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Release 2.2
Disability-themed game
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Version: Release 2.2


You are Beth.  A college student on a Track and Field scholarship.  Finals are coming up and you hope to maintain your GPA.

Your friend is bothering you in the library.  She wants just 5 minutes of your time.  How bad could that be?

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Review by cronotose

Version reviewed: Release 2.1 on 05/01/2015

Really outstandingly constructed game. Clever plot. Well executed. I have one criticism though.

Fairly long for a game on the site, you must accomplish a fairly wide variety of tasks. As you do so, stats you posess are altered. For most of the game, they don't matter. When you reach the climax, suddenly your ability to get the good ending is entirely dependant on these stats that for the rest of the game there was no point in paying attention to. To realize its now mathematically impossible to finish the game correctly without starting over from scratch is a little disheartening for a pretty long game with limited replay value.

Note: Did not play through every possible decision in the game.

Review by Fudgel

Version reviewed: Release 1 on 03/28/2015

Very interesting game, well written and the plot is amazing. Suggest giving it a go

Review by Sierra

Version reviewed: Release 1 on 03/23/2015

Aside from being a bit confused about the multiple-personality angle, this is a great game. There are some minor issues, and some of the puzzles could use some better clues, but otherwise, a lot of fun. While it is a non-TF game, any game where you play a hottie in a schoolgirl outfit who gets to get dominated by Bryci is a win in my book.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: Release 1 on 03/23/2015

Well, non-erotically the story is actually one of a kind, at least in tfgamessite.com. It is a bit light and the author could have pressed on harder but it is really up to the author.

Edit: okay I checked the thread and I am taking back my comments. Without knowing more, this game is but a erotic little game. I would suggest playing the game a few times before checking out the forum link. The game is actually offering a lot more than it seems.

Review by Joe Steel

Version reviewed: Release 1 on 03/21/2015

A cleverly-conceived and well-written little gem.  It's one of those games that can't really be reviewed without spoilers, but it is pretty much unique and worth anyone's time.  There's a lot of content for a first release and the game is completable as is.  Replayability will be limited, but that's the nature of puzzle-based games.  Highly recommended.

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