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Version: 1.2.00

The Mansion

You stand at the door of a large and expensive looking mansion set back off of a lonely country road.

Why are you here?

Well it seems you picked the wrong young woman to dump after a one night stand. Her father happened to be connected to some people in high places and he was very protective of his daughter. The criminal charges were obviously fabricated, but the judge was also connected to the same people in high places and the sentencing was swift, if not slightly unusual.

Given the choice of time in one of the country's worst prisons of taking an unpaid job working for a couple of well-to-do's as some sort of handy-man as rehabilitation, there really was no question.

So here you are, all alone, just you and the door.

The Master

Master of the mansion

The Mistress

Mistress of the mansion


The repairman

Transformations Guide(incomplete)

Lunch Options: Chicken Breast Sandwich - Causes chest growth Tuna Salad - Causes hair growth Poached Eggs on Toast - Causes chest growth Mixed Fruit Salad - Flattens stomach Takes place between 11:30 and 1:00

Dinner Options: Hamburger and fries - Slims and tones legs Cottage Pie - Reduces feet size Chicken Chasseur - Causes chest growth Poached salmon - Causes hair growth Takes place between 5:00 and 7:00

Taking a shower a share and using the yellow shampoo turns your hair blond.

After being stung by the bee and using both of the Mistress' creams in the master bath causes you to develop a more feminine moth and face.

Walkthrough (incomplete)

To Open the Safe You have to search the wastebasket a few times for the scrap of paper with half the code. Then when you're looking for the earring for the Mistress, you have to search the patio to see the object in the crack. Then go to the pantry, get the knife that appears there and use that to get the object out of the crack-which is a key. Then you have to get the diary page which was in the desk. You have to use the key in there anyway to turn off the security system. So once you have both halves of the code, have used the key to turn off the security, you can then open the safe to see the two sets of documents in there.

Wake up before 7:30am and work is done at 9:00pm.

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Review by kr1sharley

Version reviewed: 1.2.00 on 02/08/2018

link doesn't work

Review by SecretVoice

Version reviewed: 1.2.00 on 01/17/2017

I'll be honest, I'm no critic, but I've definetly had fun playing this game. And even as the wounds of those both the diabollicle and/or selfish have led to another, but very sadly, discontinuing of a wonderful work. Which, in my opinion, has been one of the greater developments on this website.

I mean, were there faults in the project? Definetly. Would or could these errors all have been changed or prevented? Perhaps. But to kill a flame which were only sparks of inspiration, that's quite premateur and hasty, again in my opinion.


A developers work, no matter if it's in coporation or in any form, shouldn't not be strained, and in extremesy be waterboarded, to the liking of those whom watch in awe or disgust. As, though, some of the audience might want to be heard, they shouldn't take the stage unless given the spotlight.


But alas, as many projects before and after, this one too will remain a diamont in the rough and thought of what it could have been.


Cheers, cherio and a good day.

Review by Blauz.

Version reviewed: 1.2.00 on 03/15/2016

The game as posted here is a combined effort of vengeance and areg to complete an even older game by Richardx. That effort was disbanded due to artistic differences at the turning point of the game. The character accepts an alternate sentence for a trumped up charge (really for seducing and dumping an important daughter) and has to serve as a house help. During his time in service he changes within a week both physically and mentally according to the choices of the player. The first part of the game ends in a grande finale where the half-changed servant becomes witness and part of an orgy. The next morning the character wakes up completely changed; but other than some somewhat bugged options the game ends at this point. 

I have played this game on and of during the time areg and vengeance worked on this version and have always liked it. To me, this is a very fine game with a dazzling concept and very nice work. The game is somewhat difficult but not overmuch so because a number of jobs has to be done each day without a list where do find the furniture to clean, jewelry to find and clothes to put. It's quite possible to fail unless one has an eye for detail, a walkthrough or done this often enough to know ones way around the mansion. The game is fun to play and fun to play more than once. 

Vengeance and areg stopped working together after posting the current version and seem to be both unwilling to discuss this further; they were both attacked massively and to some extent ruthlessly for some of their choices. The picture of the changed character was said to look underage, and that along with other things like the supposedly strong (?) language used lead to to the end of the cooperation. To be fair, both authors seemed also to disagree about the way sex was incorporated and displayed in the game and other questions. 

In my opinion this is a fine game well worth playing that was killed by trolls in a difficult stage of work. I recommend giving it a try.


Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.2.00 on 08/11/2014

Same here, cannot do anything after 6:30pm on the 3rd day.


plus if you try that list, you cannot have everything done even if you skip lunch, dinner and shower. Not sure if it has anything to do with the heels.

Review by cassidy_james69

Version reviewed: 1.2.00 on 01/15/2014

would be five star but i did get teh same error as the last poster.

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