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Version: Adventure 1.03

Version: 2.00b

House of Pandemonium - Remastered

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Oct 30, 2017 - Adventure Mode 1.03 has been released. Saves are backwards compatible with previous versions. See the Discussion page for a full changelog.

Adventure Mode is an all-new game taking place in the land of Pandemonium. Chapter 1 stars Mei, a waitress from Hong Kong trying to find her way home.

Chapter 1 contains the following transformations: Alraune, Bee, Ghost, Werecat, Slime, Corrupted Bee. It also contains a lot of F/F, a bit of M/F, Mind Control, Corruption, Possession, Sub/Dom Dynamics, Vines, Slime Idiocy, Rennaisance Paintings, Stolen Borrowed Music, Terrible Jokes, Heaps of Violence, and one scene where you boop a corgi statue with a piece of paper. You use that paper to make a pie. I am serious.


House of Pandemonium - Remastered is a remake of Pashaimeru's 2014 smash-hit House of Pandemonium. The game attempts to emulate the original as closely as possible, with a few small ease-of-use improvements, faster game speed, and configuration options.

We now have a Patreon to help fund development of Adventure Mode! Support the project!

The game now has its own webpage, for those of you who want to keep up to date with development between patches. Dev posts will be (approximately) every Monday.

Classic and Corrupter Mode have received no updates. All the changes are in Adventure Mode.

If you need help getting the game to run, or understanding the gameplay, please see the associated forums thread. The blog now also contains a brief gameplay guide for how to play in 3D mode. If you want a guide to the new features of Corrupter Mode, click here.

There isn't a plot. Six ladies are tossed into a mansion, and none of them are getting out without something bad happening.

Christine - The athletic one!

Jeanne - The smart one!

Mei - The... Asian one!

Lotta - The catgirl!

Talia - The elf!

Sanya - The one everyone forgets!

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Review by timberwolf511

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.03 on 10/30/2017

first off i want to say i love this  game both in adventure mode corrupter most and 3d classic now one thing i noticed and i don't know if this is a glitch or not but when you play corrupter mode then go to 3d classic you can actually use some of the powers from the race you chose in corrupter i kinda like that make it fun you can attack your non monster allies hehe


ps "i just want to tell you both good luck we're all counting on you" :)

Review by Kijuma

Version reviewed: Adventure 1.02 on 10/25/2017

Ok soooo...

this will be less of a review and more of a praise to both the developer and author and (possible?) composer.


I absolutely adore the writing, overall feeling and the music choosen for the adventure part of House of Pandemonium - Remastered.

Also those few insider eastereggs I could find, were brilliantly placed and I think they can be found relatively easy as well,

with the most recent one I came across very near the end of Mai's storyline. (Bill Wurtz is all I'm saying.


There was a minor bug that caught my attention however:

The Quantir Estate - Sewer Levels had a bit of an issue transferring the party to the correct position *after* changing levels, but I'm sure this will be resolved in a later update so it will be alright I guess.

Now...if you're thinking that you are now trapped down there and have to restart the entire game *I can reasure you that is not the case* from the position where you spawn,

fight your way south until you reach stairs going up - in the south of the tiny room you've now entered is a metal gate you can pass through - you are now outside agian.


All in all I'm looking forward to the next row of character/s that will have their story be told and can only recommend others to try out the game themselfs.

It is well worth the look Beehind it's title and cover, hehe.


Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: Adventure 20170619 on 09/21/2017

This is a much changed version of house of pandemonium. I didn't like the original version because it was unwinnable by design. This new version is a more traditional adventure, where the protagonist gets transported to another world. The writing is darling, the protagonist is charming and the transformation scenes are well written with a good number of transformations. Uniquely the game doesn't end when you get transformed, instead you get to run around in your transformed form.


The gameplay is fun and there have been pretty constant updates. The developer has been very responsive to suggestions.


I have a few complaints about the game, mostly the combat and the fact that you can run past most encounters. But there is a major update coming and the developer claims these issues have been fixed.


I recommend this game as a fun little diversion. Fair warning it’s not structured around sexual content, it’s structured around transformation content. There is a little bit of sex but it’s pretty sparse.


In conclusion, this game is good and deserve more attention.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.60a on 01/03/2017


I understand this game better now with the survival of your own humanity against every other person, where you can just look solely after yourself and leave the rest to be captured and changed. Or (with very specific circumstances and situations) possibly save another character with a Remedy or Elixir; I was never able to successfully trigger either at all though despite many playthroughs.

I like the new map layout compared to the old one, but you are still killing time waiting for the difficulty to get higher unless you fluke cursed items that cause a change and then use them on other NPCs (e.g. cowbell collar, fairy ring, etc) by giving them to the other NPCs. Interactivity is still "go walking around, find stuff, use common sense and look for a chainsaw as soon as possible" for the best chance of survival when you are leaving the other girls to their fate. You can also mess with some of the non-threatening NPCs (such as a cowgirl) by milking them, but when you hit the lowest willpower there is no transformation penalty for it. Also oddly, after making them "happy" they don't follow you to assist but instead keep wandering; I thought this was odd.

Graphics used for the transformation sequences are good for this version, but I found myself wondering why the transformations happened immediately or enslaved your mind to make you go to a specific spot to make them happen immediately. Slow transformations I have not seen in this game much other than when you are caught on a forced transformation (plant girl, mermaid, golem, harpy, etc) when being forced to go to a specific spot or lose a fight and get transformed on the spot. This is quibbling though; what is possible through the transformations into monsters is very high.

I did not keep playing this game after more than one hour of attempts, because by that time I had had enough of trying to beat the high scores or play Corruption Mode. Honestly I thought I had seen it all and was bored.

Cautiously recommended. Some players may only find a short amount of enjoyment with this game, but for what has been done in its long development it deserves praise and much respect.



Still unable to make a call on this game. I found the interface still clumsy to use with SugarCube regularly crashing for a few seconds whenever I went into the main menu to make a special choice when I was transformed into a monster and it is still dull when you start with nothing to do but laps of the dungeon waiting for the difficulty to increase.

Please continue.



I had difficulty getting immersed in the game in it's current stage of development. The interface seemed clumsy, but as this is a very early version I can handle that as this still has a lot of work to go.

The scene seemed alright and the enemies with their linked TFs was different, but I think I should wait until a later version before giving a solid call on this game.

Please continue.

Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: 1.40a on 12/06/2016

I like this game, but it doesn't feel quite finished yet. The 3D interface is simple, but runs smoothly and is fairly easy to understand, although a control diagram somewhere in the game would be nice (I had trouble figuring out how to skip turns since the old "skip" button clickable area was removed, but I figured it out eventually).

The game is entirely functional, but at the moment is a little light on graphic content. The TF scenes are all there, but items all use the same sprite (a sword, a pitchfork, and a chainsaw are all represented by a sword image, for example), but it is otherwise perfectly servicable.

There's no explicit sex in the game, but there is a lot of nudity. All of the transformations are "monster girl" style transformations (none of them are entirely animalistic with little things like ears changing) and they really don't go quite far enough for my personal tastes, but again that's just my preference and not really the game's focus. There are few enemies that just enslave your character with "mental changes," and while it thankfully isn't every enemy in the game, it is just a little bit disappointing there aren't more physical changes to accompany them.

Still, for what it is this game is much improved over the earlier versions and I like where it's heading.

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