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Version: Version 8

Version: Version 7

Version: Version 6

Version: Version 5

Version: Version 4

by hw2121

This is my first game, XXXivilization. It is an attempt of having some kind of 4X strategy game a la Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic in a NSFW setting.

You play the ruler of a tribe and try to establish your kingdom and conquer the world.


The game is now also available on patreon, it would be awesome if some of you could support me there: Patreon

Update, Version 8 is now public:

This version brings a lot of new changes: A new enemy empire has been added to the game, you can now have sex with your prisoners and "train" them and a lot more stuff, give it a try if you haven't played it for a while!

If you are intereseted in the detailed changelog you can view it here.

You are the newly promoted leader of a small tribe somewhere in a distant land. You have been given the task to lead your people to new prosperity. To achieve this you will have to conquer new lands, build up your capitol, promote both religion and science and last but not least become a greater person than you are today. 

Whenever fight is inevitable you and your army will have to fight in the traditional way of your tribe: By seducing your opponent and fucking them until they pass out. It has always been this way.

Are you ready for this challenging duty?

Version 8

New features

  • You can now have sex with your prisoners:
    • There is a new research (Techniques of punishment) and a new building (Dungeon) available, as soon as you have built it you can visit your prisoners and have some fun with them
    • Prisoners have skills in three sex types (oral, anal, vaginal) and an affection towards you
    • Having sex with prisoners increases their affection to you and their skill at this type of sex
    • Some prisoners are stubborn and will never increase their affection to you, there is currently no way to make them like you
  • Instead of being able to only do one action of a certain type per round (conquering, praying, training) the player now has weekly Energy that will be used up by performing various tasks


  • A new rival empire got added to the game:
    • The Church of Abstinencia will try to fight you for religious dominance
    • They are a much more passive empire than the Futamazons - it is possible to coexist peacefully with them
    • There are two paths available to conquer them: You can do it through war or through seduction
    • Currently there are events added that will happen when you try to conquer them, more events are going to come in the next version where they will also try to influence your kingdom
  • When your kingdom has progressed enough some mercenaries will offer their service to you, enabling you to buy new units

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused old save games to not load correctly


  • Increased the maximum possible boob size
  • Added brown eyes to eye colors to choose from during character creation
  • When playing a new version for the first time a small screen pops up now giving you some information about the new version and about save game compatibility
  • Diplomacy with enemy kingdoms can now be started directly from the overview screen


Version 7

New features

  • You can now gain arena-reputation when fighting in the arena, slowly getting more famous as fighter. You will get more reputation when winning against a team that has more/tougher fighters than your team
  • Added some keyboard shortcuts:
    • You can end the current turn by pressing Enter or Space key
    • You can continue in events that have only one button by pressing Enter or Space key
    • You can choose a button in events with multiple buttons by pressing the number of the button (1 - 9)
    • You can go to the overview by pressing O
    • You can go to the map by pressing M
  • Added new buildings helping to defend the city (Wooden wall, Stone wall)
  • New difficulty setting is available: Very easy - for those who prefer to focus on the story rather than the strategy elements of the game


  • A new event is now available when conquering plains - Bunny girl
  • Added new event with two variations (male/female) that happens when you have high reputation

Bug fixes

  • Unit breast/penis sizes were not loaded correctly from save games
  • Fixed a bug where auto-saves were not working if the operating systems date or time changed
  • Save games did not remember correctly if it was still possible to conquer a territory this week or not
  • Fixed a bug where unit names were not displayed correctly in arena fights
  • Various small fixes for layout on mobile devices


  • Disabled manually overriding auto-saves
  • Added some minor research for the new wall buildings, restructured some of the requirements of certain research and buildings
  • Added a few new combat texts for non-player characters


