

One big curiosity that I am interested to see play out is if side-effects from chemical transformation options end up being incorporated later. From my own knowledge standpoint on medical effects, there is a real opportunity in the game for a "point-of-no-return" to be hit and for this to lead into unexpected transformations and mental crisis that would go with it.

Review by comodo50

Version reviewed: 0.4.0(g) on 01/19/2018

I liked this game, played it till last contest I could find (the game).


Wonder if future updates will have more images than just the 3 of when you meet your colleague / BFF.

Review by Echo Hollow

Version reviewed: 0.3.5(d) on 12/30/2017

I love this game.  I think it's really great.


I vastly prefer the Harry/Destiny path to the Justine path.  So many of our TF games heavily focus on corruption and sluttification.  I like that this is one of those games that allows for a somewhat good-girl (albeit very naughty good-girl, lol) path, and doesn't skimp on that path in favor of the corruption path like many games do.  I also like that the player can choose to stop the transformation once a "pretty petite girl" look is reached, without it flowing on into bimboification, lol.


The romantic interests, the love triangles, etc.  All very well put together.  I am really anxious to find out how things will go with Harry, and what the deal is with Jake.


Thanks for all your hard work on this game.  This game counts among my two favorites on the site (the other being "The Weekend").  It is my hope that your game will be a great success for you, and that you'll continue to develop it (and similar works) long into the future.  :)

Review by Forti

Version reviewed: 0.3.5(d) on 11/28/2017

An interesting take on the forced transgendering theme that is well written and entertaining.  So please don't take the next few comments too harshly: it's a good game so far!


My only real complaints come from the unlikeliness of the MC's reactions to the scenarios he is forced into and the matter of the eWardrobe itself.  As for the situations and reactions: Yes, some are nicely done and believeable but others are presented as the MC is completely against the idea of doing task A; but either through other characters being absolutely and obliviously dense or just being rude and self centered as fuck (and dense), it comes off as the MC is completely willing to do task A.  Other times... lemme just say the option to slap the shit out of the guy at the end of the 1st date would have been realistic.

Only other complaint (tho bigger than the last) is the concept of the eWardrobe.  Clearly a hyper-futuristic device as it can electronically transmit and recieve data, clean you, groom you, do a woman's makeup, clothe you and reconstitute your clothing from apparently nothing, make alterations to your clothing, etc...  But that is the ~only~ thing presented in this story as futuristic!  Aunt owns an eWardrobe, but only thing you have to get around town with is an old bicycle.  Planes, trains and automobiles are still a thing and presented as they are in today's world with little to no regard for the breakthoughs currently happening today in those fields.  Laptops are still a thing even tho smaller devices are becoming more and more computerized.  Hell, even refridgerators and washing machines are computerized and available with wifi capabilities in today's world.  Books are still a thing in this world.  Picket fences and barns, complete with old fashioned sleds.  DVDs!  The setting and story presentation makes the whole eWardrobe concept feel as alien and standing as out-of-place as the large glowing orb 'Arc' spaceships were against the backdrop of the rest of Earth in "The day the earth stood still".

So, my final take is that the story is charming and entertaining, but has some glaring errors presentation-wise.  But I'll still happily keep an eye on it.  I know it'd be TOO MUCH to ask the author to go back and change everything to at least make the setting consistent, but please at least keep such a thing in mind for future projects.

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