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Version: Alpha 0.3

The Company
by Westane

The Company is an AIF game set in the universe established by Wandrer on the ASSTR database, with his permission. This game focuses on the very early years of The Company before it became what Wandrer made it into, and aside from the entity itself borrows little to nothing else from his works.

You choose your character's name and gender and set off down a path of corruption, perversion, and control. As the game progresses, you\'ll encounter more people to corrupt, and more ways to do it utilizing the various devices and drugs you'll develop in the Company laboratory.

Save files from 0.2 and earlier are NOT COMPATIBLE with version 0.3. You will need to start a new game with this version.

Alpha Build 0.3:

  • Base level work events nearing completion
  • New serum options for Diana and Tasha, with new story elements to be found in Diana's path
  • New dynamic conversations, these aren't implemented everywhere, but many conversations will change based on events in the game, even if subtly
  • New lab budget. Every week you'll receive money from The Company to continue operations. Serum production will use some of that budget. Current values are for testing only.
  • Laid the foundation for player transformation via an event that will occur on Wednesday evening/night your first week at The Company. Still VERY MUCH in development, no female descriptions yet.
  • Normalized file extensions (For reals this time!)
  • Fixed several bugs, typos, and grammar mistakes
  • Introduced several new bugs, typos, and grammar mistakes

Planned Updates for Next Build:

  • Finish base content for office
  • Expand on story content
  • Add diversity to existing content
  • Add more serum events
  • Start work on social activities outside of work and home

Game Features:

  • Dynamic gender system allows for player transformations over the course of the story
  • Play the game how you want, different routes yield different content. Don't like incest? Don\'t drug your family!
  • The game will change based on how you decide to play, and the ending can change drastically based on your choices
  • Limited time and resources mean you'll have to make choices as to what routes you want to pursue.

This is my first venture into any sort of adult fiction, I've never written this sort of content before. I know this barely passes for a demo, given its scope and length, but with the engine more or less complete I'm at a point with it where content should be implemented much more rapidly. Before I dive off the deep end, I really wanted some early feedback. I expect to be able to get out weekly updates from this point forward.

Thanks for any and all criticism!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Jeb94

Version reviewed: Alpha 0.3 on 08/18/2017

The game is good looking and seems to have a decent structure to build on.  Other than that there isn't a lot of choices yet but I can see where there will be quite a bit more.  The potential is excellent.  I look forward to more.

Review by Nevermore

Version reviewed: Alpha 0.3 on 08/18/2017

 (I find myself looking forward to this project's further updating. The concept is appealing to me, as I have always enjoyed the darker themes, and essentially working for an enslavement company and taking... 'liberties' with the other employees is fairly enjoyable for me. I look forward to seeing things actually start to get fleshed out, with how far the test subjects can be pushed and controlled, and hope we get to explore even darker subjects and themes.)

Review by chryseis

Version reviewed: Alpha 0.3 on 08/13/2017

Brilliant game.

or.. it will be. So far it is a good start. Updates are coming out at a steady pace, and i think many people are looking forward to them. Author has great ideas.

Review by Megaduck

Version reviewed: Alpha 0.2 on 08/09/2017

As of the .2 update it's short but fun.  A lot of potential here and I look forward to M/M content.  

Review by Westane

Version reviewed: Alpha 0.2 on 08/09/2017

@Wandrer - I really appreciate your endorsement and I hope you'll approve of the final product! Just FYI, links to your blog and patreon have been added to the latest build. 

Speaking of the latest build, 0.3 is coming along. There's a couple new/revamped systems in place and coworkers are getting much more fleshed out. As usual, I expect to have it posted this Sunday. Thank you all!

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