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Version: AMS v0.96B (Public: Default Save Hotfix)

by Anonynn

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PTB = Patron Test Beta
Public = Public Version

RPG / Adult / Fantasy
Synopsis: The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living thing in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold it back from northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety...

Updated (Public: Default Save Hotfix): 07APR18
Next Update (PTB): 28APR18
Word Count: 1,320,189
Lines of Code: 63,083
Play Time: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2+.

Adult Themes: Breast Expansion, F2M, Growth (height, weight, pregnancy), Involuntary, M2F, Slow Transformation, Mind Control, Pregnancy, Bimbo, Shrink, Mythology/Anthro Sex, Corruption, Object Sex and Transformation, Voluntary. M/F, F/F, M/M content.

Other Themes: Adventure, RPG, Romance.

v0.96B (Public)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'StringListItem(sublist, 1)': StringListItem: index 1 is out of range for this list (1 items, last index is 0)

- Fixed Load error: Cannot convert "False" to an integer for thin_white_blouse.multistate_status.int

- Fixed Error running script: Error evaluating expression '"Load error: Cannot convert \"" + val + "\" to an integer for " + StringListItem(game.saveloadatts, pos)': StringListItem: index 53 is out of range for this list (51 items, last index is 50)

-Fixed Triplets during Pregnancy not accurately adding to how many children you’ve given birth to (like you were missing one child). Thanks again for the catch Elseone! Apparently, I just missed a place where I was supposed to add the line of code for a child integer! Ewps.

- Fixed that on Regular Difficulty the Player was still losing -3 Maximum Health once their normal Health was depleted. They should have been losing only -2. This should make progressing in the world a tad easier 😊

- Fixed “I was not expecting a” which is more of a “space” or “enter space” sliding in there when you are copy/pasting your Save into the Load space. Thanks KV!

- Fixed some minor spelling errors here and there though-out the text that I spotted while bug hunting. ^_^

- Fixed a big fat expression error with the new light source being taken into account for rooms where it wasn’t previously taken into account. Thanks KV!

- Fixed an error where the Rickety Machete thought it was the Sword of Demonslaying! Thanks Lupus! Let me know if you guys spot anymore weird inconsistencies.

- Fixed a couple of errors in the Cursed Satin Outfit transformation curse, including; spellings, grammar and a line of code or two.

- Fixed the Green Decurser’s special character 0 with a horizontal line through it which was causing the Save/Load System to go haywire. Thanks KV!

- Fixed some errors in the Player description when wearing the Cursed and Regular Satin Maid Outfit. Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'eval(condition)': Error compiling expression 'player.weight_as_int>=1 and player.variable <=3': CompareElement: Operation 'LessThanOrEqual' is not defined for types 'Object' and 'Int32' Error running script: Error compiling expression 'Instr(text, "{")': FunctionCallElement: Could find not function 'Instr(Object, String)'

- Fixed some of the Background and Speciality portions of the Save/Load code throwing errors. Thanks KV!

- News: Undo wasn’t undoing EVERYTHING in the turn it was used in, unfortunately there isn’t really anything that can be done about this as it’s a limitation in Quest. Undo would have to undo every single variable and turnscript and function---and that just isn’t possible. It can Undo a lot --- quite a lot but it can’t Undo everything. EDIT: So I’ve heard that the next version of Quest will include the Undo affecting Turnscripts and Interfaces --- so this is giving it even more power than it has currently. Hurrah!

- Fixed Clothing Descriptions not showing up sometimes. Quite a few articles of clothing were not showing up when “looked at”.

- Fixed this:  > look at Single Genital Stud, > look at Double Genital Studs,  Error running script: Error compiling expression 'player.gender=female': Unknown object or variable 'female'

- Fixed the Tail descriptions from going haywire when Premade characters were picked and then manipulated with the DDI. This was happening because Naga’s don’t have Tails in the game persay (at least according to the engine) and something was setting a Tail to Naga. Thanks for finding that Tiber!

- Fixed, Error running script: Invalid attribute name 'charmskill>' in 'aif player.charmskill> = 5: worthy'. Thanks for finding that Tiber!

