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Version: 0.9.3

Thieves Guild Challenge
by blobbob

You play a thief in a medieval city participating in a contest organized by the Thieves Guild. If you succeed you can transform your contesters. Of course the contesters can do the same to you. Who'll be the winner?

Update Version 0.9.2:

- Added pictures for all opponents

- Changed background calculations (there's still a bug currently when an opponent loses)

- Added Thieves Guild as "activity"

Update Version 0.9.3:
- Added first special contract in Thieves Guild

- Fixed bugs

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by scouts

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 07/11/2016

Great game i enjoyed it alot. Only thing i would like in next update would be to choose your character model.

Review by Arief

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 07/02/2016

Nice game. I hope you can make multiple trap effect. Thanks.

Review by werewolfwill

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 05/10/2016

I enjoy the game but as others suggested more transformation options would be nice although I know it can be hard modelling. One thing I think that would help give more variety would be to let the player select one of the other character models such as Hana, Greg, ect. It seems like a waste to have modeled them but be unable to see them transform without pressing the "opponents" button not to mention it would let the player see what each character looks like as either gender.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 02/15/2016

excelent idea in the game.... now only if it wasnt so easy.


I actually tried to loose by starting female, drinking a bimbo potion, and not fix my mind by useing the alchemist.  even skipped several turns. Still won in the end by a rather large margine.


The game is way too easy in it's current state. Still enjoyable though.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 01/13/2016

Not bad! I enjoyed the game element, though I found myself wanting more transformations and more options. Still for a beta test it was fun to play, though I saw a lot of script bugs whenever someone broke into my house and was caught or I went to visit the guild and the receptionist was busy.

As you've said though, still a work in progress. Please continue.

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