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Version: 0.5a

Queen of the Seas

Slutting it up on the High Seas!

Queen of the Seas is designed to be an RPG like transformation game with heavy non-consentual themes. I've been working on it for over a year now on and off (mostly off) and I decided to put it up here, not because it's "finished" but because I need some feedback and help with balancing some of the game systems. The following systems are currently in the game:

  • Player Stats and Health
  • Skills (experience and skill checks)
  • Body Part Growth/Shrinkage (but no true MtF transformation)
  • Inventory (Usable Items)
  • Equipment
  • Shops
  • Quests
  • Jobs
  • Whoring
  • Fashion System (bare bones at the moment)
  • Hairstyle and Makeup system
  • Knowledge system (you gain knowledge about things the more you encounter them, only really working for usable item effects at the moment)

In addition to the above I intend to put in a randomly generated ruin with monsters, a hand to hand combat system and a ship to ship combat system.

Future goals would be to further enhance the game with custom art work,  including a paperdoll system, but I'd either need to find some really dedicated collaborators or raise some money to pay an artist. Unfortunately I'm a great programmer, but not so awesome at drawing.


Almost everything in the game runs off a series of json data files, so it's very, very easy for me to add new content. In fact, the slowest thing on my side is coming up with the urge to flesh out the narrative. People who enjoy the concept of this game can really help me out by contributing not code, but words. For example, the intro is really bare bones at the moment - help me clean it up. If you want to suggest a job or a quest chain, just write the content for me and I'll program it. Things I can add easily to the game are:

  • Rooms
  • NPC's
  • Stores
  • Items
  • Clothing
  • Jobs
  • Quests

They can all be configured by JSON. I actually use tweego to put the game together, so I will hopefully in the future put this all up on github. It'll make it easier for people to contribute their own content if they want since they can just edit the json data files and then compile the game. 

I'm not trying to make any money off this (I have a day job that pays me really well, thank you) but I reserve the right in the future to open up some sort of Patreon or something in order to raise money to buy artwork or music or other types of assets I can't create myself.

Please enjoy and give me your feedback, or lend a hand helping me flesh out the game.


PS: I've turned user reviews off until the game is out of this development alpha stage. People should instead go to the discussion thread and leave any issues or feedback there. I find it's a better format for helping people and for identifying bugs. If you do find a bug, please make sure you include your version of the game when reporting it. 

GAME SAVES FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS WILL NOT WORK WITH NEW VERSIONS. They will almost always contain massive, usually game breaking bugs. You have been warned.

You are a young man who is in love with the daughter of the Governor of a small Caribbean-like island in a fantasy world. Since her father won't allow you to marry, you decide to elope by booking passage to the mainland on a passing trading ship.

Unfortunately you didn't do your research and end up hiring a bunch of pirates. It seems that these pirates are a superstitious lot, so they believe that having a woman on board is bad luck and as such they quickly sell your lover off as a slave to a brothel and recruit you into their ranks as their newest crew member. It's a pity about the job...

As the new "Cabin Girl" of the Salty Mermaid, can you manage to raise the price needed to free yourself from bondage, or will you find some other way to escape? Will you ever see your fiance again? 

You - A young man abducted by pirates to serve as their own private prostitute.

Your fiance - Missing since she was sold. Can you find her?

Captain Reginald - The sadistic leader of the Pirates. He holds your fate in his hands, literally.

Kipler, the First Mate - A very large black pirate with a peculiar fetish. He\'s good with his sword and his cutlass as well.

Cookie - Responsible for many crimes against humanity. The ship's cook.

Julius - The quartermaster on board the Salty Mermaid. He also dabbles in alchemy and is always looking for test subjects...

Lord Rowe - The Governor of your home port, Isla Harbor, and the father of your missing fiance.

Winning the game - Complete the Captains quest. There may be other ways.

Losing the game - Die (lose health) or lose enough willpower.

Hormones - You have them. Certain things (food, potions) can alter them. The more male hormones you have the more masculine your character gets, the more female, the more feminine. This can (and will) revert transformations brought about directly by using potions or drugs or food. Generally if your hormone balance is strongly favoring one sex over the other, expect to slowly drift towards that state. Reminder: Your testicles produce natural male hormones - if they atrophy too much then they won't be able to produce enough to revert you back unless you clear your system of all ingested female hormones.

Potions and Drugs - They can have strange effects on you and generally cause you to gain "Toxicity". Toxicity will poison you over time, but also decreases over time. There are also some food and potions that can instantly remove some Toxicity if you find them.

