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Version: 0.3.32

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Strive For Power
by Maverik

SfP is a game inspired by free cities and jack of nine tails. You own a personal mansion and acquire slaves from various places, explore world, complete quests and advance through the Mage Order. Most plot points are still heavily in development, but otherwise game is fairly stable and 'sandbox'y.

You can view changelog in the game's main menu.

You are a mage, inheriting lone mansion in forest. Your aim is to come to prosperity, and for that you will need to organize your new base, acquire servants, money and mana, which will also require you to have sex. 

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Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 02/22/2017

I find this game very frustrating to play at the beginning because it's not clear what's happening in regards to what influences slaves obedience and lust, nor when someone starts "stealing" food and money (how do they manage to do this and so much and so often?!) what to do to rectify it. I ended up learning some things by trial and error, but frankly it's very off putting to not understand what effect your actions will have, or even to be able to figure out how to take corrective action. A great example is the money/food thief. How do I find out who it is? How do I stop this behavior? I don't really know when to apply the punishments or the praises and in the end and it's frustrating.

I think this game would be much more popular if two things happened: First tone down the negative snowball for slaves, or limit how much they can steal because it's not fun to have all your money evaporate in 4 days from the start of the game (what crap is this?!) The second thing would be to provide more information about when to do certain actions. At least I should be able to disceren when I should praise/punish a slave - something that is totally not clear right now. 

This game could be pretty good and you've clearly put a lot of effort into programming it, but the learning curve is far too steep and gives players a feeling of helplessness. Only the most stubborn people will push past this into figuring enough out in order to enjoy the game, and if that's the case, then why make it in the first place? 


TL;DR Lower the learning curve.

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 01/28/2017

Good game, some faults here and there do to pathing through the menus.I notice it says 2.7 up top, but there's also 6.6 aswell. I have tried both and would love it if you combined them together. I'm not sure which one i should play so I went with 6.6 mainly, pretty pictuers, more choices lol, mainly pretty pictures.

Found a couple bugs that really stand out. one of them is in regards to finding story related quest people. If you have a full mansion, and you succesfully recruit one of these people, you will go over the limit. this i noticed in 6.6, while in the 2.7 version you can increase your mansion size,6.6 has no way to increase size, but in 2.7 no pretty pictures lol.

You need to add combat jobs for your servants, like you did with the brothel and mage order. You also need a way to get magic power easier, cycling menus to hit the same 5 buttons over to get 2-7 magic is annoying, if loyalty,obediance and all that is high or in the green, their should be an option to spend X amount of energy to "GET" magic LOL

Skills need more work, since they barely tell you what they do. maybe a plus sign to associated jobs would help.

All in all good game, hours kinda fly by since, You will be grinding. This game requires you to plan at least 4 days ahead since your choices are really limited at the start. Some job choices seem really good for your servants, But they are a TRAP. after starting over several times I found that once I set up my servants in a certain way. I was golden for the rest of the content. Now just need LARGER mansion lol. so many Waifus to Train.


BTW found a Centaur Prodigy, That was Head strong. Mentally she was a coward... I laughed LOL


Now for 2.7 I think its more Advanced? The menus and the screens really annoy me alot. when im in the mansion its really hard to see and read whats on the screen. The game is alot harder in 2.7 So i recommend players to try out 6.6 first it has most of what 2.7 has to offer. 6.6 seems more polished in regards to writing, while 2.7 seems like an actual Alpha game, with new game mechanics. This also allows you to see how much the game has progressed.

One bug that literally pisses me off so much that you need to fix!!! is when you make a mistake in the combat group, somtimes all you have to do is click on their name again, well for me that character gets greyed out and become unusable for the rest of the game.

Once i get my fill of 6.6 ill try to seriously combat 2.7 and do an additional review for it since i barely got past the starting zone, keep running out of food to fast lol.


Thanks and keep it up. maybe add some pictures to 2.7... :)



Ok played until I reached the end of 2.7. The game is both combined, its just feels harder to navigate. Theirs also pictures but they are background pictures only so far. I never even noticed until i was about to turn off the game and head to bed. I started off with the servants going to the store making money and getting exp, since its a little bit more grindy but in the end you can start rolling in dough that gets converted into food. Also it doesnt lower any of their obediance, just make them wear sundresses and play with them all, give them massages until they love you lots and you wont ever need to use a brand. My starting girl became 18 levels ahead of me by the time I completed the main quest arc, or what we have till now.

Some things to point out is the windows. if you hover over courage in their stats, you just barely read what you need to do to raise it. Confidence though you cant, it has a scroll bar but you can not select it with out the window disappearing. Selecting a job for your servants is the same, while highlighting certain jobs you cant read what the requirements are for them. Having a laboratory is another point, same with the farm. its like the game expects you to know you need management skill. instead it just tells you "dont have enough skill".

