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The protagonist enters a reality t.v show in the hope of aquiring ..."Fame and fortune".

But it goes quite badly wrong.


Currently only the intro is complete..

Added additional content - 03/02/15

1 new housemate.

Polished some text.

Help/hint system - clearer progression.

2 "hidden" optional events.


Update 04/2/15

Updated pictures, to now use 3  images, to reflect changes.

Added 2 Optional hypnosis events.

Cleaned up some text and reduced plot-holes.

You can now talk to girls regardless of their location...Unless you are "Spying".



Update 05/2/15

Very minor bugfix - No new content.

Talking to Sarah before you grow boobs, no longer reduces actions by 2.

Name no-longer resets/upgrades to wrong level upon completion of intro.


 Update 5/7/15

Game now continues after tf.

Too many changes to list.

In game time limit for demo, as some of the later content is not yet in place.


 Update 012/07/15

Fixed a few bugs, Incuding the infamous Amy clothing bug.

Emma now gives you a random face..

Ability to buy back starting-girl face in the shop.

Reduced overall vote generation, But you now receve Votes every day for the different stages of roomates hypno.

Added 5 more days. to a total of 35.

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Review by nyctelios

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 12/15/2017

I have to agree with others on here.  This is a sad tragedy game that will never be finished because while there are parts I hate overall I did enjoy the game and wish it would have gotten completeed.



The back stabbing


extra stories in the VR



time game (I hated timed base games) I doubt I will ever get to see what happens to the stories in the VR.

The fact that you are going to fail no matter what.

being forced to stop in the hallway to greet a roommate.  WTF! I do not want to stop and chit chat with them.  On top of that some days will be stopped 3 times out of 4 in the hallway.


Something that could have been interesting would have been building alliances to get other roommates.

***If someone knows of a similar game please let us know***

Review by Demento56

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 10/03/2017

This is, despite its tragically unfinished state, one of the top 5 best games on this website, without a doubt.

The one qualm I have with it is the strictness of the time limit, but even that isn't too much trouble once you've figured out the quirks of the game, and that's no problem by the fourth of fifth playthrough. It most certainly warrants four or five playthroughs, and definitely a few more after that.

It honestly breaks my heart that it was abandoned, but I'll be damned if it isn't still an excellent game.

Review by themadqueen

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 10/01/2017

Probably my favorite game on here atm. Actually requires you to play, not just follow a story. I just wish the time limit wasn't so strick.

Review by thatguyrocks

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 07/27/2017

This game is hte best game ive played on this site in a while. Its sad to see that after a year and a half theres been no updates. Figuring out how to get all the girls disqualified took some time, especially when iyou have to wait for them to come to you. After several tries I came close to getting everyone but always ran out of time. I wanted to see if there was an ending if you got all the girls disqualified, so I got into the code and found a way to give myself 1000 votes right at the start.

If you want to start with 1000 votes then all you need to do is open the game in NotePad, and use the search feature to find this code: 


Then add this code right before it: 

\n<<frg $ibgrf gb 1000>>\n

Review by Maxine_D

Version reviewed: 0.81 on 07/21/2017

This was the first game I played from this site and it is still on of my favourites. I like the way it plays and the clever randomizing of the cohabitants appearances (as in popping up, not their physical appearance) means it has a high degree of replayability.

Having read some of the other reviews, I think many have missed the point.

There is no save because you need to play it through in a single sitting (due to the randon nature of your opponents mentioned above).

There is no "end" unless you're disqualified but the game stops after a certain time. It is possible to reach a "good conclusion" within this time frame.

For myself I have set a target which, if I achieve it, I consider I have won:

  • Get Amy, Sarah & Elizabeth disqualified;
  • Become a gang-bang slut;
  • Aim to become a prostitute;
  • AND Disqualify Emma and yourself at the same time (this unlocks a few bonus scenes as well)

Apart from the odd typo (let me shower in piece aka peace), the only criticism(?) I have is that I really would like to see where the AR stories go. Maybe the Author could revisit those & perhaps create a new game.

I thoroughly recommend this game and suggest that if you haven't managed a conclusion as set out above, keep playing and experiment a bit (some things need to be done in sequence otherwise you get locked out of that). It's well worthwhile.

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