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Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.5

Version: 0.1.4

Version: 08.11.17

Version: 30.10.17

Version: 21.10.17

What Friends Are For

Hey Everyone!

A little about my game: 

You play a young man as he helps a friend become more comfortable talking with, and eventually dating, women. How far are you willing to go to help him out?

When writing a voluntary story you come across this problem; Why would a protagonist, who has lived their entire life as a male choose to under go transformation? What situation could they possibly be in, that sets this choice in front of them? Do they really want this?

WFAF is an odyssey that explores the interior feelings, relationships, and world of an Main Character (MC) as they transform from Male to Female. Increasingly through the development of the game (currently in Alpha; all features not implemented/in development) WFAF presents players with challenges like Time/Resource Management, "Escape Rooms", and Game-Affecting-Choices, in a growing non-linear story. For more information on the current release of WFAF visit the discussion thread on our forums and the Changelog on this page.

A little about me:

I'm new to this whole interactive fiction thing but last year I played an erotic game and it blew my mind. I had never experienced anything like it. Since then I can say my kinky pursuits have exploded, including spending hours making a lewdie game. I am a completionist in that if you present me more quests I will complete them, before moving on in the game. Life-imitating-art I've found my self stuck on making WFAF until it's finished. Who knew that I would be doing this all year?

Schedule: (May 9th) Coding | Writing | Testing | Publishing

Coding—Like the name implies, during this section the game is having new pieces built or changed. Patches may still be released for previous versions but updates are unlikely as the game is usually unstable at this point.

  • Checkout--Did you find everything you were looking for today?

Switching over the buying process, at least for clothes, to have a checkout so you don't buy things individually. This should also let me introduce one of our "guides" who we haven't met yet and set up some of the code necessary to reintroduce online shopping--anyone remember that ol' chestnut? lol.

  • Jobs--Steve Jobs.

If I have time during the coding sprint I'll try and work in our first job, so we can get past just doing chores for money, but since jobs have micro games in them I might just save this for the following update. 


Story Progress: (0.2.X)

Things are really starting to foam up around here--see what kind of grooming habits your friend has...



Your friend has never been good with people. In many ways, you're his only real friend, but it still surprised you when he approached you one night at his breaking point.

He can't live like this anymore. He needs your help.

The offer is something you shouldn't refuse - a future without debt - but what does the present entail? The player has to figure out how best to help their friend while staying a float in school.

Bug Fixes of 0.1.5

  • Resolved issue with Secrets Fulfilled. Players won't be able to enter store as it's not compatible with current version of game.
  • Tutorial enabled
  • Fixed some issues giving players a black screen during story progression
  • Resolved an issue causing some Chrome users to experience an error on the banner in Student Services


Highlights of 0.1.4

  • ADDED: New Magazines
  • ADDED: Dreams
  • ADDED: 20+ itmes of clothing
  • ADDED: New stores
  • Changed: Story Progression
  • Changed: Ownership calculation--wearing/backpack code
  • Changed: Location system--responsive design
  • Changed: Am I Pretty... to responsive in game moments


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Kyrus

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/12/2018

The good:

-Excellent, realistic writing, with the main plot being somewhat novel for a TF game(helping your friend feel comfortable with women) and a protagonist that's not constantly horrified by their changes(which is a nice change of pace).

-Decent amount of content for a game in alpha.

-Getting confidence(currently the only real stat) up is intuitive - talk to Harrison a lot and talk to everyone you can at school, and everything will more or less fall into place.


The bad:

-Lots of options that either dead-end(the bathrooms, going to the kitchen) or don't appear to do anything yet(showering/washing face, shaving after you get the initial mental transformation scenes). This is a pet peeve of mine, since it leads to a lot of wasted time trying to figure out what options actually progress anything.

-Repetitive, sometimes needlessly so. Why do we have to talk to Harrison every day before we're allowed to call him in the afternoon, for example?

-Slow transformations are fine with me, but this is almost bordering on too slow. Part of the issue is with functionality that's not complete yet(going outside en femme is a big one you can't do yet), but part of it is that there's not much pushing you to do certain things and not much mentioned about each stage after you do it.

Review by sudden_stop

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/09/2018

This is my favorite game. I have not had any game keep me up all night in a few yesrs until this came along.  Congradulations and keep up the good work.



Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 05/06/2018

update scratych last review.

Review by darkie117816

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 05/05/2018

I usually do not do this, but I really feel like I have to write a review for this.

Okay, your writing is amazing, I really feel drawn into the story, I never felt like there was anything that should not be there, and I also never thought there was something missing.

It only took a few minutes to actually really get invested in helping Harrison, and I actually felt disappointed when I reached the end of those possible routes, I really wanted to continue.

So, I think I can honestly say, this has become my favourite story on this site, Thank you for sharing it with us, and I will be honest I can't wait for next update.


Review by newguy96

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 04/02/2018

Amazingly written. I found myself becoming emotionally invested in the characters more than any other game Ive played on this site. The fact that a text-based game can create such a suspension of disbelief really speaks for the author's skill. 

The only thing that could make it even better is if there were more visuals. And if possible (because I know its alot to ask), custom 2d digital art would really bring the story home.

That said, this is still easily my favorite game I have played on this site. Keep it up, I cant wait for more. 

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