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Version: 1.0.1


The protagonist is on a camping trip with his girlfriend, friend, sister, and sister's friend when their van breaks down in the middle of the woods. They come across a mysterious mansion and go inside looking for help or at least a phone. Instead the protagonist ends up turning into a girl and lots of sex ensues. Of course.

This is a VN without any images or sounds. So it's more like a text adventure made in a VN engine, I suppose. Sexual content is about half TF, half cuckold-type stuff, so watch out.

This game is complete but rough but considering it's been sitting on my hard drive for most of this year it's doubtful I'll ever return to it for further editing. Enjoy the raw smut you glorious bastards.


First time submitting so hopefully I don't fuck anything up.

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Review by ChibaMitsurugi69

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 05/17/2017

I would love to see a sequel version of this that would show what the different combinations of the other 3 members were doing together while Hunter was on his own with one of them during the parts where he and Cassie, Chloe, Eva, or Morgan went off together in the split up plan as each different combination of teamups explored wherever they did.

Review by the fill-in

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/12/2014

I feel bad for just saying the endings, so I'll just say a short review first:

I like the TF (duh) and I like the cuckolding. I kinda like the dark stuff too. But Ryona/Guro/Snuff isn't really my thing. Other than that, I enjoyed the interactive fiction overall. I would've liked it more if there were more nicer/sweeter endings and the true end nothing like now, but hey, I'm just making my own opinon.


Now for the endings:

End 1 - Sugar Coated Sour: Cassie all the way.

End 2 - 2 out of 3 ain't bad: Chloe All the way

End 3 - Catch a hot one: Eva all the way

End 4 - Black Bubblegum: Have sex all the way, just don't pick morgan in the end

End 5 - Ginseng Strip: Morgan all the way EXCEPT the end.

True End: When splitting for the doors, do it in this order - Eva, Cassie, Chloe.

Bad End 1 - Break my arms around the one I love: Resist when going to the second door with Cassie

Bad End 2 - The French Passion of the Animality Opera: In the part where you go with morga, resist first before giving in.

Bad End 3 - The Flower of Woe: Resist the plant

Bad End 4 - Welcome Home: Go with Morgan all the way, but refuse sex the whole time.

Bad End 5 - Fake Empire: Let everyone other than hunter have sexual contact with Morgan until the last choice.

Bad End 6 - Between Breaths: Morgan All the way

Bad End 7 - Neverender: Avoid Sex. No keys.

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/12/2014

Well done!  I'm working a good bit in Ren'Py too at the moment (well, stepping out at the moment to build a stronger Python library for it) and it is by far my favorite engine to date (though you can't quite dive into it as quickly as RAGS or some of the others).  It is good to see it getting more attention!

Game wise very well written, I would love to see you keep working on this game!  Feedback wise I find myself echoing some of the other comments..  great writing, but state doesn't quite carry through enough.  For example (trying to avoid spoilers) at one point girl X goes off and fucks a guy.  Within a scene or two girl X is about to fuck another guy and the story speaks about how she's never been with another man.  Ren'Py is really flexible, incorporating a bit of an 'if' in there to change out a sentence or two as needed to reflect previous events would go a long way.  If you had time to add in further reflections of actions even better.

The gore thing did come out of left field a bit.  I have no problem with it, Crossroads is still one of the most well done games I can remember, but this played out a bit like those FB memes where you follow a tranquil image across, across, across.. ScaryFace!!  It would have worked better if you'd build up to it with a few clear opt-out options of 'oh.. right, this is actually serious.  well crap.. um ok, I am going to just step back now..'  Or if the whole game had played like that.  This was more like an easter-egg that you didn't have to search terribly hard to find.

And yea, would've like to see the incest angle played up a bit more.  I don't think every game needs that, its fun when it is there but fine when it is not.  But you included a sister, she does get into sexual situations, so it is kind of a tease where the player thinks they are supposed to find a path to trigger something that doesn't quite happen.

Anyway, those are very very minor feedbacks, overall absolutely love what you did with it, didn't even notice the lack of images.  Great job!

Review by Fire5

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/11/2014

To get ending 5 you'll have to have all the other girls, not the main character, have some sort of sexual contact with morgan.  If anyone could give let me know about bad endings 2, 3 and endings 3 and 5 it would be appreciated.

Review by Alexandar

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 11/11/2014

Personally I very much enjoyed this game, as a native English speaker I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, and while not having pictures or music with this VN style is slightly odd I didn't find it hinding to story at all, in fact I say not having them was a good idea since it left much to the imagination.  Nothing ruins a good porno like bad pics.  The cockhold and transformation kink were played up very nicely and most of the endings were very good.  I do have some suggestions though

1. By end large the scenes don't effect the story at all, only the final ending.  While I didn't really have a problems with this, espiecally since you were smart enough to incorporate a skip button, I think it would have benefited the atomsphere/tone of the story if you have the characters slowly changing as a result of our choices.  Maybe have them look more and more sluttier, if you keep picking that character's slut option.  Etc.

2.  As someone already mention and suggested you should probably put some kind of warning up for the gore scenes.  They pretty much could out of nowhere and gore is one of those things that can quickly kill a person's "mood" if they aren't into it.

3. I agree the "true end" was a very big let down.  Breaking the fourth wall like you did was very jarring, at least to me, especially since the tone of the story didn't hint at all you were going for something so meta.  It didn't help the matter at all you made it very clear we were supposed to have sex with you, it broke me out story, which is something you never want to do and made the entire final sex scene very awkward and honestly it felt as if that ending was more for you then it was for the player.  Don't get me wrong, as the creator of the game you should of course be able to do what you want and include any kink that interest you, but you should do it from the view of the player not as "god" of the world you created.  Remember the point of a game is to make the player happy, not some other character ;)

4. Chloe and Eva kinda felt a little wasted to me.  The incest angle is never played up as well as the cockhold angle was, perhaps having the player temporary transform into his male form so that he could fuck his sister/be forced to fuck his sister would have helpped with this.  As for Eva, well you had the idea for this proud slut which was great but you didn't go anywhere with it.  You could have easily made Eva a reverse cockhold, have her seduce Hunter and make Cassie (and/or possibly Chloe) watch as the two go at it.  This also plays into 5

5. Male version endings, I would have liked to see a Male version ending with each of the female characters.  We got one ending each where Hunter ends up with the girl of our choice but he's still in girl form.  Don't get me wrong, I love those endings, I just wish we had male versions of them too.  Where Hunter and girl of our choice are dating/fucking


That's pretty much it for me, also you did a good job in including a skip function, as well as mutilple save slots, little things like that are appericated and go a long way to make your game great.  That's it for me.

Question to all: Has anyone figured out how to get Ending 5 yet?  It's the only ending I don't have and at this point I'm going through every single possible combination in order to get it (as you might guess it's taking forever).

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