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1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets
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Version: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets

Version: 1.0.4 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets

Version: 1.0.2 - Full

Version: 1.0.2 - Update, needs v1.0 media

Version: 1.0.0 - Update, needs v0.98 media

Version: 0.98 - Update, needs v0.93 media

Version: 0.93 - Update version, needs v0.9 images

Version: 0.9 - Update, needs v0.8x images

Version: 0.8 - Update from v0.79 - WebM

Version: 0.75 - Lite - Please see note in synopsis

Escort Dreams

This is an open world bimbo game with a focus on game mechanics and visuals. As of v0.98, it contains 976 individual WebM clips, totalling over 100 minutes of video content. As it is a sandbox game, there will be a lot of repeat actions. Main actions always have a variety of clips to be used to keep it entertaining, and the clips will change to reflect your current transform level and abilities.


Download notes

v1.0.5 Escort Dreams HTML File Only

v1.0.5 Escort Dreams Entire Image File (1.16GB): https://mega.nz/#!6x5ixbKK!Eg7KZ3JzTYmE ... 9oOcQT9kxU

v1.0.5 Escort Dreams Part 1 Image File (499MB): https://mega.nz/#!GsJwBCwL!VcIOfjbuzYoY ... pDb1tEuogg

v1.0.5 Escort Dreams Part 2 Image File (499MB): https://mega.nz/#!ahY2VISB!mlB1Wbuxa8I6 ... n5zpqJnnGo

v1.0.5 Escort Dreams Part 3 Image File (190.3MB): https://mega.nz/#!PhomkLqa!BrnNqvvUU0Ei ... RFlZuVpwbA



Lite Version(not updated), only non-animated GIFs, low resolution

v0.75 - 25MB

 Latest Version: 1.0.5


Desperate to escape the degrading sexual abuse of your family, you take to the streets to whore yourself out and save up for clinical transformation procedures. The focus is more on GIF visuals and game mechanics as opposed to long pages of text. Each action has visuals for each stage of transformation, as well as various selections for each so repeat action will typically not look the same. Money will be required to make all transformations and guess what you'll have to do to get it...

You, the player who is trying to transform into a female whore.

Mother, father, sister - All of whom will take advantage of you sexually and tease you any chance they get

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Review by Dracornis

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 03/19/2017

a great game


but I have a wish:

if this game gets an update in the future:

can we explore the kidnapping part more?

i think this could be a totally valid path to continue, with more options, being forced to many things and so on


please ^_^

Review by 32167

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 02/10/2017

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 02/04/2017

As RedGhost stated, I would write my review almost Identical with what he has said. The Idea and way you go about things are amazing. Alas their is no good ending. Only Bad. Found 3 Maybe 4, Cant count the one where you dont pay, Since it just doubles up. You then get the cop ending that you would get if you were in aspera.  The Stats... I cant really tell what most of them do? Their is a bunch of tiny stats that influence you in some shape and form, but it just escapes me. some I can only guess. Maybe just some Fluff.

Make up stat is an easy stat that really makes sense. if its high, great, if not, its not limiting. Getting Bimbo High, just really makes it hard to make money. Get dignity to Low ends the game with a bad end.Especially LUCK! That Stat I think is the Single most important stat in the game!!!

Day 23 with the VD of cum keeper, Nice twist. Since having that VD invalildates the weekly Pay requirement. I think it would be better If you had other ways though. Like get a VD that makes you grow a cock. Inconsistancy that I have seen with those are Bimbo transform and shrinkage. One grows the other shrinks...so nothing happens

Another thing i noticed is stretch, I had a plus 15 stretch. Not really worth while, but the costs just go up and up? Also why Pussy stretch when your a Futa, you dont have one lol. One thing with the Clinic, you should be able to have a selection of VDs, or allow certain ones to be cured. Cost more for them is fine, or pay an easy sum to get rid of them all like you have done.


Would like more interactions at home. Sister,Boyfriend,Mom,Dad. Currently its random until at some point either shemale or girl. you can play with daddy for lolipops. The sex scenes are random shower or very low when you come home, if you dont proc the other random events.

Hypnotist, havent found or not implemented yet lol. Daddy Love what does it do? got that thing up to 170 nothing... Maybe add an ending where dad marries you.

Wish their was some End goal you can strive for. like maybe buying your own house. Call system could use some work. For example who the heck is Pascha. Oh well.

Great game.

Now the bad stuff I found. Two things so far. One I think the game has a memory leak issue. Playing for so many days cause the game to slow down to a crawl. It makes you think the game is not responding and you cant click or close the game until it "catches up". A way i can solve this, is save, and close the window, Plus close the process tree since its leaking. Then relaunch the game. Be advised though that sometimes the save data disappears.

Other one is an Error i found. I tried to copy it, but for some reason My computer could not copy. using CTL C and using the mouse does not work. So i'm sorry i can't give you the Error. Ill keep trying to retrace my steps to get the error, and manually type it in next time.

Now something weird, Running from the police! using the car service, gives you a blank screen, using Dans service, gives you the Travel like normal then blank screen.

Hope this helps and keep it up, defintly has potential.

Edit: Found a different Error, Its an Error regarding Macros when you save after you sleep and when someone visits you in the night. End game, terminate process tree, since game leaks. reload game, and it pops up, I say about 30% of the time. Also Being Pregnant makes you immune to all Bad endings. Even if you sleep in the alley.

One thing I found out you need to Fix though is: if you have bimbo transform, Change into a girl and get Max size breasts. when you goto the clinic for the first time and ask to increase breast size for 600. You get the whole Dialogue speel of them saying cant increase size, But now you have a contract with them... So not only did they take your money they ripped you off by not doing anything AND you have to give them weekly payments. Bimbo Transforms change you into a girl with the power of MAGIC! so you shouldnt even need the clinic at this point and just have fun doing what ever. Also once that happens, no matter how much time passes it doesnt show up that you need to pay. UNTIL you get rid of your pregnancy, then it pops up like normal... But they didnt do anything for me, darn ingrates LOL

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 12/25/2016

v1.0.5 (full assets):

This is a very high content game for its current release. As a sim-game, the nearest comparison to it is Free Cities but you are focused almost entirely on your avatar and the changes they are going through. Programming in the game is mostly solid but for something of this high level of content and current release version, there are a few little quirks here and there that might catch you before you learn the cause/effect behind the game engine.

Interaction in the game is high with many different NPCs you can meet and deal with, along with many different things you can do in the game: some are even time-sensitive. Writing for the game is okay and the images in the game fit the scenes well (but are a BIG cause for the size of the Full Assets download of course). Transformations in the game are all geared towards one goal - full transgender reassignment - and they are frequent and varied in their causes; if you are careless then you will have almost no control over your changes, but if you are cautious and keep your money earned well spent you will have no problems at all.

In the current version I have seen many possible bad endings, but I have not seen a completion of the Lactation or Pregnancy transformations path yet (likely a future update) as either a bad ending or good ending. In all truth a multi-branching "good ending" is likely still in the future development.

Right now this game is highly recommended but you'll only get the real experience out of the game by going to the effort of getting the Full Assets download. I have played both versions and it is the one that makes the most sense based on the current text description quality available.

Review by ive_got-problems

Version reviewed: 1.0.5 - HTML Only, Needs 1.0.2 Full assets on 12/16/2016

Is there anyway we can get a re-upload of the full 1.0.2? The file seems to be gone.

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