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Version: 0.3.3

Transformania Time (singleplayer gameshow)


This game was released in  early 2013.  I'm only now getting around to making an official entry for it here.

Welcome to Transformania Time(TM)! Today we have two eager contestents competing against each other for a hefty cash prize! What's the catch? Well, let me tell you this: this experience CHANGES you! I can guarantee that neither of our contestants will step out this door the same person that they stepped in as! And I don't mean in some kind of metaphysical or emotional way like other game shows. What do I mean? Well, it won't take you long to find out, I can guarantee you that! Neither can I say how either will be when they leave--it's different for absolutely everyone! So... let the games BEGIN!!!!!

Compete against other contestants to see who can postpone their own slow transformations the longest while the loser of each round transforms dynamically, bit by bit.  This game comes with a number of community-written characters and the character creator tool can be downloaded from the forums thread.

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Review by Buridan

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 08/24/2017

This game has a good concept but its execution is misguided.

The minigames that make up the gameplay are just too demanding for an erotic game. I'm down for a challenge usually, but when I'm playing an erotic game, I'm gonna have my cock in my dominant hand. Don't distract me with pointless flash reflex games that demand my absolute attention. Almost all the minigames are also poorly explained - a couple I had to glean through trial and error; some I still don't understand.

The actual transformation stuff is pretty well-done though.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 09/23/2016

i have idea that you can borrow from another game, a pair of buttens, one forces you to loose, one to win


Review by spottyphin

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 07/13/2016

Though I was able to keep a fairly one-to-one ratio of win/lose in the minigames, it had little to do with skill and more to do with dumb luck.

The few tfs I WANTED to see were difficult to get all the way through, since they were NPCs with an enourmous number of levels...

Review by aunya

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 11/02/2015

The mini-games are frustrating. Even on easy. I stopped bothering with the sequence, moving target, and pop-up games entirely.

Review by sophisa

Version reviewed: 0.3.3 on 10/16/2015

Reasonably fun, but flawed.


The transformations vary in quality, although due to the apparent multiple submitters for them, that's a little unsurprising. The major flaw comes from the mechanics - the 'mini-games' are wildly variable in difficulty, and the simulated opponents are quite obviously not human; 

-The 'pop-ups' one is near impossible to win, as is the 'sequence' one. The speed at which the AI accomplishes these are simply impossible under the same assumptions as you, the player (mouse control and human capabiltiies).

-The 'moving target' one requires leading the click point, but if the target is above a certain speed, this lead is extremely hard to keep, and the AI will most likely beat you.

-The 'discus' and 'match two' ones however are near certain victory.

-The 'double pong' one is extremely luck based, and the AI will often persist for periods that just shouldn't be possible.

-The AI just plain cheats at the 'roulette' one.

An adjustment to the AI's capabilities would help this game feel more like a simulation of a human opponent instead of a cheating hyper-reactive computer. Changing the difficulty setting to 'easy' seems to have no effect whatsoever.

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