Food - Not all food is created equal. Some strange food has certain magical, body enhancing effects on you. They and some potions are the only way to achieve some extreme alterations to your body.

Journal - Check it often. It tells you what to do and tells you what you've done.

Skills - Are important. They determine how well you perform certain actions, including ones that can earn you money.


  • Resting is a good way to gain energy and can help you process your experience faster.
  • Certain body attributes can influence how much you get paid for sex acts and other acts.
  • It's very easy to lose Willpower and hard to restore it. Try to keep it as high as possible.
  • There are some secrets in the game that can gain you special statuses or change your body. Explore jobs.
  • Clothing and styling can influence how much money you make working. Some clothing may be required to do well in certain jobs or even do them at all.
  • Don't starve or take too many drugs at one time.
  • When whoring, the mood of the customers determines if they abuse you or not, as well as your skill level.
  • Resting restores health, when not starving or poisoned.
  • The first time you play through the game try to figure out what food and drug does what. Taking them multiple times will eventually tell you.
  • The game can be either insanely hard, or easy depending on your approach. If you're failing a lot, try something else.
  • Some jobs will give you rewards other than money, or randomly present opportunities for extra bonuses or items. 

0.5a - 05/21/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in JobEngine that was throwing an exception when trying to manipulate a body stat (this affected only Kipler's quest)
  • Reduced frequency of the crew rape scene to have a minimum interval of at least 5 days in between events, starting at day 6 of the game.


0.5 - 05/20/2018


  • Introduced a value algorithm governing items. Things will probably be more expensive now as their cost is going to be based on their stats. More expensive stuff is almost always better.
  • Made gruel on the ship a much better source of food to compensate for higher prices.
  • Shop keeper's will discount your purchase up to 30% if your get their mood high enough. It has to be above half way to get even a tiny discount.
  • Updated knowledge system. It now gives more feedback on what items do, including potency of those effects. It also now works on clothing so you can see their effects and properties.
  • You can now lose the game if your willpower drops too low. Same with health. Previously you could only die in whoring... not so much any more.
  • Trip durations between most islands shortened.
  • Added/itemized 'Sexy Dancer' style.
  • Added a Pet Girl outfit designed by sirwolffe. Moo.
  • Added an 'effects' system and library to the game. Should allow for more interesting equipment and items.
  • Fixed a long standing bug where you could access Lord Rowe with Jarvis present and NOT have completed the Daddy's girl quest. You're supposed to use the key to sneak in at night when he's gone. Oops.
  • General enhancements to both the quest and job engines. This stuff needs a refactor/consolidation sometime in the future.
  • Added rough skeleton for lactation body stat.
  • Multiple other bug fixes.

Quality of Life

  • There is now a 'gear' tab in your inventory. It shows all your equipable items. You still need to change at the wardrobe.
  • You can now continue to use items without having to select 'back' and 'use' again.
  • In the wardrobe if you select 'Inspect Outfit' you are presented with the style rating of your current outfit. Selecting a style will automatically equip your best items in that style.
  • There is a link in the cabin now to just reapply makeup and hair instead of having to select this from the vanity.
  • At 'late night', in most places except for the Mermaid, you will be given a link to instantly teleport back to your Cabin.
  • Cleaned up a lot of interfaces to make them smoother, fixed some typographical bugs in reward screens, etc.

Salty Mermaid

  • Added a map to the Captain's Cabin. It shows the current course of the Mermaid. (art supplied by mightyakira)
  • Keep the crew happy, or you risk a bad event.
  • Made the Lips requirements on the 'Build a Better Bimbo - Part 1' quest easier to achieve.
  • Doing Kipler's personal job will now grant you a lactation stat of (2). This decreases when you sleep by 1.
  • Cookie will milk lactating characters in the galley during the morning phase. Pay is based on breast size. (job text supplied by sirwolffe)

Golden Isle

  • Petey now gives out a quest to people who look like pirates...
  • You can "shop" at the Bazaar. This generates a random list of goods, potentially even rare legendary items. Shopping costs 1 energy and 1 time, but is repeatable forever. Shop till you drop.
  • Descriptions for the Guard House and Jail added.


  • Added Map generation and collision detection to 'Rouge-like' game. Not much of a game here, yet.

Port Royale

  • Added 3 more jobs to Simone at the Lusty Lass. They can all reward loot boxes if you do well at them.
  • You can shop at the Great Market, just like at the Bazaar.
  • Descriptions for the Casino and Green Gryphon added.

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