Version 6

New features

  • Several combat balancing changes
    • Having larger than average body parts (boobs, penis, balls, ass or overall height) now increases damage in combat but also increases the chance to get hit
    • Your kingdom now has a supply limit, restricting the amount of units you can have. Several new buildings got added that increase this limit
    • New end-game unit: Avatar of the Gods
  • Improvements to character creation, added some cosmetic options (eyes, hair) - no impact on the game yet
  • Added a Diplomacy screen to Futamazon territory (currently only allows to start or stop paying them)


  • Added a new encounter building to the map: Bandit camp
  • Added new event related to Theater building
  • Minor event extensions for the Futamazons
  • Added a hidden extension for the beauty contest event, let's see if some players can find it :)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where training/praying for more than one point at a time was causing an error
  • Various layout fixes for mobile devices and small screen resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where you could get attacked by Futamazons before even getting visited by their ambassador
  • It was possible to construct buildings that did not meet their requirements (e.g. when a Town or City was required it was already possible to build it before the Town or City was created)
  • A minor follow-up event after voting for the priestess in the beauty contest was not shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug happening after loading a game causing you to not get attacked anymore by Futamazon raiders


  • Training is now only available after the new building Training grounds has been built
  • Training endurance now reduces player's fat
  • Adapted the difficulty of various encounters to match the combat balancing changes


Version 5

New features

  • The first enemy kingdom got added to the game. They will expand their land on their own, there are several events with them and you can conquer their capital.
  • You can now report bugs or request features directly in the game at Menu > System > Report a bug / request a feature
  • It is now possible to pray or train to improve a stat by 5 or 10 points at once to avoid having to click manually all the time
  • At the end of each turn an auto save is now created


  • Female and futanari player characters can now participate in the beauty contest
  • Added text to some events telling players which stat they have to improve to beat the encounter

Bug fixes

  • The patreon link in the bottom is now opening in a new tab instead of the current game window
  • Growing new male body parts as female ruler was not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where custom unit names were lost after loading a game
  • Player description displayed the wrong text for fear: High fear values caused low fear from people and the other way around
  • While upgrading the village to town/city was in progress it was not possible to build any other buildings


  • New city building: Watchtower, warns you some time ahead of (some) incoming attacks on the city
  • Rulers without vagina can now pray to grow one
  • Buildings and research menus are now sorted alphabetically, save games are now sorted by save date
  • Balancing changes to food production buildings: Animal husbandry can now be built directly from the start without prerequisite research, reduced food income generated from Animal husbandry, Farms and Cowgirl farms. Cowgirl farms now cost weekly maintenance.
  • Tweaked the costs and income of various buildings
  • [Patreon cheat menu] Added option to increase/decrease player muscle and fat
  • [Patreon cheat menu] Added option to make the player invincible without changing other stats


Version 4

New features

  • Game settings are now available at Menu > System > Settings
    • You can chose between the default light and a dark skinned UI theme
    • Game difficulty can be changed
    • The unit in which sizes get displayed can be switched between cm and inch/foot
  • Added an introduction/tutorial for players not familiar with these kind of games
  • It is now possible to rename previously created units
  • Added option to save to and load from files instead of the browser cache to have more persistent save games


  • Conquering a territory should now always lead to the same event, no matter how often it is tried. At the same time adapted some tougher conquering events to not appear immediately on the first tiles to conquer.
  • Added two new encounter buildings to the map: A graveyard and a pyramid. They are distributed randomly across the map, have random enemies and random rewards.
  • Added new event: Beauty contest

Bug fixes

  • It was possible to create units without a name, causing several other errors


  • Praying to the gods is now only available after the first religious building has been built


Version 3, Fix 1

Bug fixes

  • Growing breasts as male character or testicles as female character was not working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the given name of created units was not displayed correctly in combat
  • All enslavement options in events now require slavery to be researched before being available
  • Added a logo for the game to the start screen
  • Removed iron as resource as it was not much used and only added unneeded complexity
  • Changed layout of events to always have the buttons to click on in the same position and to be more consistent in general

Version 3

New features

  • It is now possible to save and load the game
  • Added option for a Quick Start game with random character
  • The difficulty of conquering territory and other events should now scale depending on how far the territory is away from the players city (not all events, but some of them)
  • New late game building: Windmill, increases food production in the whole kingdom


