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Changeling Tale

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Changeling Tale is a human to anthro Transformation-Themed Visual Novel: an interactive story with musical and graphic elements. It is also a bishoujo-style Eroge, meaning it contains explicit nudity and sexual (M/F, F/F) content.

Scotland, 1919.  The MacLeod sisters have felt the toll of war and are struggling to make ends meet.  When their neighbor and childhood friend returns home, his support might just be the blessing they need.  But little do they know, he will reveal a secret that will change their lives - literally!

Play as Malcolm, the young Scottish veteran struggling to find peace on the ranch where he grew up. As the lives of Malcolm and those closest to him are turned upside down, your actions dictate how the story will end!



Jessie Mirror SceneGrace Underwater Scene

Marion Field ScreenshotJessie Knoll Scene


It's 1919.  The war is over, and Malcolm returns to the rural Scottish village where he grew up to look after his grandmother and restore the family farm. The townsfolk, like himself, are struggling from the toll of the war and trying to pick up the pieces. Yet it is a chance for a new beginning. Will Malcolm overcome past traumas and find friendship and a place he can finally call home? 

Meanwhile his neighbors, the MacLeod girls, have nothing left but each other. The three sisters lost their mother long ago and their father hasn’t yet come back from the war. Marion struggles to keep the family together while maintaining the family farm. Malcolm’s return might be just the blessing they need, but he too is struggling to heal. Will they support each other in their times of need? If so, they might pull through; but other surprises await, for little does Malcolm know, Faerie glamour works in mischievous ways...

Campbell HouseStag & Nanny

Loch CoastTurf House


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Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by kasra247

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/02/2017

It's a very sweet tale, I'll give it that. However I feel you shouldn't add more tags then what you currently have in the game, because unless I missed it I didn't see any M2F or mythological content.


I will be keeping an eye on this, and will probably buy the full thing since the story itself was intriguing. Not sure how you can possibly make breaking up two lovers be enticing to a player when you start the main character off proclaiming his love...but I'm game to find out. :)

Review by Lorinell

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/01/2017

I wonder, how strong will be TG element in game.

Graphic is great, and if it will focus on TG theme of main character (sadly - all npc main characters are females...) - I will buy it immediately.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/01/2017


Its really a tf game

But a booring click fest hell

3line text is the ideal for renpy/other visual novell games

Half line is just an illusion that you have more than few pages loong story

the art is ok

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