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Version: .077

Inner Beast
by ada shu

Inner Beast is an adult interactive fiction game about working your way through some major life changes. Play as a young man who is trying to balance school, work, and a social life. Will you find your way to a happy ending or will you lose sight of your goals, your manhood, or even your own humanity! Probably.

This is my successor to Please Bark, since it's early in development I have added a few cheats (for testing/fun) such as daily xp gain, daily feminization (but slow!), free money from the bank, and some transformation items that you wouldn't normally be able to access from the start. Since I've only written the story as far as the intro I have also unlocked all areas until I can get back to that. Don't bother with the school right now since its a bit half-baked but there are a lot of locations and items currently waiting to be discovered.

For those familiar with Please Bark a lot of the locations are intentionally in the same area (for now), you will also notice notable improvements to the park job and hopefully reduced clicks in a lot of areas. I reccomend clicking Wander a bit (RIP mouse) to unlock the individual locations, most of the items are availible in the Shopping Plaza.

Have fun! - Ada Shu


PS: This is an early alpha not a finished product so you might encounter placeholders or bugs, please let me know if you see any so I can fix them in the latest version!

PPS: Changelogs, latest versions, and news can  be found via the Patreon link, the free public version is updated once a month.

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Review by toofine89

Version reviewed: .085(Patreon) on 08/17/2017

Look. I loved Please Bark and was super excited to see this. But as of writing this the current free version (.71b I believe) is bugged to shit.  You can't eat full meals. You run into bugs when traveling.  You will find dead ends.  Things just aren't happy.  I'll play this one when it updates more.  I liked Please Bark a ton.  But right now it just isn't worth it.

Review by newport_georgeg

Version reviewed: .077 on 08/12/2017

I like Please Bark as well.  I am guessing this is incorporating school.

This is a little young.  I was able to do some dogsitting; probably because I bought some soap.  Here's a few bugs:

1. in dog2end
2623 he says handing you <<$jobmoney> {missing closing > }

2. in ParkOther
2099 <<display EventReturn>>
Error: HTML tag "display" is not closed
changed it to <<EventReturn>>
however a global find/replace crashed as well;  might need some investigation

3. in Full Course
missing [[Back to apartment|Apartment Hub]]

4. in Fountain
$fountaindone not reset on start of day

5. DogSitting3 is missing as are DogSitting4 and like

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: .077 on 08/12/2017

I liked where Please Bark was going so I will give this one a chance. One big bug I've noticed so far is the inability to increase Hygiene. I've done everything and can't walk the dogs because Nick says I need a shower. You may want to investigate this.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: .077 on 08/12/2017


i will be fair

Some features from your last game +

What is new? untested bug nest

I am very disapointed. You can do better.

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