- Fixed, Error running script: Error compiling expression 'player.horns=True': CompareElement: Operation 'Equal' is not defined for types 'String' and 'Boolean' with the Doll TF. Thanks for finding that Tiber!

- Fixed, Error running script: Error compiling expression 'player.tails=True': CompareElement: Operation 'Equal' is not defined for types 'Object' and 'Boolean' with the Doll TF. Thanks for finding that Tiber!

- Fixed the tongue portion of the Doll TF not updating the player’s current tongue.

- Player starting with 1 Health when Loading a saved game has been fixed. Thanks KV!

- Fixed the Doll TF not changing Naga ears. 😊 Thanks for finding that Tiber!

- Fixed the Save/Load System not saving when clothes were Worn (or at least identifying them that way) which resulted in the item defaulting to the original name (instead of the alias) if the player removed it. Thanks KV!

- Fixed several minor errors with the way the game handled Harvest, Repair and Worn/Unworn clothing.

- Fixed this error: Error running script: Error compiling expression 'not GetBoolean(this, "alreadydone1")': Unknown object or variable 'this' when trying to take the bag behind the mirror in the Withered Snag West Hallway.

- Fixed this error in the Sexy Mood Flirt Option Sex Scene with Rold, Error running script: Error compiling expression '"
"\"" + LanguageAlgorithm("Censored.") + "\" you breathlessly moan.""': SyntaxError: Unexpected character: \Line: 1, Column: 8.

- Fixed an error with Sexy Mood Flirt Option Sex Scene with Rold which had to deal with Height. Apparently I wrote “Ints” and the game didn’t like that one bit.



- The Cursed Black Satin Maid Outfit’s main description has been remastered and so has the wear description which now includes all the races. Subsequently, this means that the Uncursed Satin Maid Outift’s main description and wear descriptions have been remastered as well. I’ve also reworked/remastered all of the Outfit’s Transformation messages/sequences. They include more information and take in account other race changes that you might be while undergoing the transformations (including Horns and Tail). ((I figured wings were okay since some dolls have those)). I also shortened the length of the transformation duration as well as some of the scripts were combined together into larger sequences. Let me know if any of the scripts seem weirdly placed or wonky. I don’t have the time to test every facet of it. It’s now 430 turns total (I gave an extra 30 making it a total of 60 turns between the last turn and the final turn so that the player has a little bit of extra time to accumulate some Intelligence or Resist if needed or wanted) down from 475. As for the ending, two different things can happen in the Game Over scenario; one is you shrink down and become an actual doll and the other keeps your body the same size but like the original ending you have no willpower or control of your own and wait for someone to come along to give you purpose. Hope you guys like the rewrites!Remember you can only get the Game Over scenario if your Intelligence is less than or equal to 1 and even then it’s only a 75% chance. You have a 25% chance in this scenario to survive and continue your adventure. I also increased the chance to have your Resist removed; 3% up to 5% per turn.

- You no longer lose -1 Intelligence, -1 Defense, -1 Strength and -1 Agility when getting transformed for the Cursed Satin Maid Outfit. Now you have a 50% chance to lose -1 Intelligence or a 33% chance to lose -2 Intelligence on certain scripts.

- I’ve adjusted some of the Estrogenol and Testostrocillin transformation percentages. 😊 That way some of the procs happen more often and some of the others don’t as often. Each one was dropped an entire percentage tier. Let me know how those work out.


- I’ve decreased the chance that the Idly Flirt/Chat options with NPCs will give you Relationship Points as they are supposed to be difficult to gain Relationship Points from! The bulk of Points are supposed to come from Conversation Topics. Basically I just flipped the percentages 33% to 25% for gaining points and 25% to 33% for losing points for Rold and 65% to 40% for gaining points and 15% to 30% for losing points with Hannah.

- Apparently I forgot to include some of the actual stats in the Character Creation when you pick choices ^_^;; I guess I was so busy trying to get all the variables to work in it that I forgot to add the actual stat increases for some of them. This has been fixed. I combed the entire Character Creation and made sure that you get all the stats for the choices you choose. Sorry about that, but think of it like a mini-character boost! These are the categories that weren’t giving Stats: Gender and Belief (Race Choice).

