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12312 bimbo chemical induced change hypnosis Competetive breast expansion


The protagonist enters a reality t.v show in the hope of aquiring ..."Fame and fortune".

But it goes quite badly wrong.


Currently only the intro is complete..

Added additional content - 03/02/15

1 new housemate.

Polished some text.

Help/hint system - clearer progression.

2 "hidden" optional events.


Update 04/2/15

Updated pictures, to now use 3  images, to reflect changes.

Added 2 Optional hypnosis events.

Cleaned up some text and reduced plot-holes.

You can now talk to girls regardless of their location...Unless you are "Spying".



Update 05/2/15

Very minor bugfix - No new content.

Talking to Sarah before you grow boobs, no longer reduces actions by 2.

Name no-longer resets/upgrades to wrong level upon completion of intro.


 Update 5/7/15

Game now continues after tf.

Too many changes to list.

In game time limit for demo, as some of the later content is not yet in place.


 Update 012/07/15

Fixed a few bugs, Incuding the infamous Amy clothing bug.

Emma now gives you a random face..

Ability to buy back starting-girl face in the shop.

Reduced overall vote generation, But you now receve Votes every day for the different stages of roomates hypno.

Added 5 more days. to a total of 35.

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Review by Forge

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 03/17/2017

Easily one of my favorite games on the site. I truly wish the author would come back and finish the game, possibly make more. This is just brilliant!


Review by thumper

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 02/08/2017

An excellent game that focuses on physical and mental transformations.  There is a central theme of hypnosis.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to make it through all the content in the 30 day period that you have to work with.  I look forward to any updates that will hopefully cum.

Review by CourtneyHC

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 02/05/2017

This might be the best game on the site. Certainly in terms of replayability. Very sad that it appears to have been abandoned. I've played through it a dozen times, I still find amazing new secrets, and it's still a challenge even now.

Review by Nuditarian

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 01/24/2017

Just played through this for the first time. Absolutely loved it. Hope there is an update in the works.

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 01/24/2017

I really enjoyed this one.  Decent art and good gameplay, if a bit simplistic.  It's kind of on rails in that you are going to wind up transformed; the fun in the game is to hold out as long as possible while trapping the other girls so they fare as badly as you (minus the whole 'I lost my penis' thing of course).



- good art.  It really helps sell the transformation.

- good basic gameplay.  A good balance of enough places to go with things to do.  You are left wondering in the later stages of the game whether it's safe to go out of your room because of the chances you might get ambushed. 

- Good theme.  I really like the story in this one.



- limited gameplay length.  Understandable since content is apparently not available yet, but it's disappointing nonetheless.

- no save/rewind.  Do something stupid?  Start over or deal.  I suppose that's fair but arggh.

- limited interactions between you and the other contestants.  Trap them (or be trapped by them) or watch them.  That's it.


Some things I'd like to see:


- some overt sexual content between contestants.  In particular, there's some change in gender preference at one point in the game.  We've both been affected to the point we're quite corrupted.  Why aren't we having sex?

- some targets of opportunity.  For example, you walk in on someone masturbating while in possession of a hypnosis orb.  Perfect opportunity to use it.  Even better, someone uses your hypothetical tryst with another contestant to get the drop on both of you?  This kind of interaction is something that would spice the game up quite a bit.

- some more scenes where the others are pitted against each other.  There are some but this should be expanded quite a bit.

- some ability to horsetrade with contestants and/or Miko.  I'd particulary like to be able to have a choice between some voluntary corruption versus brainwashing.  Something like

'Wouldn't some brainwashing be nice now?'  

'Please no!'

'OK then, you still are wearing your normal prudish clothes.  Wear <some corrupting item>  and I'll forgo brainwashing for today.'


Great game, hope to see more!

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