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Version: 0.5.4

Version: 0.5.3b

The Weekend
by tufty

This game let's you take the role of a young guy going to visit his sister for a short weekend vacation.  Obviously, things don't go exactly how he's expecting.


The theme is a single, instant MtF transformation very early in the game and the repurcussions that follow.  There is very little (if any) fetish content.  Sorry if that's your thing!

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Review by Soniya

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 11/02/2017

Oh, I just loved this story. Perfectly written for my point of interest. Few of the best topics are:


1) Rest of the world treats her like a lady born at birth

2) A elder sister helping her recently turned younger sister with acceptance of new gender. 

3) Efficient girls talk, with Amelia on regular basis.

4) A gentle push towards your orientation. Not compulsion but a polite yet firm way of suggesting on change of your sexuality

5) By far the best threesome I have seen. I love the way it starts and how Sophia joins it.


So eager to see the next updates. Love your work Tufty. Hugs :)

Review by Shaing

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 09/28/2017

So... I just now finished playing The Weekend and I had a amazing time. The thing what makes this experience so amazing is that it offers not the typical "You're a woman now! Have sex, be happy!" Cliché but that it strenght lays else where. The Weekend perfectly shows the difference in thinking between man and woman and while the tf is spontanous the "real tf" happens afterwards as the character fully embraces his feminity and truly becomes a woman. It is just a totaly different level of statisfaction that this game is able to offer that i havn't seen in any other so far and it amazes me how feminin this game makes one feel just by playing, especially since the sexual statisfaction doesn't feel "male" in the end but just... truly female... It is a weird way to describe but it just carries such a unique treat that it is hard to describe any other way.


If you enjoy MtF just slightly then i would recommend you the game for a solid 100%. It is a experience that one will not regret and even more so since it all feels so believeable and real and not like just a bunch of thrown together pieces, glued with bimbos and a tf here and there.

Review by crop

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 09/23/2017

Albeit I haven't played the game in it's entirety, I really like it, I prefer games with a hand-drawn style way way above the kind of stock images/computer generated images. It's a fantastic game, way above what you usually see here.

But I really want to echo some critiscism of the sister earlier. She is just... horrible. If someone says things like "no sister of mine is going out with hairy legs" after I involuntarily had my gender changed then there's just no way I'd ever go along with her. She has a very strict understanding of what it is to be a girl - I mean you can have hairly legs and still be a girl - and that sort of limits your options.

Review by JohanKLars

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 09/22/2017

This is without a doubt one of my favourite games here. The pacing is slow, but the superb writing lends that pace to a slow buildup of atmosphere, immersion and interest rather than boredom.

Very, very well written and realised, the scenes and situations feel real and carry (at least to me) some emotional weight. 

I absolutely hope to see many more updates to this game, especially now that we are reaching more sexual parts of it. 


Updated 19/10

This continues to be one of my three favourite games here. The writing is great, and I cant wait to see the story progress! The number of branching paths are impressive, keep up the good work!


Updated 23/9-17


Continues to be absolutely excellent. There are clear paths developing, and it now has the hottest threesome I have ever read in one of the paths. 

Personally I have no issue with the choices. You can deny the situation and be entirely negative, and eventually it seems you will be able to do that all the way through for a fairly quick path to being turned back. 

I do not personally have a problem with thbe choices, quite the opposite. Unlike many games they seem logical based in the protagonists described personality and his/her situation. You can be unwilling, but you're stuck as you are and have an overbearing sister who tries to get you to do things. 

Review by aerion111

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 08/30/2017

The game seems to have pretty good writing, but I absolutely cannot stand the choices.

I like being able to resist a bit - or at least have a threat laid against me when I try that stops me.

As in, if I hear an NPC go 'We should put you in heels!' I need to be able to go 'Oh heck no! No heels!' - if the NPC then turns around and goes 'Wear heels, or it's game-over' (though in less explicit ways), fine. At least I tried. Not my fault the game-designer decided to railroad me with threats.

But a straight out 'Here's three options, one of which is blue to imply it's the male one: None of them let you refuse your sister' ruins the experience for me.
It's not very realistic to instantly embrace the new gender, for one, and for another I happen to DISLIKE overly feminine girls; Heels and short-skirts make people look like they're trying too hard.
An athletic girl in a well-fitting shirt and pants can be hot - don't need to be 100% 'one of the boys' either: Some light make-up to cover imperfections, some interests in 'girl-talk', maybe one skirt/dress hidden in the back of the closet for trying on when no one's around or for special occasions, etcetera; Someone can be a tomboy and still be, ya know, a girl.
In this story, it seems like the 'sister' has a VERY specific idea of girls; If you're not wearing high heels, panties, and so on, you're repressing your true self. Bleh.

Heck, I'd even have accepted it if the story implied there was some brain-washing! Bimboification stories aren't my favorite, but I can tolerate them.
But without brainwashing, this is just misogyny done by a female character (the sister).
And my tolerance for misogyny isn't high enough for this.

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