- I’ve added a new category to the Masturbation Scripts: Secondary. They are listed below:
INITIAL: (all of these give you +1 Lust and if you are Horny an extra + 1 Lust)
Stand, Kneel, Prop Yourself Up, All Fours, On Your Back

SECONDARY: (these potentially give +1 Lust based on a percentage. If you’re Horny it’s an automatic extra +1 Lust added).
Stimulate Yourself (75%), Stimulate Your Ass (50%), Let Your Mind Wander (50%), Imagine Being Dominated (75%), Imagine Dominating Someone (75%), Use A Toy (75%), Stimulate Your Nipples (75%), Play With Your Boobs (if they are C-Cups or bigger). (75%). All categories (including Orgasm) have been added and have 2-3 randomized text descriptions for both Males and Females. Some depend on Horniness, some depend on Orientation, Race, Gender, whether or not you’re Lactating or have Given Birth and several other variables as well. This concludes the Masturbation System (for the time being). Yay! Another completed system!


- Added an extra Breast Size increase to the Maternal Pregnancy Script at 4-months since it skips over two of them in the 2-month mark. Thanks for the catch Anonymous! You have a 50% chance for it to Proc!



- Added SodiumAcetate, c0nevs, My Dude, TheQuestion1990, Quirky Quin and Rudeawaken to the Help Guide Thank You Page! :DThank you all again for your donation and incredible generosity!

- I completely redesigned the Blog from top to bottom. Hopefully you’ll all find it easier to navigate and easier to read with the darker fonts!

- Updated the PVM with all the new items and a new Transformation Items category. Let me know if I missed any!

- Updated the old DDI menu and interface because it was gross to me. It’s now streamlined and easier to use! I also went through and meticulously fixed every single category and choice, updated every single one of them and even added a couple of new categories. The categories were also reordered. You no longer have to write in choices either! 😊

- The Donator’s Debug Item, The Undo Command, The Patron Vending Machine, The Wingless World Warper, The Patron Bottomless Bag and The Stat Manipulation Button all have new codes which will be sent via Patreon. If you have trouble accessing a code that you’ve earned please let me know and I’ll be happy to send it to you! 

- Fixed when searching the closet in the guest bedroom and coming across this situation: “search Dress Shoes” the dialogue mentions, “After diligently searching through the pairs of shoes row by row, you unfortunately don’t come across any that’ll actually fit you. What a disappointing search and a gigantic waste of time. What really makes you mad is the fact that all of them seem to be made for Halflings or something. It’s a complete letdown.” --- which happened even when you are a Halfling! So this has been modified. If you’re a halfling/goblin or you’re super short and you search the shoes now you’ll randomly find a pair of shoes ^_^ Thanks for the catch Elseone! PS – I also tweaked some of the scripts language/description as well

- Fixed when you come to the steps that go down into the lab, you’re told they are perilously dark. But when the player has their lantern on the game doesn’t take this into account. It now does! Thanks again for the catch Elseone! This also opens the door for other ambient effects dealing with Aaleahya and the Lantern. Thanks everyone at Quest 😊

- Fixed the Test Swings and Cut Hair/Cut Nails of all the current weapons that support that feature. They now accurately display the right messages regarding what weapon you are using. Thanks for the catch Lupus!

- I’ve added a Max message remidner to the Stat Screen/NPC Relationships area and the same message to NPC descriptions to let you know when you’ve max out your friendship with said characters. These messages will only display if the said NPCs are alive in either case. Can’t have Max Friendship Points with people you’ve killed!

- You can now manipulate the Font Size of the different UI windows; Surroundings, Inventory and Status. Just open the Help Guide, pick the Font Size category, enter the Font Size you’d like the game to be, 11 for default and then you’ll be prompted about whether or not you want to change the Pane Font Size. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine diddly-do!

- The Read Me File now says which game it’s coming from because some people were getting confused! Haha!