I also like the fact you can alter yourself, but its mainly cosmetic and does nothing for you. Same as before though, theirs no Combat orientated job, it justs makes combat easier. with the new stat system inplace, it makes it shows in a round about way how strong your servants are.

Would like a book in the library to tell me where you can find individual races. Using sabastian isn't a problem. It just needs more explaining. Farm for example, Sabastian explains about human woman is the best for it. No explanation on what you need to do. I wonder if this is the puzzle aspect where you are aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out what to do? another example: special Trait, pretty voice=vocal occupation better charm. Out of all the jobs listed nothing states about using a voice. Im thinking singer or something right? but there's no such job listed. So what do I do, I Guess Prostitution works... Maybe? You can hear the girl then right?

Pregnancy came as a surprise to me, since I didnt even notice when the starting girl got pregnant. She just gave birth one day. Yeah I understand now that I can inspect them, but thats a whole other window i need to go to. Hardly use that window for anything except "Virgin or no virgin". Which leads me to another thing that stuck out for right now. Had a child, threw into the warp hole thinga majig thing to make them grow faster, came out a futa. OK fine up to there BUT she was not a Virgin! How does that work. Its not like i picked her up off the street, or bought a slave girl. Its your daughter, sorry, shes not a virgin... What did that Warp hole thing do?

Last thing Explain Experience!!! Certain races Require 100 exp to level, while others require about 200-300 experienece to level once! Nice touch regarding skill points though :)

SO I'm Glad I finished the game, or whats it has at this point. I recommend this game if you have time. Be patient, their are multiple ways to go through the game. I still stand on playing 6.6 first, then 2.7, so much easier to handle. Once you get confident about what you need to do then tackle 2.7 since it is the newer one using a better engine.

Thanks for listening, and have a great time.

Keep up the good work Author.

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 0.2.7 on 01/28/2017

Nice game. What I like most here is that there is freedom about who the MC is (unlik e.g. Free Cities). You can be a trappy boy and get fucked in the ass by futa slave, you can be a qt girl and cuddle with your sister, etc.

I see people in other reviews complaining that they run out of food fast, that's because they are playing wrong. Scavenging for food is an easy job which requires no skills, and if you have 2 food scavengers (even the shittiest possible) for each non-scavenger person your food stock will (on average) grow. If you have specialized food scavengers with advanced skills or hunters or something like that its even easier. In the very beginning just get 2 slaves (starting one and that orphan girl you meet in the town) and set them to food scavenging, that is enough to make you self-sufficient. 

Training slaves is rather simple, just place one into a prison and they will grow loyal by themselves. Don't beat them - it will make them obedient but they will lose stats and will be very hard to train into something useful later on. Don't try to rape them unless you're sure it will work - they will hate you a lot for that. To prevent slaves escaping just check if their loyalty indicators are deep green and send them back to prison if they become light green or yellow. Resources like food and gold only restrain you in the beginning, as you progress it becomes much easier.

Review by Illanya

Version reviewed: 0.1.41 on 12/13/2016

The game has a nice setup, but it's resource management could use some rebalancing. Money is hard to come by, working in store only grants like 14 to 20 ish, and thats just about the same as you need to spend on to buy food. Pretty much the only savings margin you have is the random event that you actually get food from the work in store as a bonus (so no need to buy stuff-> more savings.)

Also without any ways to actually improve a slave basic stats, its very hard to train a decent slave. Your random generated slave just needs to have the right stats high anough and in the right combination to actually learn something over novice lvl. Meaning half of the slaves you get is pretty useless. nevermind even fulfilling a train slave quest for some extra cash grab. My suggestion is to actually ad some basic stat lvling system so slaves develop the skills they use a lot. This makes it better possible to train a slave for a role, ex, combat slave, sex slave, smartass that kind of stuff and to train a slave to the direction your quest guy ask for.

Fighting mob in the wild takes a huge burden on a single slave, basicly it's 1 battle, and a few day spending rest in personal room and with a nurse to get back to full again. meaning its very hard to actually start crafting anything from your alchemy set (which cost a 250g to unlock on top.)

Atm you are just grinding cash in the hope to get enough to buy the next 200 food, and hope you can get a sellable slave in the meantime. 

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: on 11/18/2016

Love the game, the storyline is half decent but the gameplay is simple & easy to understand which makes it fun..  but the one thing i don't get is- how the heck do ye collect the alchemy essences?  Because i fight those creatures constantly but just get exp & not any of the essences.  Please help, thank ye.

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