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Release 9 Version 6.1
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Version: Release 9 Version 6.1

Version: Release 9 Version 6.0

Version: Release 9 Version 5.5

Version: Release 9 Version 5.4

Version: Release 9 Version 5.3

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Version: Release 9 Version 5.0

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Version: Release 9 Version 4.0

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Version: Release 6 Version 2.3

Trap Quest
by aika

Trap Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawl virtual reality TF game.

If you are using Windows Glulxe and finding that the game is really slow then please please please try switching to Windows Git which is much much more lightweight and five times faster.  The weakness is that a few users have reported save files sometimes failing to load.

In response to the reviews complaining "I can't do X even though I want to" or "The game is railroading me towards Y", this is not a sandbox game for you to become the dominant and take control of the miniverse, this is a roguelike where if you're very lucky you might survive with most of your mental faculties intact.  For more details, read the FAQ.  If you want a nice forgiving sandbox game where you can become the dominant, or where there's no meaningful downside to always choosing the slutty option, please feel free to play pretty much every other well fleshed out game in this genre of random encounters and transformation, including but not limited to Corruption of Champions and Bimbo Mall Battle.


For frequent updates on development and the latest download links, go to the (Warning: NSFW) blog.

Check out the wiki: http://trapquest.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page


Visit the website (warning NSFW landing page):



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 6.0 on 05/27/2018

Great TF game. It's a proper rogue like dungeon of the old school where you try to escape before your character becomes a brain dead sex addict. All the equipment is sexy or fetsish clothing (with pictures). The monsters want to abuse, degrade, and torment your character. So do the traps. It isn't simple or easy but losing can be funny too! One of the best aspects of the game is the way it makes the player complicit in their own degradation with all choices in the game, which are usually between something bad and something worse. Plenty of options for fetishes and TG.

Review by dafdude

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 5.3 on 02/28/2018

Trap quest is a great game all around.





I love Trap Quest and it is the standard that I hold all games to.  

Review by jheroe

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 5.2 on 01/04/2018

Im a little off on this game, its really fun but far to annoying. I say that in utmost seriousness. If you want to screw around you you start getting major stat debuffs and then worse you started getting forced equip gear which prevent lots of sexual interactions your interested in. I literally hated how i got the pacifier and the fricking chastity belt every time. It needs more options to completely removed cursed items from the game and just focus on the fetishes people want in the game.


Its an excellent game though, i have a strong pregnancy fetish and having the chastity belt constantly come along ruins the damn game for me.

Review by Alana78

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 4.3 on 10/17/2017

I was able to finish this game after maybe 20 hours or more. And this game is really a masterpiece. For me the best game available here. First, this is a real game. Not just a story to read. Nice gameplay, nice story, nice graphics... Everything is really good. Well, yes, after a few hours, you will encounter performance issues. But with a fast cpu, it's still perfectly playable. (I also advise you to drop all clothes you don't need in a room somewhere... Open your inventory will be quicker, and it's more realistic this way)

Of course I really hope to see even more content in futur update, but I can assure that, at this present state, it can already be considered as a complete (and quite long) game. For people who wander why there is many version of the game, It's just the graphical representation of your avtar that change. So you can choose between :

- Danaume Version (default, nice 2D graphics, love it !)
- Keriax Version  (don't remember...3D graphic maybe ?)
- Wonderfuller Version (don't remember, sorry)
- Porn Version (different pictures for head, boobs and belly... The result is quite stange in my opnion)

Please, be aware that save files are not compatible between each version !!! So, choose your graphical style and be prepare to walk in fear, in this dark roguelike game full of trap that will change you body, or made you pregnent... or worse. Play well, and you will be able to return to a normal life, you hand full of cash in a new and fantastic life waintig ahead. Or make the wrong choice and... Well... You'll see soon enought :)


Review by Willhelm

Version reviewed: Release 9 Version 4.3 on 10/03/2017

I really like a game concept, but even with recommended interpreter - game is incredibly slow. Change of game format/engine would be needed by my opinion. Came to my mind how it will look in Legend of Grimrock engine - even if this would be a really huge step for game development demands. :)

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