- I’ve finished Choice 2, Question Him Scenario with the Serious Mood of Rold’s Initial Conversation. There are two choices about shaking his hand or not as well that follow which will either help or hurt your Relationship with him.I’ve now begun the Third Choice in his options, Flirt. There are three scenarios; Let Him Decide (Submissive Scene), You Decide (Dominant Scene) and then outright Refuse Sex. There are also variables that affect the presentation of the sex scenes; Lust (which changes how into it your character is) and Horny (which changes how animalistic/passionate/emotional you are and how hard you both cum). Charm Skill, Race and Gender will have variations as well. Obviously, this is for Female Characters (as Rold is Straight).The Let Him Decide Choice (Submissive) has been finished for all Moods.Rold is able to get you pregnant for the time being as well (not-canon) but this is a temporary effect and will be removed once the Experimentation Cells are finished since there are creatures in there that can get you pregnant. Pregnancy chance with NPCs is based around Fertility, see chart below.
Very High Fertility: Maternal:  50%   Not Maternal: 33%
High Fertility: Maternal:  33%   Not Maternal: 25%
Low Fertility: Maternal:  25%   Not Maternal: 20%
Very Low Fertility: Maternal:  20%   Not Maternal: 16%
((These will be different per NPC and will depend on Penis Size)).
There are also Virgin and Height Variables in the text. And activates the Kiss Him variable in the Player Stat Screen.Also, if having sex with him goes against your Sexuality/Orientation there’s a 45% chance to increase your “Straightness” (I’m not sure how to word that lol). 
I’ve completed all Flirt Option Initial Conversations which are customized based on your Mood.I’ve also completely finished all the Refuse Sex scenarios for all the Moods as well (which irritates Rold to no end since you kind of lead him on a little bit---which is a drastic reduction in his Relationship Points -10 (except for the Serious Mood which is -3 and the Sarcasm Mood which is -15), to be specific. This leaves only the You Decide (Dominant Sex Scene) left for all Moods and the Male Flirt Options as well (you can still use these to access the rest of the laboratory). After that, Rold will be completely remastered. 
*I rewrote the entirety of the Serious Mood and Sarcasm Mood Flirt Options and Submissive Sex Scenes because a coding error erased them right as I checked them for the release. FML.*

- Removed the delay and the secondary music from the Quest Completion scenarios.

- Checking Stats or your character’s description now Clears any other text from the screen.

- Looking at Items whether in the Inventory or the Surroundings Tab will now clear the screen of all other text to lessen clutter.

 - If you start with no Starting Specialities, the Player Description in that section will now say, “IronMan/IronWoman Mode (depending on your gender) and will also leave a description of what that means.

- I changed the font color of the Starting Specialities and the Earned Specialities titles. They are now light blue! Let me know if you guys like that color.

- I added several Clear Screen codes to back-up room descriptions and all basic item descriptions so the player is exposed to less text on the screen at once. Hopefully this will help reduce text clutter.

- The Player’s Background is now visible in the Player description. Let me know if you guys like it where it is. If not, I can move it 😊 There are a few different places to try.

- The Harvest System has been implemented (which is the first part of the game’s upcoming Crafting System which has been planned for a long while). Harvest allows you to harvest materials (i.e Torn Cloth, Leather Scrap and Scrap Metal) from extra/unwanted Clothing/Weapons. There are two modes: Harvest, Destroy. Basically, Harvest plays off your Tailor Skill or Forge Skill. The higher these two stats the better the Harvest outcome. For example; if you are trying to Harvest clothing and your Tailor Skill is at 3 or less, you have a 20% chance to harvest +3 materials from that article of clothing or weapon. 4-9 you have a 33% chance and 10 gives you a 75% chance. Every single Harvest removes Durability from the Clothing/Weapon you are working with whether you are successful or not. If your Tailor or Forge Skills are under 10 you also have a 10% chance (on top of every Harvest) to gain some Tailor Skill/Forge Skill. A skill of 3 or under gives you a 10% chance and a skill of 4-9 gives you a 25% chance. As for the Destroy option; Tailor and Forge Skills also come into play. If you have a skill of 3 or under, you have a 100% get +3 pieces of whatever material you are harvesting. 4-9 you have another 100% to gain +6 pieces of whatever material you are harvesting and a skill of 10 is a 100% chance to get +9 pieces of whatever you are harvesting. As implied, picking Destroy, completely destroys the article of clothing or weapon you are working with and you have no chance at to gain skill in either skill. So Destroy might be something you use to get materials quickly or to clear up your Inventory, while Harvest is more of weighing your options carefully to fix this or that without immediately sacrificing anything just in case.

