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Version: 2.0


You build up relations with 5 npcs in order to collar them, making them your ultimate play thing.


You play as Izuna Kimura, a modest figured neko who has lustful desires that have gone unsated for some time. One day, you recieve a mysterious box in the mail that contains 5 collars. You must establish a strong bond with each npc before you can put the collars on them.

You build up your main stats: Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, and Attractiveness. Reputation and hygiene are stats that require occasional maintenance. Aside from the main story and 5 main npcs, there are subnpcs in the town to seduce. You can also go fight monsters, and find yourself in sexual encounters with them. There is an alchemy system in the game where you can buy/create potions to use on yourself or npcs. These potions will cause various transformations. With this, there is also an impregnation system for the player and female npcs.

Izuna - Player


Miko - Izuna's sister [non-blood]. Cold, sarcastic and quite intelligent. Is known to make poisons and potions.

Tenshi- Miko's brother. Shows up at the house after a few weeks, has not seen Miko for years. Otaku-type npc.

Vladimir - Izuna's ex lover. Russian wolf who has been exposed to radiation in his past. More bdsm route than other npcs.

Silver - Miko's boyfriend. He is a wolf demon who has an intrest in smithing weapons.

Elle -  Friend of Miko and Izuna. Works at the hospital. Very flirty, has a few dark secrets in the story.


Other chars and sub npcs include:

Rey - RN at the hospital.

Lupe - RN at the hospital. Speaks only spanish, but has an obvious attraction to the player.

Steve - Inn keeper, hasn't seen any bedroom action in a long time.

Todd - Runs the bath house. Spies on customers with a secret camera set up.

Eve - Demon secretary at the company. She is pure and virginal, unlike her demon kin.

Astaroth - Boss of the company. Has a soft spot for the player.

Felix - Incubus who looks over the progress and direction of the company. Has two cocks.

Ryu - Ninja at the guild who can extort the player in the future.

And others in the future.

Nothing, yet.

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Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 03/09/2017

this is a different game than on the download site.

The new game on the download site have it where you must eat or die. But there isn't enough food to eat.  A person dies in less than a day without food.  You can find food in the pantry but not enough to fully bring hunger to zero.  Work is needed here.


Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 03/08/2017

OK, this is odd...  The game listed here is called Collars.  The download file is called Collar's Rebirth and seems to have only a passing relationship to the games reviewed below.

This game, "Collar's Rebirth" deals with a couple of themes I really like, notably, exhibitionism and snooping.  However, the game is a bit too tough for me to play.  The character keeps starving to death, for one thing.  His rate of hunger increase really needs to go down.  Also, the Mom character is not out of the house long enough for me to accomplish any of the cool activities, like using that bedroom door key.  Plus, if you attempt to reduce the "lust" score (necessary to continue) there are obstacles that are, for me, too tough to overcome... so to speak.

In short, this might be a better game with some tweaks, but it is NOT "Collars," the 2015 game described on this page.  

Review by Horagen

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 07/21/2015

How do best to discribe this great game.

Well the best way seems to be a Life-simulation you play a Cat-girl name Izuna you are living in a small town and own a house where she lives with her adopted sister Miko. and Although you char is not on the best term with with her she get you to get a job to stop you from slacking too much. lucky for you the papir have 3 to chose from be a ninja, phone sales or help at the local hospital to earn money for food, training books and sex toyes and when the day is more or less over remember to talk to your friends and train you stats to impress them.
This is basic where the game begins when on the morning of your first day a box with a bunch of Collars and with a mysterius letter as well address to your char. What are they for well that is for you and Izuna to find out.

Review by Lerianis

Version reviewed: 1.63 on 02/19/2015

A very good game, however there are some big bugs in it. Such as the "If you get the main character pregnant before Vladimir and Toshio show up, her pregnancy vanishes and you are unable to get pregnant anymore!"

I will admit, I cheated my way through some parts using Cheat Engine to pump up my money amount but that appears to have nothing to do with the issue above.

That issue aside, the game is stellar. I especially like that you are adding in or have a way (I have not found it yet) to turn the main character girl or the two heroines of the story into futas or hermaphrodites.

Review by ToxiClay

Version reviewed: 1.63 on 01/19/2015

In response to pingguo, if an RPGMVXA game is 454 MB, it means that the author elected to include the entire RTP in his game, rather than relying on users having the external RTP from the RPGM website. The RTP, or Run-Time Package, contains all universal assets used in the development of an RPGMVXA game: universal tilesets, scripts, sounds, etc.


My recommendation would be for the author to strip the RTP out of future releases to dramatically cut down the file size.

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