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Version: Alpha 5.0.2

Version: Alpha 5.0.0 - Update from 4.0.0

Version: Alpha 5.0.0

The Company
by Westane

The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works.

You choose your character's name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you'll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you'll develop in the Company laboratory.

The Company - Alpha 5.0.2

  • Fixed character location display issues at home
  • Fixed character location display issues at work
  • Fixed time checks for October, which should resolve the inability to leave for work early after Chapter 2
  • Julia should no longer be appearing in the office after Chapter 2
  • You should no longer be able to bring Julia tea after Chapter 2
  • Fixed Sales macro error on certain passages
  • John and Tasha will now be in the same place at the same time in the Early Afternoon after dosing Tasha to dom John
  • Fixed some notes showing outdated information
  • Added time passing to initial Chapter 2 event to make Penny's early arrival make more sense
  • Fixed issue with Dakota's route prevented handjob events from triggering, which in turn prevented oral events from becoming available
  • Fixed various spelling/grammar/formatting errors

The Company - Alpha 5.0.1

  • Download HTML file and replace existing one in Alpha 5.0.0 directory to update
  • Fixed issue with events between Penny and John triggering incorrectly

The Company - Alpha 5.0.0

  • Saves from previous versions of The Company are not compatible with Alpha 5.0.0
    • Alpha 5.0.0 adds support for save file updates, meaning save breaks should become less common moving forward, though updates that make any major system or story path changes will still require a reset
  • New web-hosted version of the game available
    • This version will be updated with all public releases and can be played directly in your browser. No need to download or extract any files
    • There will be a special Patreon link to the game for early access incremental builds as well for all patrons in the $5 tier or higher
  • Chapter 2 has been added to the game, and will take the player through the end of September to see to completion
    • Several “bad ends” have been added to the end of this chapter, but they are short and easy to back out of, and fairly obvious. Check them out, if you dare! MWAHAHAHA!!!
    • Completing Chapter 2 marks the end of current story content, though the game can still be played normally
  • The sidebar will now tell you what chapter you’re currently on
  • New events have been added to John’s dom route!
    • This route is triggered by submitting to John in the bathroom before attempting to dose his drink
    • Some events conflict with other events in a continuity sense. These won’t break the game but might seem a little weird if you’re pursuing a route with Penny. Expect much better integration moving forward
    • John’s events on this route work slightly differently, and are time locked. After a new milestone, it will take a few days before he finds a new way to “surprise” you


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Axillia

Version reviewed: Alpha 5.0.2 on 10/16/2017

You might want to rename the download link of the basegame to something like "Image Pack" or "Graphics Addon". When i first played the game (Version 5.0.1) i just downloaded the HTML file and played it without ever knowing there was more to it. If i hadn't accidentally hovered the mouse over the download notes and read "replace HTML file in game directory with this one" i would never have guessed to check the "older" version links to be anything else but older versions of the same lone HTML file.


On a side note, after downloading the 600MB Version 5.0.0 archive and putting the most recent version into it i am glad it is an optional external image folder rather than baked into the HTML. I just did a quick "randomly click things" look at what it looks like with the intended graphics, and I found the majority of pictures depicting people a major turnoff as none of them looked remotely attractive to me personally.


The Story, Characters & Mechanics are all quite compelling and i love where it seems to go narratively, but i far prefer my imagination to practically everything shown.

Review by rez111

Version reviewed: Alpha 5.0.2 on 10/15/2017

Amazing, probably the most professional, detailed, and fleshed out html game since Perverted Education.

It's got pics and gifs which i love, and can last 30mins-1hour (lets you keep playing to find things you missed) Also the game is ACTIVELY BEING UPDATED (rare these parts)

Couldn't have picked a better model for the sister, very much looking forward to more with her. Hopefully theres planned scenes with all 3 of us in the house. winkwink


If your looking for a semi-complete (doesnt end in 2mins) MC game and have been looking for games like the holy grail that is Perverted Education then this is for you.



Review by Silver1

Version reviewed: Alpha 5.0.2 on 10/14/2017

  Really good game, great work.

Review by Kalon

Version reviewed: Alpha 5.0.2 on 10/08/2017

I also like the game, but the recent revamp to 5.x format has also caused picture issues.  I've changed the html locations to several different locals and looked at the code and it seems to be missing /pics/ and using relative paths which might be the issue.

Review by dragonchiller

Version reviewed: Alpha 5.0.2 on 10/05/2017

Realy good game, i hope u will update it soon.

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