- The Item Harvest System has been implemented (which is the second part (of three) of the game’s upcoming Crafting System). Item Harvest allows you harvest materials (i.e Alchemy Bottle, Elemental Essence, Essence of Transformation, Edible Essence, Essence of Modification, Torn Cloth, Leather Scrap and Scrap Metal) from extra/unwanted Items. This works a little differently from the Clothing/Weapon Harvest as it works entirely in the Alchemy Skill. If you have an Alchemy Skill of 4 or less you have a 26% chance to harvest a single piece of material from whatever item you are trying to harvest. Whether you are successful or not, it destroys that item completely. You also have a 10% chance to gain some Alchemy Skill upon successfully harvesting a material from the item that you are trying to harvest. If you have an Alchemy Skill of 5 to 9 than you are allowed to choose which material you would like to harvest from the item you are trying to harvest. Every material yields a 33% chance of success. Success or failure destroys the item. If you have an Alchemy Skill of 10 then you have a 50% chance of successfully harvesting a material of your choice. Success or failure destroys the item. No matter what your Alchemy Skill is you will always harvest either 1 Alchemy Bottle (glass), +3 Elemental Essences, +3 Essences of Transformation, +3 Edible Essences, +3 Essences of Modification, +3 Pieces of Torn Cloth, +3 Pieces of Leather Scrap or +3 Pieces of Scrap Metal. You cannot gain Skill from harvesting materials passed a Alchemy Skill of 4. In addition, there are Sewing Kits and Mixing Kits that you’ll need to actually create items with all these different essences but kits can only be bought or found. You cannot harvest Sewing Kits or Mixing Kits.  

- Added the above explanations to the game’s Help Guide. (i.e Harvest and Item Harvest).

- I added a Repair explanation to the game’s Help Guide since I apparently never did that! >.< ! Sorry! I’m not sure if I ever planned to because it was self-explanatory but I think an explanation is warranted for brand new players to the game or the genre.   

- You now have two ways of saving in the game (and both work 100%)! Thank you very much KV (and Quest)!

- Added a new category Save System to the Help Guide which provides a detailed explanation of both Save Systems that the Player is free to utilize. I will explain them both here too (and probably use the same explanation in the Help Guide) :P!
Quest Default Save: This is Quest’s default save system (the one imbedded in Quest). It basically saves the entire code and then uses it to create an output file (meaning a file (like in Rags and Inform) you can double-click and load with ease). The problem with this output file is that it cannot be used for updated versions of AMS. The file is for that current version of AMS only. For example, if you save this way in v0.96B than you cannot use that file to play 0.96C because Quest/the file won't recognize it. This would be a viable choice if AMS was on it's last version or right now while AMS is in it's infancy/concept stages. Nevertheless, this Save System is incredibly reliable.
Save/Load System: Save/Load is a new save system library designed solely for AMS (but other Quest users can now put it in their games if they wish (they just have to customize the library for their game)). This system had some long-running problems/issues in the past but is now working 100% as of v0.96B (Public). This save system also allows you to play from one version of the game to another, for example, if you use this save in 0.96A then when I update the game in v0.96B you can load that old save file and play the new content. All you have to do is when you save copy the entire text code you're given into a notepad (or wherever) and then in the load window you paste that code in and select OK. Once that is done the game should pick up right where you left off. ((Keep in mind Save/Load is in it's very early versions. Just because it doesn't have any errors now doesn't mean it's saving every little variable. If you notice a variable not being saved, just report it and I can add it to the library)). 
**If you notice something not saving which is supposed to save make sure you report it so I can add it to the Save/Load System**

- All items now have properly coded attributes of Glass, Elemental Essence, Essence of Transformation, Essence of Modification, Edible Essence, Cloth, Leather and Metal. Which means they can be used for the Item Harvest System.

