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Version: 0.5

Version: 0.4.7


The Sissy Training School


Add your own Chapters, paths, and ideas in here (https://chyoa.com/story/The-Sissy-Training-School.13842) and I will add them to the Story in here and add Pictures and maybe we could create a great Story full of possibilities!

The main Story is about a regular boy getting kidnapped and forced to enter a special school.

Everything is in a very early stage.

I'm not native English speaking so don't be too rude. 


Thx to everyone for the positive feedback :) motivates me to do more of it and to improve the story!


The Sissy Training School









0.3.10 New Sissy Maid Content :)

0.3.11 New Day added :)

0.3.12 New Content and design Changes

0.3.13 New Content :) Some people couldn't open the zip  file I hope it's fixed now

0.3.14 New Content Minor fix of the play online option

0.4 Almost added all pictures to the play online Options. It's almost identical to the offline version. I just have to add the pictures in the side bar.

0.4.1 All Pictures Added. The Online Version is now completed.

0.4.2 fixed the gif issue

0.4.3 New Custom images :)

0.4.4 New Content Finished the Chapter

0.4.6 New Content and Art

0.4.7 new Content

0.5 Complete redesign (alpha not finished yet)

More Content coming soon :)


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Review by ecostarr

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 09/07/2018

This is a totally linear story pretending to be a game. At least most Twine stories like this don't pretend to be something they're not.  If you're interested in delving into the mind of this particular sissy boi, then this may be your cup of tea.  I didn't care for it.

Review by wulren

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 09/06/2018

interface rewriting = Good job

But the story and transition go to fast ... you don't need to be so  "rushy" ... in school each chapter could stay on week instead of on day .... each chapter can be for on week instead of on day..

So you can have to go to class, swimming pool, eat, class... touch by touch you could be humiliate but forced to accept the situation

Make a system of Classroom which could earn point if every one accept the rules  for exemple put a women white underwear =  1 point / a white bra = 1 point...

3 days later you can have 2 points per pink suit instead of 1 point for the white on.....

Each end of week the classroom (body tranformation for instance) which lose is punish and the classroom which win is reward (no cock cage during week and more)

the monday the point go to 0 


And give real choice to the player

Review by Born96

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 09/06/2018

I do not speak English, now there is no possibility of translation in the browser

Review by SalaciousForm

Version reviewed: 0.4.6 on 03/17/2018

Feels very scatterbrained, as if the creator tried to cram too many ideas in too quickly. There's no logical progression, the choices don't actually matter, things come out of nowhere and aren't very well justified. It's a confused mess with no actual gameplay. That's a shame, because it's not bad for what it is, but what it is isn't good.

Review by Rulon

Version reviewed: on 02/20/2018

Just a quick review. 


- Development of the game (how fast etc.)

- Pics!


- Almost everything, very linear, walls of text, its not even CYOA, just click next->click next->click next->end type of game

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