  • Removed option to "Hold audience" - these events are now also triggered on turn end
  • Added new quite long quest line involving lactation and cow girls
  • Added weather events that influence food production for the upcoming week
  • Adapted frequency of various events, also bad events should now not appear too early in the game anymore

Bug fixes

  • Clicking on buttons should not change the scroll position in the browser anymore
  • Fixed a bug where the preview of units on creation had different genital sizes than the actual created units
  • Fixed some layout bugs


  • Altered algorithm of combat to have more predictable combat results
  • After conquering a territory instead of the overview the map is shown now
  • Changed the image of stone quarry + stone mine to less hideous ones
  • The weekly report now shows which buildings are currently under construction
  • Improved some of the texts shown during combat
  • Slowed down the speed with which praying increases player boobs but increased the maximum overall size
  • Performance improvements for initial game loading


Version 2

New features

  • An arena is now available where you can fight against your own units or against prisoners (needs Arena building to unlock)
  • If you win a fight you can now take certain enemies as prisoners. (Currently only used for arena, more to come in the future)
  • If you lose a fight the Gods will not be pleased and you will be punished by a body part-reducing transformation
  • It is now possible to grow genitals that have not been selected at character creation (needs Temple building to unlock)
  • You can now train to improve your Charisma, Intelligence and Strength
  • It is now possible to skip fights
  • It is now possible to disband units
  • Units now cost a weekly maintenance, if the unit can not be afforded any longer it is disbanded automatically
  • The changes from last week are now displayed in the sidebar instead of the top of the overview menu and more details are shown
  • Added Map button to toolbar
  • Added system menu entry with link to changelog


  • Added three new general events (two large ones, one small)
  • Added new event for conquering Water territory

Bug fixes

  • Research should now show correctly what it is needed for
  • Description of player ass was missing in the player character view
  • Players reputation in the player character view was sometimes cut off
  • Fixed a bug where each time you won the fight against the centaur it showed that you can now recruit centaur units even if it was already possible
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes no event was triggered when it should be


  • Adapted generation of map to always include plains, forest and mountain in the player starting area
  • Slightly adapted the steps with which certain body parts grow: testicles now grow by 0.2cm, height grows by 2cm each step
  • Made the costs of growing body parts scale with their current size
  • Made the dwarven fortress fight a bit harder
  • Removed Diplomacy stat, it is now merged with Charisma

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DaughterOfPluto

Version reviewed: Version 8 on 05/16/2018

Wonderful. Simply Wonderful.

This game is just about everything you could ask for: Well written dialogue, the strategy and gameplay of Civ(albeit somewhat simplified), a UI that isn't painful to look at, and the transformations that we're all here for.

Even though this game is still obviously in the early stages, the framework that has been layed is quite possibly some of the best this site has to offer.

Review by Naimank

Version reviewed: Version 7 on 04/14/2018

My opinion, game is really good (i love the strategies with big research trees), good writing, good gameplay.

My own wish: a lot more of events and sex scenes (and they variety)

Review by Valerion

Version reviewed: Version 5 on 02/11/2018

I really love the fact that now you have an actual adversary- Thank you for that. Now, i would like to marry the Futamazon Queen, do you think that would be a posibility in the future? maybe have an actual harem, with wifes and housbands. And maybe heirs...

Review by GeekingOut

Version reviewed: Version 3 on 12/20/2017

I really like this game! It's got a really solid framework so far; right now the biggest issues are:


balance fixes, both in resource mangement and in combat

Lack of content


The latter I know will be fixed as new updates are pushed out; I really look forward to seeing more from this game.

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: Version 3 on 12/18/2017

This was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more.


Ultimately, it's early days for a game type that is huge and requires lots of content. It'd be interesting to see if worshiping Abstencia has any value, but altogether I'm pretty satisfied. Early grinding and training is a must.

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