- Added new Items; Alchemy Bottle, Elemental Essence, Essence of Transformation, Edible Essence, Essence of Modification, Sewing Kit and Mixing Kit. I’ve added all their remastered descriptions as well. Only the Sewing Kit and Mixing Kit will be available in Enemy Loot Tables and Search/Pillage Tables which have been added to them already. You may be able to buy the other materials/reagents from vendors though. These items will be stored in the sub-container Survival. Only the Alchemy Bottle, Sewing Kit and Mixing Kit have a volume which is 1. The Essences can be collected at will like the other supplies; torn cloth, small sticks etc.

- Added Item Harvest to all the Items that can be harvested for supplies/materials.

- I removed the May I Explore? Conversation Topic from Rold as all the conversations now allow you to explore the Laboratory once you’ve chosen them. If I am missing any choices that don’t allow you to explore, please let me know and I’ll hotfix it.

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Review by Anonynn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96B (Public: Default Save Hotfix) on 04/10/2018

Version: AMS v0.96A (PTB)

Thank you very much for your review and critique! You'll be happy to know that once the public version comes out you'll no longer start with 1 health upon loading a game, and from what I can tell all of the save/load errors have been completely dealt with in the last two days. The library owner and I tested it about 50 times each and there wasn't a single error! So I'm excited about that.

As for the text scrolling, that happens when large amounts of text hit the screen at once and it'll auto-scroll to the bottom. I'll try to work on shortening some of those before the public update comes out. I've lessened the effect by clearing the screen at regular intervals in the later rooms but I know it's a problem in the first couple. If you notice any particular place that's super annoying about it, let me know and I can fix that certain area too.

If you have any other questions, concerns or a review about anything else please let me know :)




Version: AMS v0.96A (PTB)

You can change the font size in the Help Guide :) Also, it sounds like your download may have gotten an error of some kind. I would suggest deleting that and unzipping or redownloading. Try again and let me know if that helps.



Version: AMS v0.9.5D (Public)

Hello! Thank you for the great critique and your honest compliments! :D I appreciate them both! Let me touch upon some of the things you said just to clarify as many might not know what my intentions are regarding the main story if they haven't been following Discord/Blog/Patreon. I am currently rewriting/remastering the content leading up to the end of the tutorial, including Rold, creating Aaleahya as a companion and the Laboratory itself which spells the end of Chapter 1. Both Rold and the Laboratory are almost finished ((I predict maybe 2-3 releases)). At the same time, I'm working on a lot of the game's foundations; Pregnancy was recently finished 260,000 words there, Lactation which was about 30,000, Masturbation is basically finished at a good 70,000 plus and several others. I feel foundations are very important because they will be the things that the player sees the most so I try to create as many unique variations as possible. For example, there are variables in Pregnancy about whether or not you've given birth before (5 variations per script to keep it fresh as you play), 2-3 per scenario in Masturbation and many variations within those variations, and there are variations for all the other systems too so I can focus solely on pumping out progressive content when the time comes. Those giant change-logs will eventually be filled with progressive content but until then a lot of work needs to be done to make sure everything is set-up and working properly so each adventure is unique for each player. I know this is a strange way to approach designing a game and I apologize for that but I hope you eventually try it again in the future! ^_^

My intention isn't to fill the game with a bunch of empty rooms, or to create situations/quests where the player has to do long grinds or do repeated tasks to draw out the play time as I feel this is unfair and deceitful. There are a lot of hidden interactions with the character's too; attacking and killing Hannah and starting the story that way, doing the normal quests for Rold and blacking out, getting thrown into a cell by Rold and having the story play out that way, you can get kicked out of the house by Hannah and then just plain skipping the tutorial and the end quest there entirely. A lot of the future content has stuff planned for all these situations. Don't worry, I want to get the progressive content there as much as everyone else---trust me. xD !


