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Version: 4.17.2018

Version: 2.0

Breeder's Haven: Reconception


So, after wanting to change a little bit of the original game, I went a bit overboard and changed pretty much everything. While the base concept remains the same, most things have been changed. If you dislike all the changes made to the game, I'll be leaving a link to the original before I changed everything. But since I spent countless hours changing everything, I thought it might be worth it to change the name. So the project is now known as Breeder's Haven: Reconception (get it?!)

Plot: Due to a cataclysmic virus event, 99% of males have been eradicated from the earth with females remaining untouched (How convenient!) . The world now stabilized, uses the Haven System in order to repopulate the world. A Haven is a region that is governed by a male known as a Haven Administrator (That's you!). Its the Haven administrator's responsibility to screen applicants for his haven, impregnate said applicants, and then manage the upgrades and choices regarding the haven. Each new applicant brings value to your haven, and it's up to you to select those you want to be part of your society.

This game was made in Twine, and I changed none of the models names. So if you like one just google the name and you'll find her stuff. All the characters and models are above the age of 18.

This game is 100% and will always be free. Feel free to share but do not make any money off it whatsoever please.

List of changes: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=22758.msg715641#msg715641

If you don't like the game as to the changes I've made, I'll leave the 2.0 download up so you can enjoy the original before I broke everything. 

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Review by ajarlube

Version reviewed: 4.17.2018 on 07/19/2018

"Game" portion is stupidly easy.  Pregnant on every day ending in 1 or 6; upgrade XP a bunch at start, then stamina/money.  Then you just need to click a lot - A LOT - each day.

By turn 100 I had over $100 million and 1000 children, with apparently nothing more to do.  Yawn.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 4.6.2018 on 04/07/2018


>Breeder's Haven: Reconception
-The more it changes, the more it stays the same with frankly juvenile autism ''jokes'', or whatever is supposed to pass for it.

Combined with a HEFTY 1.2Gig+ ''game'' folder, this really doesn't inspire me in trusting the game's content.


Quote from the very start of the game :

« How could a virus behave in such a way? Was it a superbug resulting from antibiotic overusage? A government secret project gone horribly wrong? Autism from vaccinations? To this day, nobody knows. »

You lose all the points there, with that facepalm-worthy stupidity. I dread to see what the rest of this... game.. has to offer, if this is what serves as the introduction to it.

Review by beccara

Version reviewed: 4.6.2018 on 04/07/2018

I think the files are corrupt. Can't open them.

Review by alexg

Version reviewed: 11.29.17 on 12/07/2017

Love this game! Exactly what it says on the tin - loads of video content to enjoy, great replayability.

Big download, so preferably any updates also provide just the new game file.

In the 2.0 version I loved the achievements, could some form of this be re-implemented in v11? After the first few play throughs getting used to the new mechanics it felt like a grind to get to the different endings. Also some tracking of which endings I've gotten so far would be useful! Also could you add in the current number of rooms when you go to add an extra one after end of turn.

Thanks :)

Review by Truncatedshark

Version reviewed: 11.29.17 on 12/03/2017

This new version of the game is kind of interesting, but removes alot of the hotness from the game, upgrades feel useless and the points system do nothing right now.

If this game is to become hot again, there needs to be more of a rewarding feeling in everything, right now the recruiting of women are just a click here to watch porn feature, i would personally love if there were hard-to-unlock rare characters that i could work to unlock, or even a pokemon esque gotta catch em all mentality, with finding rare women through different random events, or even events tied to your attributes point distribution, like idk alot of racial minorities complaining that you have alot of tradition points and you get different (but sexy) choices to make in these situations.

The game has potential but really needs to be handled carefully and needs alot more of a rewarding feeling. Am excited to see where its gonna go

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