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Version: 0.002

Version: 0.0.0


Inspired by many games on this site, this offering is a first attempt to create a game. Having zero previous experience with HTML, Java, CSS, Twine and Sugarcube I'm using it as a learning experience.

It is currently very incomplete and contains known bugs but hopefully no "double-click to edit" passages. One path should be playable to beyond day 40.

Not all variables are currently in use. Lot's of balancing to be done and yes it's possible to continue to do most things with negative cash, This is really just a first release to judge whether it's worth pursuing.

If you are experiencing problems with images / videos not displaying, this is most likely an installation issue. Check the discussion thread for solutions.

You have been struggling with gender issues on and off for some time. Finally you decide to seek some help.

You          The main character

Amanda   The therapist

Jim          A good friend

A variety of other NPCs that you may encounter on your voyage of self discovery


It's pretty straightforward. If you want, look at the Hints. No penalty for doing so.

V0.02   Correct set $Script =+1 to +=1 in Session02
           Correct set $Hair =+1 to +=1 in Dream1
           Add +10 Energy to Nap
           Remove $Fem -=100 & $Sub -=30 from Bianca2 & Bianca3 as this was double dipping. Adjustment to $Fem & $Sub are in Bianca.
           Correct path to Office_240.jpg
           Add emails from Veronica
           Add    ./Images/Places/Office_240.jpg
        Replace @@[email protected]@ in Friends passage to hint that you need to meet Jim
        Add time & energy limits to Jim, Bianca & Rebecca passages to ensure they play correctly.
        Fix Blood/Alcohol reading display. Limited to 2 decimal points.
        Ensure all media files have lower case extensions
        Add Cheat passage to help meet Jim earlier
        Remove Go To Work from weekday afternoons
        Remove Go Shopping & Club from weekday mornings
        Reformat several passages to improve consistency of presentation
        Correct various typos.
        Removed the possibility to visit the Therapist late at night
        Include Gym access
        Fix moisturizer bug allowing "all day breakfast"

V0.01   Corrected images path. All images & videos (except 1) now disply correctly.

V0.00   Initial release

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Review by qaeron

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/10/2018

This is an 'open world', parametric crossdress/sissy life sim with story progression; in general tradition of 'Perverted Education' (obviously), 'The Secretary' and the rest of the stalwarts. Right now there are 3-4 hours of 'productive' fun (wink, wink) fuelled by the now-standard hypnotizing daily grind and a very generous helping of sissification GIFs. The story is linear and well-trodden (see: name of the game), but implemented in a simple and accessible way, with modest and spell-checked walls-of-text interspersed with aforementioned GIFs. As the Author says, there are numerous places for improvement - the systems are somewhat underutilized, the clothing model is quite basic, apparel checks in public are not yet in place, cash is buggy (thankfully, plentiful-buggy, not zeroed-buggy). However, we have drunk driving mechanics (the first I've ever seen in a game)!


The game is at that precarious point when the majority of creative effort is already invested, and each improvement would start giving a disproportionately large effect on the overall experience. So, let's enjoy the 4 hours of fun right now, and keep our fingers crossed for the Author to keep being inspired!

Review by tranzet

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/09/2018

Thanks for the update and for putting all files in one download!

Edit~ Link is up <3!

Review by KijaTheSissy

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/09/2018

I really like were this is going. Keep up the good work! 

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/08/2018

Link is dead at the current moment

Review by Sunshine105

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/08/2018

@Chame actually I would prefer very much if the downloads are separate and incremental, to save precious bandwidth.

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