Version AMS v0.9.3A (Patron Test Beta)


I just felt a little offended by what you said, so I figured I'd comment on it, even though I normally don't try to fan the fires so to speak. Anyway, take this response as you will. I've been developing the game for almost two years while providing twice monthly releases which continually further the game in multiple areas and systems therein, several of which are almost completed now. I provide not only personalized emails and messages to everyone who donates to me, but 5% of the total proceeds go towards St.Jude's Children Hospital per month. We've raised more than $100+ dollars for it now.

On top of this, I am in constant contact with my community and have been since day one, I even helped several of them through difficult financial times and through times of anguish/crisis, and I'm constantly answering questions on at least five different forums and making sure nobody feels neglected or outside of the development process (whether they are donating or not), I even Stream the development four times a week for anyone Patreon or not to see.

With that said I have a family, I'm going to school full-time, trying to learn to code for the first time in my life and I'm trying to develop a game full time which is technically now one of the longest, if not, the longest text adventure ever written---and I'm just getting started with it. So I apologize if I'm not writing fast enough for you but I'm doing my absolute best and that's what matters to me. I'm providing the absolute best quality writing as consistency as I can.

I don't mind contructive critques on my game (and I encourage it) and even criticism if it's warranted but don't you dare insult my integrity or my motivation.

Thank you for your review. Maybe if you could provide some areas that you'd like to see developed, I could work more on that particular section. Or if you have your doubts, you're welcome to join the Streams and talk to me directly. I look forward to your input. 




Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96A (PTB) on 03/20/2018

The game itself is a 7/10.


The reading and ambition is something that I truly enjoyed about the game. However, there are too many bugs to really enjoy the game fully. To start off 1. the save. Oh please save me on this part or I am doing something wrong. Everytime I save the huge line of text and symbols onto a textfile and try to reload with that text the game itself doesnt save right. I lose hp when i load in meaning my max hp is gone. I lose my perks like Escort or whatever perk your choice was and my height changes to 3 ft. 2. There is a bug that isnt gamebreakinglike the save, but really really irritating. Sometimes the screen will decide to permanently scroll down all the way meaning that you have to scroll up for couple sec to read the text and when you choose another option it scrolls back down again. This would be totally fine for me if I could save and avoid it, but less I cannot. I hope these bugs get fixed and I can try the rest of the game without having to ragequit out of frustration. Good game imo though and everyone should give it a shot.

Review by WolfsDrgn

Version reviewed: AMS v0.96A (PTB) on 03/17/2018

To be honest, I could't figure out how to play this game.  The font was so small I could barely read it.  When I clicked on "Create Character" all I got was a blank line that said "Type here".... Type what?

managed to get past that by just clicking "random" for everyting. Then could't do ahything else. Just a blank screen.  Saw a buttone that said "Look" clicked that and got

"type here".... again Type What

It was to frustratiing for me to continue. 

Review by slairaartora

Version reviewed: AMS v0.9.5D (Public Hotfix) on 02/27/2018

I'd like to give this game a good review, as the author has great writing and imagination. Unfortunately, despite 2 years of solid development (and 1MM+ words!), the main storyline ends after...one event. Seriously. I thought I had gone crazy and was missing some connection to the rest of the content, but the game really does end as soon as it starts. Now, if you pick up the toy in the shower, you can get something like 17 different highly-detailed imagined sex scenes as you masturbate, but the entire main plot goes: Talk to goblin girl, unlock door, talk to wizard, fetch box for wizard, leave tree, fight a few zombies, jump off cliff. Fin. You can go from start to finish in about 3-5 minutes if it's your second time through.

It's really frustrating to see such a cornucopia of content all pointed in the wrong directions. Until the "game" part of this game gets some TLC from the author, I have to advise that you keep your expectations very low. There's still some interesting stuff buried around the tutorial dungeon...but that's all there is.

Review by Valerion

Version reviewed: AMS v0.9.5D (Public) on 02/24/2018

I think this game really needs a map.

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