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1.1.2018 v1
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Version: 1.0.0

Don't get impregnated
by kazurii

Hey, this is my first effort on creating a twine game. I appreciate all the help I can get, so leave every spelling error or other bugs you find down below so I can fix them as soon as I can. Currently the content is around one week, witch contains quite a lot of GIFs and photos. You can\'t get every scene without going back few times so feel free to save often. You can reach 3 endings at the time. I would like to hear from you on what you\'d like to see in the future. I\'d love to explore different fetishes. Make sure you review so I know where I went wrong!


E: 5/2018 - I have been working on this game and wanted to let everybody know that there is going to be more content for this game. Not sure when it'll come out but if there is a special scene you would like to get in the game be sure to let me know now that I'm writing the story!


You are young male who gets turned into woman right before going back to college. Whatever you do, don\'t get pregnant.

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Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 1.1.2018 v1 on 06/03/2018

Is there no way to make the pictures and vids for offline use in the game??  Because i can only play the game in Chrome and Chrome tends to freeze on me every 5 mins or so after starting it while connected to internet, but i have no problems with using Chrome while offline..  except that playing your game offline means losing out on the pics and vids (which is roughly half the pleasure of the game).

Review by xavia91

Version reviewed: 1.1.2018 v1 on 05/30/2018

well there is no fancy story, basically you jump from one possible impregnation szene to the next. But I like it, impregnation is great ;)

Review by ziztazlut

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/08/2018

Very good storytelling. No cruft, no fluff. I really hope the author is working on the next installment.

Review by Dracilla

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 04/20/2018

I played this a few months back but didn't think to write a review before my laptop died, so here we go! Short and sweet, with interesting writing so far and a good use of images to compliment the writing. The content is also all the things that keenly interest me, so hopefully this one gets some more love over time!

Review by jheroe

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/04/2018

The game is really quick and fun, however not very linear. Regardless i love the game its defintely worth the try

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