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Version: 0.2 (Intro)

Version: 0.1 (Intro)

So, what's next!?
by Nullus

You need money to change yourself back...or not!


The game as of now can't be even considered a game because it's only bare bones right now.

And the only readable stuff is the inroduction to the story and some passage descpitions :D. But you can download it and...have a go at it.


  • improve inventory system (for clothes, items etc)
  • add more images/gif images (from the almighty internet of course...for now)
  • add more jobs, available for the player
  • end filling up the street passages
  • finish the stat system
  • add more places to visit

Planned kinks:

  • Bimbofication/slutification
  • Sissification/Tomgirl
  • Inflation
  • Cumcraze
  • Mental changes/Corruption
  • Bestiality(not sure yet...maybe!?)

As of now the game consists of:

  • Image_pack_v0.2
  • v0.2 main html file

Need specific details about the version changes - check changelog.

May be some buggs somewhere out there. Also may be spelling mistakes (just because i'm not a native speaker and this writing thing is a little new to me) :B

The whole thing is written on Twive/Sugarcube. The images are downloaded from the net and if there any copyright issues - write it down in the review section(for now) so that I can delete those images that are protected by copyright.

P.S: the "Test stuff" is just a debugging passage, so you can ignore it...or not, up to you. I'll try to add more content regularly, though I do this whole thing in my free time from university assignments. D:

P.P.S: I repeat the game is hardly can be called a game right now because there is only the intro there. Added discution thread for Q&A (but no flooding, gentlemen).

You get home one night with a severe headache and trying to relieve your pain...you got yourself in a bigger problem for yourself :p
Your shrunked demasculated self will try to find the money by any means necessary to get your old self...or spend the money to corrupt yourself further :D

v 0.2 (Intro)

  • Added inventory system(you can test it in the "Inventory" tab, but still only a demo right now)
  • Filled in most of the passages with description, images (yay, images)
  • Corrected some spelling mistakes in the intro passages(though, maybe I missed a few)
  • Changed the "apearance" description to better describe your current look
  • There is an easter egg out there somewhere, try fo find it if you want :D
26483 Characters
3813 Words
41 Passages
42 Links
0 Broken Links

This story was last changed at Sunday, May 13, 2018 1:40 PM.

v 0.1 (Intro)

  • Fleshed out the intro story for the beggining of the game
  • Programmed the cash/time/energy system for further use
  • You can choose your own name...or pick a random one
  • Created the initial skelleton of passages for further expansion

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Review by kris.harley

Version reviewed: 0.2 (Intro) on 05/21/2018

you should add a masculinity/femininity meter

Review by darknessunited

Version reviewed: 0.1 (Intro) on 05/11/2018

intro is interesting. looking for more to the story.

Review by Nullus

Version reviewed: 0.1 (Intro) on 05/11/2018

The link is now workable. Though, for me at least. 

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